April 16 Meeting Recap

Today was the 2nd annual Scripps PRSSA Diversity Panel! Four panelists from Ohio University came to speak about how the communication, public relations and journalism industries can improve our current media landscape. The panelist: Earl Hopkins - President of the Black Student Communication Caucus and Editor-in-Chief of Black ThOUght. Kris Perez - President of Scripps … Continue reading April 16 Meeting Recap

Jan. 22 Meeting Recap

Announcements: Tweet along with us at #ScrippsPRSSA! We are having a Chipotle Fundraiser on Tues. Jan. 30 5-9 p.m. Be sure to show them this flier at check out!  Networking Trips: We are going to Charlotte, NC and Columbus, OH! Charlotte has room for one-two more people so email the gmail immediately if you are … Continue reading Jan. 22 Meeting Recap

Info Session Recap

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzUHwcEp2Pk What is PR? “Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics” – PRSSA Statement Components of PR include: Storytelling Social media Event planning Media relations Research and evaluation Community outreach What is PRSSA? PRSSA is an organization raising the next generation of public relations professionals. … Continue reading Info Session Recap

October 24th Meeting Recap

Happy Week 10! Congratulations to everyone who attended National Conference in Indy. If you missed Monday's meeting, read this to see what you missed. Announcements: Southwest Airlines Internship  (paid) Summer internship based in Dallas, Texas Contact Sam Miller for more information - (740)415-5318 - sm754914@ohio.edu PRSSA/ImPRessions Stickers are here! Starting this week, our stickers officially … Continue reading October 24th Meeting Recap

Wintering in Athens: Sibs Weekend

 By Alyssa Das Do you want to do something different this weekend? Don’t let the cold weather keep you from experiencing Athens. Maybe you’ve seen all that Netflix has to offer. Maybe your resume is perfectly polished, and you have already applied for every summer internship/job possible. Maybe you’re sick of your roommate. Or maybe, … Continue reading Wintering in Athens: Sibs Weekend