National Competitions

Scholarships and Competitions 
Demonstrate Your Knowledge
Each year PRSSA presents more than $20,000 in scholarships and awards to members and Chapters who exhibit outstanding merit in public relations. Apply for a scholarship, submit your best work, or enter one of our many national competitions to find out how PRSSA can enhance — and help fund — your education.
PRSSA offers several individual scholarships each year that honor a variety of academic and professional achievements. View all of our individual scholarships to see where you are qualified.
PRSSA recognizes outstanding Chapters each year through several awards programs. Browse our Chapter awards to find a program that fits your Chapter.
If you or someone you know has exhibited outstanding leadership Nationally or in your Chapter, consider one of our three leadership recognition awards.
If you’re motivated to demonstrate your public relations knowledge while competing at the national level, consider participating in PRSA’s most distinguished annual competition, the Bateman Case Study Competition. Visit our sponsor page to learn about becoming a Bateman Competition client.
If your desire to compete still isn’t satisfied, consider signing up for one of our other case study competitions, and you will have a company like The CW NetworkStarbucks or Kohler as your client. Learn more about these competitions and how to be successful by reviewing past winners or accessing Silver Anvil Award case studies available to you through PRSA.


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