National Conference

2015 National Conference in Atlanta was great! 2016 National Conference will be in Indianapolis this year! Stay tuned for a recap of what went down.

About previous conferences:

“Attending PRSSA National Conference is extremely beneficial to any PRSSA member. To me, it felt like an entire year of PRSSA meetings crammed into one awesome weekend. Business aside, PRSSA National Conference is an amazing tool to meet other PRSSA members from across the United States. There is a mixer held the first night o the conference. At this mixer, each chapter dresses similarly and gives away items from their college (t-shirts, pens, buttons, etc.). It is very informal and a fun way to network! Also, each PRSSA National Conference is held in a city– so, once the sessions are over it is nice to go out and explore the city!” – Bethany Scott, 2012 Scripps Graduate

“It was cool to learn about how different firms and chapters operate. A lot of the things that I have accomplished were a result of national conference. People within your chapter will be really impressed with you and the fact that you even attempted to go.” – Heather Bartman, ImPRessions CEO

“At every single conference I have made a ton of friends, and have built a strong network of professionals. National conferences are on a larger scale, all different chapters have different diversities, so we can build off each other’s ideas and make friends. We become connected on Facebook and Twitter, and on LinkedIn. I came home with a stack of business cards and pages of notes.” – Nicole Bersani, 2012 Scripps Graduate.

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