Social Affairs Committee

Contact: Rosie Haren, VP of Social Affairs


The Social Affairs Committee is designed to help plan, promote, execute and come up with all events that PRSSA puts on. As a member of this committee you will have a helping hand in putting on Events such as:

* Pumpkin Carving

* Thanksgiving Dinner

* Valentine’s Day Shuffle

* PRSSA Formal/Social

…and any more events that we may come up with! By helping with these events not only do you get to be more involved in PRSSA, but you are able to learn real logistics and mechanics of event planning. You get to learn how to deal with crisis communication and also feel how rewarding it is to put on a good event!

If you want to get more involved with PRSSA or gain some hands-on event planning experience then the Social Affairs Committee is perfect for you!

Public Relations and Social Media Committee

Contact: Jennica Lurie, VP of Public Relations 


Contact: Taylor Dilley, VP of Social Media


The Public Relations and Social Media Committee members help to generate blog content for the Scripps PRSSA website. Being on the Public Relations and Social Media Committee is an awesome way to gain writing experience and develop portfolio content. Additionally, you will gain experience with organizational social media, posting to Facebook, using Hootsuite and many other social networking sites, for Scripps PRSSA.

If you are on Elise and Erica’s Public Relations and Social Media Committee, you will also have the opportunity to author an article for PR Success, our 2011 Teahan Award-winning chapter publication.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Contact: Erica Stonehill, Executive Vice President


The Scripps PRSSA Diversity Committee was implemented at the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year. Lead by the Executive Vice President, the committee focuses on enhancing the diversity and inclusion among the members of our Chapter. This not only includes broad categories such as race or gender, but also inclusion among other student organizations or colleges on campus. Through the efforts of this committee, we hope to expand the reach of our Chapter by becoming a more diverse, open and inclusive organization.


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