Breaking Up is Hard to Do: My Letter to You, Scripps PRSSA

Ali Cupelli

Scripps PRSSA Dues-Paying Member

ali1The last two years in PRSSA have been a crazy, fast whirlwind with friends, networking on and off campus, working with the Bateman team, among a million other amazing opportunities that PRSSA has brought me. I’ll admit, the very first time I came to a PRSSA meeting when I was a junior, I thought to myself, “I want hands on work, I don’t want to hear about other’s experiences, I want to do it myself.” Somewhere along the way, though, I realized that this is an industry where you can’t do it all by yourself. Learning about your peers’ experiences, and moreover, professionals’ experiences can give you a good idea of where you want to be and how you want to get there. Diving head first into opportunities as a dues-paying member, such as the Bateman team or the IEW PR team, and networking trips to Philly and Charlotte can lead you to some pretty amazing places.

Freshmen, as you’re coming into PRSSA and trying to get your footing and understand what public relations is all about, don’t feel intimidated by what everyone else is doing. I know, and trust me because I felt the same way too, that seeing what everyone else is doing can make you feel inadequate, but don’t let it. Let that push into asking questions because curiosity means that you never want to stop learning.

Before ending my letter, I want to say hey and thanks to the 2014 B-Team. The whole team was so fun to work with and despite some confusion with the competition itself, we were absolutely successful without a doubt. Win or lose, we kicked butt, and getting to know you guys outside of the weekly Monday night meetings was pretty great. I know you guys will be amazing in whatever you do because well, we’re Scripps Kids and PR stars!

aliI also want to say hey and Thanks to Lindsey (Zimmerman) and Kaylee (Powers). Having you as roommates on the networking trip was an absolute blessing. I loved getting to you know guys on the trip and on the road there (never again will I drive through the WV Turnpike, unless someone pays for my toll again) was pretty great and if you need anything let me know!

Lastly, to my Account Associates from ImPRessions, thank you for all of your hard work this year. You guys adapted well to all of the changes being made to the account and I can’t thank you enough for just being so wonderfully awesome. Let’s get to the end of the semester and go out with a bang!

So, thank you PRSSA for all of the amazing opportunities you have given me. While this is the end of one chapter, I think for next part of my life, the organization has provided me with what I need to go out into the real world and frankly, kick ass.

Theresa Ianni to Scripps PRSSA: An Open Letter

From Theresa Ianni

Scripps PRSSA Vice President, 2013-2014

I can picture it like it was yesterday. As I unsteadily walked up the steps of Bentley hall on one of the first Monday nights of the 2010-2011 school year, I slowly approached and opened the door to scan the room and look for the blonde girl I met on orientation. She and I promised to tag team the intimidating 5-letter student organization together. I had no idea that the blonde stranger would soon become my best friend and partner in crime as we reaped all of the benefits that PRSSA could offer.

theresa ianniIn my four years as a PRSSA member, I’ve traveled to New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia, sat on the executive board, participated in the Bateman Case Study Competition, completed the infamous PR Bootcamp, planned a regional conference and career week, all while making lifetime friends and countless memories.

Scripps PRSSA is truly what you make of it. You can simply come to the weekly meetings and absorb the lessons taught by the professional guests, or you can volunteer for a committee, travel to conferences and networking trips, befriend the blonde girl from orientation and self title your class the super sophomores, jammin’ juniors and spectacular seniors.

Your Scripps PRSSA career starts with your decision to completely immerse yourself in the organization, the people and the opportunities. Without PRSSA, I wouldn’t have gotten my first agency internship, I wouldn’t have discovered my love for big cities, and I wouldn’t have the extensive network that I have today. PRSSA has opened my eyes to the PR industry, has introduced me to trends and has transformed the timid freshman from 2010 to a dynamic senior ready to take on Chicago post graduation.theresa ianni

Scripps PRSSA is not just a student organization and it is certainly not just for professional development opportunities. Scripps PRSSA is an extension of the Bobcat family. When you’re lucky enough to stumble upon Scripps 111, Alden 319, or even Bentley on a Monday night at 6 p.m., you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a lifetime of memories, endless opportunities, and an unwavering bond of friendship.

I love #ScrippsPRSSA,


Open Letter from Jasmine Garcia to Scripps PRSSA

Jasmine Garcia

PRSSA Dues-Paying Member

After graduation, you can hopefully find me living it up in Chicago.

Network early and don’t be afraid to connect with alums. Every connection I’ve made with former Bobcats has been met with genuine excitement and a willingness to help. I recently planned a sporadic networking trip to Chicago and just by emailing OU connections such as Heather Farr and our recent Jerry Sloan visiting professors, Tony Telloni and George Rafeedie, I had informational interviews set up at Burson Marsteller, Edelman and Tell Your Story Brand Communications within two weeks.

Don’t be discouraged if you get turned down by your dream internship. My junior year I made it to the final round for an internship at Cardinal Health but I didn’t make the cut. I can’t lie and say I wasn’t pissed but you know what… life goes on.

Avoid bottles in a crowded bar… it will result in a chipped tooth.

Make time for those who treat you right and screw those who don’t.

jasmine garcia

Study abroad! Some of my best college memories were frolicking around Spain learning to speak Spanish my sophomore winter quarter. Never thought I could say I have a second family in Spain but I had a great connection with my host family and still email my host mom to this day. Another plus was being able to drink legally.jasmine garcia abroad

Avoid the urge to be involved in too many organizations. My junior year I was involved in 6+ organizations as well as working and interning. To say my life was a little hectic is an understatement. Another negative to being over involved was that I didn’t make meaningful connections with people in each organization since I was too busy dashing off to my next meeting. Find a few things you are passionate about and really delve into them.

Find something that makes you feel passionate and gives you the motivation to get up on crappy rainy day when you’d rather binge eat and watch a Teen Wolf marathon. Don’t follow other people’s passions. Throughout my college career, I found myself letting others influence my path and that didn’t make me happy. If there isn’t a set path for what you want to do, blaze your own trail.

Which brings me to my next point: If you don’t know why you are doing something, stop doing it…c/o Dan Farkas.

Make the most out of opportunities that you are given. You can’t control the wind but you can adjust the sails a la George Rafeedie’s inspirational quote calendar.

What it’s like to be a campus representative for a company

By Mira Kuhar

Campus RepThis semester I’ve had the awesome opportunity to be a campus representative for Tackk, a start up social media company based in Cleveland. It has been such a beneficial experience for me, as it’s the first opportunity I’ve had to work for a company doing public relations related duties. Being a campus representative is like an internship, but there are a few things that make it a slightly different and unique experience.

It’s really easy to do while taking classes. Numerous internships require a large time commitment, which is why many people choose to do them when they’re home from college for the summer. Between your commute to the company, the time spent there doing the work and your commute back home, most of your day is spent revolved around your internship. When you’re a campus representative for a company, there’s no commuting. Your campus becomes your work environment, which makes the work really easy to integrate into your class schedule. Also, the company takes into account that you are taking classes while you’re doing work for them. They understand that doing both at the same time can be stressful and are often times very helpful when you become overwhelmed by work.

Almost all communication is done virtually. Part of your job as a campus representative is to market the company you’re working for on your school’s campus because the company isn’t located on or near your campus. That means since you’re not reporting to them face to face, all of your communication is done over the phone, email and video calls. That can be positive because you have the ability to communicate with your company and discuss the progress of your work from the comfort of your own home. However, when your Wi-Fi is sketchy or your battery dies mid-call, that kind of communication can be a negative aspect. In my experience, it’s worked out really well thus far. It’s reassuring to know that if I have a question or news to report, I have a way to get in contact with my employer at the touch of a button.

You’re marketing your company to your friends. If you’re a campus rep, it’s pretty much a given that the company you work for is looking to market their product/service to college-age students. This makes life so much easier because you are in the consumer group you’re marketing to. You know the wants and needs of the consumer first hand, which makes your job a natural fit. This gives you a slight comfort zone and in return helps you become more comfortable with pitching and marketing your product in general. Being a campus rep is the ultimate experience because you’re gaining valuable skills in an environment you’re already comfortable in.

You end up becoming passionate about the company you’re working for.  Representing a company on a college campus brings about a certain passion for the work you do. I’ve become really passionate about Tackk and the work I’m doing for them this semester. It’s been a truly beneficial experience to see how I have gained exposure and engagement for the company on Ohio University’s campus. If you have the chance to be a campus representative for a product or service during your time in college, I say do it. It’s great experience that may supplement your schoolwork while also boosting your resume. I’ve built a fun relationship with and interest in Tackk, and I can’t wait to see the great heights the company reaches in the future.

Spring has sprung in Athens so take advantage of the sunshine!

By Jess Carnprobst

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.22.20 PMThe weather is finally getting warmer which means students are getting tired of doing the same thing they did all winter. When the weather is nice and the semester is coming to an end, you need to explore and find new ways to have fun. Here are some activities that I always enjoy when the weather is nice.

  1. Take your work outside

Instead of being cooped up in the library or your room, take your work to one of the greens and be productive there. I don’t know if it’s just me, but some of my most creative ideas come to me when I’m sitting in the grass with the sun shining down on me. It’s relaxing and productive!

  1. Take advantage of the nature scene

Whether you choose to spend the day at Strouds, Old Mans Cave, Bong Hill or any of the other majestic sites Athens has to offer, definitely take advantage of the options. Athens has so many beautiful places to visit, and I suggest that everyone take advantage of them while they can. I can’t tell you how many times seniors have told me they wish they visited these places more often.

  1. See Aaron Carter live!Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.22.04 PM

It’s been all the buzz for the past week – Aaron Carter’s coming to OHIO!! “Aaron C’s in the house, here we go!” Mark your calendars, because your favorite childhood star will be on South Beach on April 24.

  1. Have a picnic

Nothing beats eating outside in the warm weather. You can either pack your own meal or get Grab ‘n Go and eat on one of the greens. I’ve had SO much fun doing this! Some of my best meals have been Boyd Grab ‘n Go on West Green. The picnic feeling makes everything better.

One of the best things about OHIO is that there is plenty to do when the weather is warm. Athens is a unique town with so many opportunities. We’re lucky to be attending a college in such a beautiful area and there is no better time to appreciate that than in the spring. No matter what your interest is, there’s something fun for you, so get outside and enjoy the warm weather!

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the job

By Michelle Reinold

healthy life Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working can be on of the hardest things to do. You’re constantly busy and have absolutely no time to worry about how many calories are in whatever you can throw together at short notice. The most convenient thing you can do is drive to the McDonalds down the street and grab something, but that is also the most unhealthy option.

There are many ways to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle when entering the professional world. Some of the ways I find the easiest are preparing your meals a night in advance so there’s no rush in the morning. Bringing your own breakfast, lunch or dinners to work will save you a lot of money.

Also, you may not have time to work out as much as you would like, but you would be surprised at how many small things you can do to help. I know we all look for the closest parking spot next to the store when shopping, but next time try to park far away. You’d be surprised how much those few extra steps can do in the future. Or if you’re in a rush when you’re shopping, you could always pack some tennis shoes and walk around the block on your lunch break.

Something else I try to do is eat as much as I can throughout the day. Go ahead and have an apple while working before lunch time. This will help you stay full so you can focus on your work while keeping your metabolism high!

There are many ways to stay active while becoming a professional, and not all of them involve hitting the him when you’re tired from a long day. So have fun with it and always remember to plan ahead!

Data and Content Marketing, PRSSA with Mike Whaling of 30 Lines, 3/31 RECAPPED!

By Erin Golden

As March comes to a close, (how did the semester fly by?) our weekly gathering of PR professionals opened with a few announcements:

  • The first and probably most important announcement – PRSSA IS PLAYING KICKBALL! And we’re competing against Ad Club on Wednesday, April 16th at 7 p.m. @ McCracken fields!
  • Also, there’s still time to register for the Regional and PaRtner’s Conference with OSU!


  • If your mom is in town this weekend for Mom’s Weekend, hurry and buy tickets to the Athens County Humane Society’s Woof & Wine event Friday night! Moms, free entertainment, and wine! What could be better?
  • The ScrippsJSchool Instagram account will be holding an Instagram contest in the next couple weeks – keep an eye out for how you can participate!

The member spotlight was Darby Fledderjohn! (@DFledderjohn). She an active member of PRSSA and ImPRessions and has just started doing freelance work for a corporate communications firm. After graduation, she’s going on vacation and then moving to New York! Congratulations and good luck!

Jess Carnprobst had the chance to talk about AVW Productions, our ImPRessions spotlight for the night, who was recognized for AVW Week and the AVW Fair – nice job AVW!

The speaker of the night was Mike Whaling of 30 Lines (@30Lines), a digital marking consultancy that helps businesses integrate their online marketing and build their brand. He has served as a tech advisor to Men’s Health Living Magazine and definitely knows his stuff when it comes to content marketing and data. He shared as much of his knowledge as he could fit into an hour!

Mike explained how he believes that content and social are truly aligned today and how we must use it as an opportunity to spark conversation and create awareness about the brand. Social media is used today to host a lot of this conversation, and Mike showed PRSSA the Conversation Prism and described the many different ways we can share content.

conversation prism

The conversation prism and questions like “What can you give your audience to talk about?” and “What’s the point of your brand and content?” can extend the reach of your brand overall. Mike also stressed that it’s important to reach out to your audience to inspire the content – use their photos or other content to match your blogs or posts. Social media is such an advantage when it comes to audience engagement!

As the hour came to a close, Mike made sure we knew how important it is to have a goal in mind, so that you can use analytics tools like Google Analytics to measure the success of the reach and content. We learned that the average shoppers use an average of 10.7 sources of info to make a buying decision and the Zero Moment of Truth is a real thing – check it out at!

Overall, Mike gave us so much info on content marketing, analyzing data, and brand management. To find out more details from the members of Scripps PRSSA, check out the hashtag #ScrippsPRSSA! Thanks for entertaining and teaching us, Mike.

Until next time, PRSSA’ers!

Open letter from our new professional adviser, Zach Wright!

zach wright headshotHey friends!

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to come in and speak with you all yesterday. It was really a great experience for me to see so many driven and motivated people in one room! I know many of you were not able to connect with me after or before the panel so I wanted to extend an open invitation to connect with me, so that we can foster and grow our relationship.

I want you all to know how impressed I am with you, and frankly how jealous I am that you have such a well run and great organization built where you can be surrounded by passionate and knowledgeable people.

I encourage you all to continue to use the Scripps PRSSA to challenge each other, to grow and to continue to strive to get better. Never settle, and always keep fighting for what you want and what you’re passionate about.

You have all inspired me to want to be better, and to keep searching out challenges so that I can continue to grow.

I have every confidence that you will all do great things one day, and I am excited to connect with you so that I can bare witness to just how great all of you are! Please also feel free to use me as a resource for any questions you have or anything else you may need. I am always available to help (except when Kansas is playing in basketball.)

On that note I have shared my personal social media links with you below, and I hope that we are able to connect and keep in touch!

Thank you all again!

– Zach


George Rafeedie Visits Scripps – March 24, RECAPPED!

By Erin Golden

As Scripps PRSSA began on Monday, March 24, we welcomed back our group of networkers from the Charlotte Networking trip! Scripps kids sure know how to network, and we know our chapter was represented well in Charlotte.

Per usual, there were a few updates to highlight before getting started.

  • It’s not too late to register for the Ohio State Regional and Partner’s Conference!
  • Exciting news! Scripps PRSSA is holding a Beach Party this Thursday starting at 9 p.m. at 60 Mill – wear your best beach attire! Big thanks to Briagenn and Marisa for offering their house!
  • Our member spotlight tonight was Kathleen Marincic (@KathMarincic). Kathleen is a Junior PR major and is currently an Account Supervisor for ImPRessions. Her favorite class is Nate Riggs’ Marketing class and she loves spring semester in Athens (come on, winter, go away!), and she’s currently interviewing for internships this summer! (Aren’t we all?!) Congrats Kathleen!

Our main event of the night was speaker George Rafeedie, who is the current Jerry Sloan Visiting Professor. He’s the founder of Tell Your Story Brand Communications and has held many positions in marketing, PR and communication roles. He’s also an alum of Ohio University (our favorite kind of speaker!). He was a former E-board member of PRSSA and opened the night with a story from a Partner’s Conference he attended, which got many laughs. His enthusiasm carried into his contribution to Jerry Sloan, who he says was “personally and academically influential” to him and is a “great person and a family man.”

George himself is from Youngstown, Ohio, and believes in “networking, personal branding and paying it forward.” The Chapter “awww-ed” over his story of meeting his wife in his OU graphics class. Before marrying his wife, he had two different jobs in Cincinnati and then moved to Chicago. A detailed graphic of his life and career so far gave us all a personal look into just how George got to where he is – he emphasized to us all, however, that our lives and career paths would look extremely different from his. Don’t we know it!

He then dove straight into his model of “Types of Networkers.” According to George, there are many different ways to label a networker – they range anywhere from “The Feel Good Networker,” to “The Obnoxious Networker” and “The I Hate Networking Networker.” Even though there are many types of ways people networking, George provided another graphic to give an example of one of his many networking success stories. A friend he met on an intramural football team at OU later ended up assisting him in acquiring his largest client at his new agency. Networking and mentoring can help even when we leave the streets of Athens.

George also made sure to emphasize the importance of branding – something the Scripps PRSSA chapter knows well. “Have control over who you are and what you do.” Also, take control of your career path and get excited for the many opportunities available for us as professionals! After touching on branding and careers, George hit on purpose-driven messaging when it comes to organizations; what is its purpose, and what are its values, promises and voice? These are the organizations that will last.

The Jerry Sloan visiting professor left us with a few of his favorite quotes – a personal favorite being “Luck is the residue of hard work.”

Thanks for the laughs and great advice, George! Until next time, PRSSA.

A Beginner’s Guide to Live Tweeting

By Allison Zullo

For virtually all PR pros, live tweeting is almost second nature. But for many others, whether you are a PR rookie, a non-PR professional, or new to Twitter, live tweeting may be a bizarre annoyance that pops up on your Twitter feed every so often. Although live tweeting a sporting event, awards show, or new television show can be intimidating and confusing, it’s also very simple. Here are a few tips that will make live tweeting easier for everyone:

  1.      Make sure your account is public. If your Twitter account is private, other users will not be able to see your tweets and connect with you through this event. Therefore, in order to maximize your live tweeting experience, make sure your tweets are public and retweetable.
  2.      Use the hashtag. Most events have started to put a hashtag somewhere on the television screen, which helps all those watching and tweeting about the event follow along. If you tweet anything about that event, be sure to include the hashtag in your tweet. These hashtags are usually very simple, such as #Oscars2014, and, if they receive a lot of Twitter traffic, can even “trend” and therefore show up much more frequently on Twitter worldwide.
  3.      Don’t be afraid to connect. Connecting with others who are interested in similar events is the main reason why live tweeting can be so much fun and beneficial. Whether you are bonding over your mutual hatred for Juan Pablo on The Bachelor, or networking for future internships or job opportunities through Twitter chats, live tweeting is a great way to make friends and gain more followers.
  4.      Be responsible. Since your Twitter account is public, it is crucial that you do not say anything inappropriate about the event on social media. Sure, you can be snide, funny, and scathing, but be careful that you do not cross that line. Plus, future employers could look up your Twitter or other social media accounts while considering you for a job, and you don’t want to give them the wrong impression of you. Use this rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t say it in person, do not tweet it.

All in all, the benefits of live tweeting far outweigh the consequences. Sure, you might lose a few followers because of your obsession with The Walking Dead, but you might also gain a whole lot more because of that same infatuation. And if you want to see a prime example of live tweeting in action, just follow the hashtag #ScrippsPRSSA on Monday nights starting at 6 p.m, as members live tweet their weekly chapter meetings.