“Fall” in love with Ohio University


What it means to me: cool mornings, pleasantly sunny afternoons, sweaters, boots, multi-colored leaves, hot chocolate and bonfires.

To Ohio University students, fall means a number of different things. However, we should all agree that these four reasons are what make Ohio University the best in the fall.

  1. Bobcat Football

With football comes a package deal: the Marching 110. Every fall, students look forward to these three exciting events:

  1. Saturday night football games.
  2. Tailgating.
  3. Watching the most exciting band in the land!

The Marching 110 has proven that they are one of the top college bands in the nation. With their performance of Gangnam Style receiving over seven million views on YouTube, they also prove to be a favorite of OU students in the fall.

  1. College Green

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.47.29 PM

Although the criss-crossing paths seem to be beautiful all times of the year, fall seems to bring out its true beauty. Sitting in the warm grass surrounded by the dry, crunchy leaves seems to give Ohio University students a sense of freedom. During the fall, you will find students lounging on blankets, playing with their dogs and finding any reason to be beside the bricks.

  1. Farmers Market

The Athens Farmers Market is a year-round event. But we all know fall provides the best produce. Fresh apples, big pumpkins and sweet, sweet corn are just a few of the amazing things you can find at the farmers marketing in the fall. Some of the several vendors include:

  • Arcadian Acres.
  • Casa Nueva.
  • Crumbs Bakery.
  • Gibson Ridge Farm.
  • Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery.
  • Mitch’s Produce & Greenhouse.

With all of these different vendors to choose from, it is no wonder students love this time of year. You can always find something you like, and probably something you have never tried before.

  1. HallOUween

What do Ohio University students love the most about fall? HallOUween.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 6.49.48 PM

Athens Halloween celebration is notorious for the big block party and the crazy costumes. People come in from all over to celebrate the season. The party usually involves costumes, booze, music and horse cops. Ohio University students are proud to call this holiday “theirs.”

This year, HallOUween will fall on Saturday, October 31.

Although fall is a short season, at Ohio University, it is my favorite. If you ask any other student on campus, I am sure they will say the same. What other university can say they are home to the most exciting band in the land and the biggest Halloween block party? Ohio University in the fall never disappoints.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.07.19 AM

Raquel Richards is a senior studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Marketing. After graduation she would love a job in the Marketing Agency. Follow her on Twitter @RaquelMRichards!

Best Cities to Move for Entry-Level PR Jobs

Every time I think about the fact that I have entered upper-classman status a wave of nausea washes over me. The stresses of graduating are usually centered on finding a job, and a large key of finding a job you love is finding a location you love. Many popular cities for public relations include Manhattan and Los Angeles, and are a bit out of entry-level job price range. However, the number of cities with a growing public relations job market happen to also be affordable and have a low unemployment rate.

East – Washington, D.C.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 12.12.58 PM

Although this city is much more costly compared to other cities in the United States, public relations’ salaries make up for it. Annual pay for a PR pro is actually twice as high as the national average. The job market for public relations workers is the second highest in the country, second to the one and only NYC. When considering moving to the U.S.’s capital, make sure you’re not adverse to enter the political field since it makes up most PR jobs.


West – Sacramento, CAScreen Shot 2015-08-19 at 12.12.51 PM

While California has a reputation of being one of the most expensive states, Sacramento is surprisingly less costly than other Cali cities. There are a variety of PR jobs in the area ranging from entertainment to healthcare. California is also home to numerous amounts of companies that are mentioned in Forbes’ 100 Best Companies list. While west coast life can be a little fast paced, Sacramento is a smaller and more down to earth location.


Midwest – Madison, WIScreen Shot 2015-08-19 at 12.12.44 PM

Get your cheese head on and get ready for some cold winters! Despite it’s northern location (and obvious freezing temperatures) Madison is increasingly driving many young professionals to it. This city beat out many other big names cities in salary, and due to its location and little known charm has a very low cost of living. Madison also has one of the largest chapters of PRSA in the country, making networking and finding work easy as cheesecake.


South – Austin, TXScreen Shot 2015-08-19 at 12.12.37 PM

Unlike most other Texas cities, Austin is a diverse metropolis and surprisingly scenic for being landlocked. For all of you social media buffs and music junkies, this city has got what you need. Not to mention, in 2011 it was picked by Kiplinger to be the best city to live in for the next ten years. That’s right now! Although it does not have the highest salary to cost of living ratio it is one of the top cities to live in, especially for new grads.

Even if these cities aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other cities that have a rising rate of PR jobs. And if the states aren’t for you, Toronto, London and Sofia, Bulgaria are also known to be growing cities for PR pros! But don’t stress out too much about moving away to a big city after college, there are some great opportunities not too far from Ohio University as well.

pastedImageMorgan is a Junior studying Strategic Communications with a minor in French and a Visual Communications specialization. Follow her on twitter at @morganbren!

My Summer in Bratislava

This summer, I decided to take an internship outside of public relations and outside of the US – clearly a very scary and nerve-racking option. I was in Bratislava, Slovakia teaching personal development to 10 to 15 year olds. We had two sessions of kids, and I work alongside students from Michigan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Brazil and Hong Kong. These students and interns are changing my life, and transforming me into a better version of myself each and every day. I’m learning more about myself, my future and other cultures than I ever imagined I could.spis castle

I was always someone with plans. Plans for the week, plans for the year, plans for every internship I would ever take, and plans for my entire future. This summer, I’m tearing apart these plans and drawing new ones. Never in a million years would I have pictured myself teaching personal development to teens, but here I am. I’m now realizing that some of the best opportunities in life come when we are willing to set aside these plans. Always follow your heart wherever it may take you. If it’s not in the plan, that’s OK. If it’s something you’re passionate about, don’t let anything else stop you.

Through our classes and in PRSSA, we’re taught a variety of skills useful for public relations. However, these skills can be applied in so many more situations than I ever realized. Although my internship this summer is not inherently PR, I’m using the skills I’ve learned to help these kids follow their dreams and prepare for their future. I’ve realized that I can use thIMG_1909e skills I’ve learned to help others and make an impact in so many different ways.

I’m also learning the importance of making time for you. I don’t mean time for watching TV or reading, but time to think. Time to analyze what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and what you want to be doing in the future. I’ve never taken so much time to think about these things until this summer, but I now understand so much about myself that I didn’t even know before. Three years ago, I was asked to write down everything I valued and anything I’d be willing to die for. At the time, I honestly didn’t know what to write down. Because I’ve taken time for myself this summer, I now have a list of things. I understand why I do what I do, what makes me happiest and what I value most in this world and that feels pretty incredible.

My internship this summer is teaching me to embrace changes and find creative ways to use my skills to help others. Taking an unconventional internship in a foreign country turned out to be the best decision of my life, and it has forever changed me.

IMG_8949Jess Carnprobst is a Senior studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Marketing and a Global Leadership Certificate. Follow her on Twitter @jess_carnprobst!

9 Tips for Transfer Students

When you envision going to college, it is typical to see spending four years at the same institution. However, that is quickly changing, as now one-third of students in college are transfer students according to U.S. News. Being a transfer student, myself, I have found it can be a lot harder than going to the same institution with the same people for four years. I came to Ohio University as a junior not knowing anyone and most of my soon-to-be graduating class was already moved off campus. So, it was very hard adjusting and finding people my age to become acquainted with.

Going through the whole transfer process, here are nine tips I find helpful for incoming transfer students:

Find the right fitTransferring schools can be complicated. Before you commit to a school, make sure it is the school you want so you don’t have to go through the transfer process again.

Make sure your credits will transfer. This can unfortunately be a nightmare. Transfer students can lose up to a year’s worth of credits. Make sure you are aware of what will be accepted.

Take orientation seriously. It’s not just for freshman. We know you have already been through this and think you know everything, but you will be a lot less confused in the end if you actually pay attention at orientation.

See what scholarships are available. Money seems to be tight for everyone these days, and unfortunately there are slim to no scholarships out there for transfer students. However, Ohio University gives one to transfer students automatically if they were in good academic standing, so always look because you never know!

Live on-campus, I know living in the dorms can be a pain, but it is the best way to meet new people and feel comfortable. Plus it takes the stress away of having to sign a lease for off-campus housing.

Get involved! It was the best thing I could have done as a transfer student at Ohio University. Joining organizations, such as Scripps PRSSA, has brought so many amazing opportunities and people into my life.

Focus on school work You already know how college works—COOL! Now, bring it to the classroom and excel at your new institution.

Build a strong relationship with your advisor. Your advisor will be your best friend during your first year, while trying to figure out what has transferred, how long it will take to catch up, etc. He/she can also be a great mentor during your first year that will help you get acquainted at your new institution.

Have fun! Attending a new college is exciting. So, don’t forget to enjoy yourself with a new group of people exploring your new home away from home!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.06.35 PMHayley Baldzicki is a senior studying Communication Studies specializing in Organizational Communication & Health Communication with a minor in Journalism. Post graduation she’d love to work in sports, health, or entertainment. Follow her on @hayleybaldzicki

Five Ways That You Know It’s Fall in the PR world

As the air becomes crisper, your summer clothing starts getting put away, and you are anxiously anticipating the fall season that is right around the corner. Fall fans are flooded with excitement as they wait out the end of summer to dive into the upcoming season. However, companies around the world don’t make waiting for the first day of fall very easy, before making you dive in early. Everywhere you turn advertisements are flooding papers, magazines, commercials, social media sites, etc. Here are five things that make waiting out the end of summer extremely difficult, especially in the world of Public Relations.


Pumpkin Spice Latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin candles, pumpkin soaps, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin ice cream, or just regular pumpkin. I could go on all day. Anything and everything pumpkin is yelling throughout the whole fall season. You are immediately hit with the pumpkin aroma everywhere you turn, and your heart pounds with excitement. Pumpkin is often the first thing on advertisements to open up the fall season.

2. Flannels

Better start stocking up if you haven’t already, because fall time is approaching and fall time is flannel time. Autumn is the perfect time for wearing flannel shirts. Something about the warmth and comfort that sweeps over you while wearing a flannel always bring customers charging through the doors of their favorite store and leaving with a new button-down flannel. You can never have too many. Every time I get online and see a new ad full of brand new flannels from American Eagle, I can’t help myself but to go out and return with a new flannel. Sure, the mountain of flannels in my room is growing exponentially and hinting to me I don’t need another, but everywhere I turn there is a new flannel and I can’t bring myself to say no.

3. Apples

Similar to the pumpkin madness, there is apple madness. Apple pie, apple crisp, apple cider, and so many more. You open up your computer and your mouth starts to water because immediately you’re hit with dozens of Apple recipes, you see ads for fall festivals at the apple orchards taking place all around you, and you go home and immediately light your apple candles. Apple is another fall favorite you just can’t avoid. Social media won’t let you.

4. Leaves

Who knew that Mother Nature could play such a large role in one of the fall favorites in public relations: leaves. Very rarely do you see fall advertisements that do not match the beautiful dark colors of the fall leaves that cover the trees. As you move through the fall season, you see decorations all around you of the leaves of fall. You can’t talk about fall without mentioning the beautiful scenery of it all.

5. Halloween

The last fall favorite that you simply can’t ignore, Halloween. This fun filled holiday, enjoyed by many, causes the PR world to explode with Halloween related decorations, treats and costumes on social media. The film industry throws out various scary movies for the Halloween season, causing people all around to have the shivers of the season. As you open up your social media sites, your computer becomes flooded with Halloween ads, events, and ideas.

No matter how hard you are trying to wait for the first day of fall, you can’t help but get that Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, shop around for new flannels at American Ealge, light your new Autumn candle, make an apple pie, break out your new, “Leaves,” soap, and stop in the seasonal section at Target. September 23rd cannot come soon enough because the ads have started, the products are out, and I am feeling the fall frenzy coming over me.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.19.10 PMRosie Haren is a Junior studying Strategic Communications with a Marketing minor and Social Media Certificate, follow her in Twitter @rosieharen!

When Corporate Meets Fashion: My Summer Internship at Express

All of my internships have been in corporate PR/marketing/communications. You would think that means they’re pretty similar. Well you would be WRONG. I went from a Fortune 20 healthcare company to a well known fashion brand and my experiences couldn’t have been more different. I learned that it’s not always about what you’re doing but rather what you’re representing that can drive passion in the workplace.
This internship just kind of fell into my lap. I was lucky enough to meet my manager while giving her and her kids a tour at Ohio University. We hit it off and the rest was history. But despite the great connection I felt with her and the team, I still had no idea what to expect when I arrived on my first day. Also I may have a made a critical mistake of watching The Devil Wears Prada the night before which resulted in me worrying that Express headquarters would be filled with clackersand haughty fashionistas that wouldnt be willing to accept the smart fat girlfrom Ohio University. Yes, I am Anne Hathaway in this analogy and no I dont think a size 6 is fat but the metaphor just worked so well here.

However, the minute I arrived at my desk, all my fears were squashed. There were signs covering every inch of my desk, chair, computer and cubicle walls all proclaiming my arrival and welcoming me to Express. They even had gift baskets waiting for me filled with candy and Disney toys! They made sure I felt totally welcome and thats when I realized this company was different.

unnamed-2Now before you start thinking that I spent the summer canoodling with models and designers, just calm down it wasnt quite that glamorous. I worked in the Store Operations department specializing in Field Communications. That meant that I was communicating with store employees, ensuring that everyone at headquarters were able to get their messages to the stores. This included event details from the PR department, promotion information from production and sourcing and test guidelines from the testing department. Because of my position I got to interact with every function in the company and, for a girl whos only retail experience was an extensive amount of shopping, meant I had to learn about retail very fast.

This is where the kindness of my team comes in. Knowing that I had no retail background whatsoever, they took extra time to coach me on the different vernacular, teach me the intricacies of our technology and applications and provided me with work that ensured I would have the most well rounded experience throughout my internship.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Some of this work included a complete rebranding of an important document sent out to all 600-something Express stores in the world, organizing the promotion/redline documents, providing my Vice President with a weekly calendar overview and the fitting room ideation project. Needless to say, my summer was jam packed and filled with new and exciting learning opportunities. In addition to this work, my team gave me plenty of opportunities for exposure to the upper management of Express. Several of the above projects were presented to SVPs, VPS, the EVP of Store Operations and even the CMO. Not only did I get to present to them, but I was lucky enough to meet with them as well. Let me just say, I have never met more genuine people in my life. I realized that it wasnt just my team that was rooting for me to succeed, it was the whole company. And it wasnt just me, they all help each other and cheer one another toward success. Express is more than just corporate, its more than just retail, its a family.

Its a family that showers you with presents and a decorated desk on your 21st birthday, its a family whose CEO takes time to meet and chat with all the interns, its a family that makes sure you have the best summer of your life at concerts, cookouts and corn hole tournaments. And because its a family, they want you to come back. Theres a reason so many Express employees have been here for 15+ years. Its because they look at the company as more than just a stepping stone to bigger and better things. They look at it as home. 

I am so happy I was able to call this place home for the past 12 weeks. I started school with an entire new wardrobe (thank you 40% discount and corporate sample sale), many new skills, new friends, and a new appreciation for the world of fashion.



unnamed-5Sarah Rachul is a Senior studying Strategic communications with a double minor in Visual Communications and Sports Administration. Follow her on Twitter @SarahMRachul!

September 14th Meeting Recap

Everything is right in the world again – Scripps PRSSA is back in action! Monday, September 14th marked the first official meeting of the year. Eager PR stars gathered into our new home of Schoonover 145, ready to hear from this week’s visitors: Heather Bartman and Ashleigh Mavros from Fahlgren Mortine.
Here are the important announcements for this week:

  • Get involved with PRSSA and join a committee! Email scrippsprssa@gmail.com if you’re interested.
  • Hand your dues in to Mira by October 12th. Dues are $75 and provide many opportunities like networking trips, PR Bootcamp, the mentor/mentee program and exec board!
  • Learn all about National Conference at the info session at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 16th in Schoonover 145.
  • Shout out to our member spotlight of the week, Allison Zullo! Give her a follow @allisonzullo.

Heather and Ashleigh had a lot of great insights to give us on what agency life at Fahlgren Mortine is like. Fahlgren is an integrated marketing communications agency, meaning they do pretty much everything from building a website to handling crisis communications. Based out of Columbus, Fahlgren serves 150 clients in 26 states.

One of the many questions PRSSA’ers usually have is, “What does your typical day include?” Heather and Ashleigh told us that a ‘typical’ day doesn’t really exist. At an agency, you could be doing a variety of things including client meetings, media pitches, new business presentations and event activations.

Ashleigh gave us a taste of what it’s like to work with a variety of clients. B2B and B2C clients will have drastically different voices and may require different social media strategies.

Finally, Ashleigh and Heather shared their advice on how to best prepare for life after graduation. And good news, Bobcats – we’re already succeeding! Getting involved with PRSSA and ImPRessions were at the top of the list. Some other, less conventional ways to gain experience include studying abroad, leading (a group project, organization or committee – anything helps!), and taking a class about something outside of your interests.

Thanks so much to Ashleigh and Heather for being our first speakers of the year! Follow them on Twitter @ashleighmavros and @heatherbartman, and keep up with the latest at Fahlgren by following @FahlgrenMortine! See you next week PRSSA!
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Emily Barber is a Junior studying Strategic Communications with a Marketing Minor and Social Media Certificate. Follow her on Twitter @emilybarbershop!

Small Internships can have Big Potential


The saying goes “Big surprises often come in small packages.” I found that to be true this summer. I also learned that any experience, no matter how small, is still an experience. May through August, I participated in my first internship in the public relations department at my local hospital. Wyandot Memorial Hospital is a rural, critical access hospital serving one small main town and three very small outlying towns. While I was not in a big name public relations firm or even a large scale hospital from nine to five every day, I gained valuable skills and experience while staying close to home.

At Wyandot Memorial, one person runs the entire PR department. My first thought about being an unpaid intern was that I would be typing mindless documents and filing paperwork to free up the PR Director’s time, but I was completely wrong. Because my internship was unpaid, I was even able to work two lifeguarding jobs to build my bank account as well as manage several projects independently for the hospital while also creating content for my professional portfolio according to my own schedule.

When I was in the office, I could be found drafting a press release about new urologists for three local newspapers, creating Wyandot Memorial gift baskets for local raffles, writing thank-you letters to donors, developing the new website, designing pamphlets for the oncology department, planning the annual Employee Appreciation Dinner or writing articles for the monthly newsletter and annual directory.

Throughout this experience, I learned that responsibility and respect were pivotal. It may have been a small hospital, but the work was very important and was to be treated as such. As I began to show that I was responsible and willing to take on a challenge, the Director of PR gave me projects to do on my own. I produced entire articles from the initial research stage and interviewing to formatting and photography.

My experience this summer definitely reassured me that the world of public relations is where I belong. I added several projects and articles to my portfolio that was otherwise lacking before this summer. I gained strong connections in the professional world including my boss, Ann Kemerley, who has become a great PR resource and mentor.

Ann and I will remain in contact for years to come.  In fact, even though I’ve returned to Athens, she continues to email me projects to develop, review and proofread. She mentioned to several people that she appreciated the fresh and innovative view on PR that I was able to provide, especially since I’d already completed classes on strategic communication and writing during my first year at OU. Ann has already offered to be a reference for me in the future and to help with any questions I may have on assignments or pieces I create.

I encourage other PR students to explore small, local internship opportunities even if they’re not at a big corporation or large hospital/organization like you may have been dreaming about. As my summer proved, an internship on a local, smaller scale still provided a terrific learning experience! After all, you can still come out with great content and amazing resources for your future!


Taylor Dilley is a Sophomore majoring in strategic communication, minoring in marketing, and pursuing a specialization in visual communications. After graduating she would like to work for an agency or in corporate PR. Follow her on Twitter @taylor_dilley!

New Executive Board Spotlight: Director of ImPRessions Sarah Rachul

Introducing the 2015-2016…

Director of ImPRessions Sarah Rachul

Handling a Hack


When considering current news events, it’s almost guaranteed that any time you open a paper, scroll through Twitter, or peruse the Skimm, you’ll find something about a company whose information has been hacked. This quickly rising form of cyber-attack affects all kinds of businesses – Home Depot, Target, Snapchat, StubHub and Anthem, just to name a few.

What does this mean for PR professionals? Even if crisis communications isn’t your first choice for a career focus, everyone in our industry should know how to handle a data breach. At a time when privacy is minimal and personal information is at stake, keep these things in mind in regards to hacks:

Be transparent – honesty is the best policy

Don’t wait until months after the attack has happened to notify your customers. There’s a good chance someone will find out and expose your company, making it seem like you were trying to hide it. Chrysler waited nine months before recalling cars that were at risk of being hacked, and is now being questioned as to the reason for the holdup. Be up front with who will be affected and what information is at risk. The sooner the victims know about the situation, the quicker they can react.

Provide help

Do everything in your power to right the wrong. When StubHub was hacked, they immediately refunded customers of any fraud transactions. The company also encouraged the creation of new passwords to prevent any further damage from occurring. It is better to be seen as a helping hand rather than the enemy.

Come back stronger

Now is the perfect opportunity to beef up your security measures. Take the extra steps to ensure nothing like this happens again, and make sure your customers know you are doing it. The spotlight is on you, so you might as well take advantage of it!

Keep the relationship

There is no doubt that people are going to lose trust in your company after a hack. However, this doesn’t have to mean that you’ll lose their business, too. Apologize to the victims, do your best to solve the problem, and show that you are responsible by preventing further damage. You may not have been able to prevent the hack, but you can control how you manage it.

Nobody wants to get hacked, but knowing how to handle the circumstances can make the cleanup a lot easier. As PR pros, we take everything in stride. In the event of a hack, take a deep breath, come up with a plan, and learn from the experience.

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Emily Barber is a Junior Studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Marketing and a Social Media Certificate. Follow her on twitter @emilybarbershop!