Business attire: the complete guide to dressing like a PRo

By Allison Zullo

As college students, all we really want to wear are sweatshirts and leggings all. the. time. I mean, they’re just so comfortable! However, as budding PR professionals, sometimes we have to break out the blazer or pencil skirt in order to dress in “business casual” or “business professional.”

If you don’t know what those terms mean, have no fear! Here is your guide to dressing like a true PR professional, from “snappy casual” outfit ideas to how to dress in “business professional.”


Snappy Casual

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 7.17.53 PM                                            
This is a relatively casual style of dress that is can be seen in the workplaces of agencies. Basically, this means that you can wear jeans, but you must make sure that you look nice, and that whatever you’re wearing is modest enough for the workplace. If you would wear it out on a Saturday night, it’s probably not the best idea to wear it to work. Examples of snappy casual include jeans and a button-up or nice-looking t-shirt for guys, while for girls can include anything from jeans and a cute button-up to a maxi dress, normal dress, or skirt paired with a cardigan.



Business Casual

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 7.17.55 PM


This is a step up from snappy casual, and is probably this most vague of all the business dress terms. Basically, don’t wear jeans: guys, wear khakis or nice blue/black/gray pants with a nice-button up and a tie, and even a sport coat if you’re feeling extra fancy; girls, you can wear dress pants too, again with a button-up or cardigan, or wear a nice- and professional-looking dress or skirt with a button-up, and throw on a cardigan if you’re feelin’ it. Feel free to add pops of color here and there; business clothes tend to be neutral (and kind of boring), so you can express yourself with a little bit of colorful jewelry or a colorful pair of shoes. 

Business Professional

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 7.17.57 PM


Basically, what dressing business professional means is that you just add a blazer to your business casual outfit. It also means to tone down the colors to neutral and the jewelry to very little and very simple. Make sure your pants (or skirt) and blazer match if you’re wearing a suit. You will dress business professional for interviews, client meetings, and possibly every day if you work in corporate PR.


Other Tips and Tricks

 For those of you who are new to professional dress, or are looking for ways to update your current wardrobe, here are a few tips and tricks to help make it a little easier.

  • Invest in one nice black blazer, a matching pair of pants/skirt, and a pair of shoes: For your first business-wear purchase, investing in these three essential, high-quality pieces will go a long way. You can mix and match pants and blazer with other shirts, bottoms, and dresses, and they will honestly last you far into your professional, post-grad years. The shoes should be closed-toed, neutral colored flats or low heels (think: no more than two inches) for girls and nice- and professional-looking dress shoes, not loafers or slides, for guys.
  • Then, accessorize and find cheaper pieces to create more looks: Spend your money on the quality pieces that will still be in style ten years from now, and spend a lot less money on the trendier pieces that will be out of style within a year or two. This allows you to accessorize and create some stylish looks, but still allows you to feel better about your budget.
  • Find what works for you: Not everyone can rock the pencil skirt, myself included. But maybe dresses that flare out at the waist, come down to around the knee, and are modestly cut are for you. There are tons of these dresses that are professional looking as well. If the pencil skirt works for you, by all means, work it! But if it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works for you.
  • Shop the sales and discounts: While some of the quality, timeless pieces often don’t go on sale, many dresses, skirts, shoes, and shirts to wear under blazers will. And when they do, snatch them up ASAP! In addition, many stores have student discounts for college kids who provide either a school ID or email, so ask while shopping or checking out. Some stores that offer student discounts include J Crew, Ann Taylor, and Madewell.
  • Have fun with it! Even though the rules of business dress may seem confining, there still is room for you to express yourself and add your own style twist to a business professional or casual look, just as long as you look appropriate and professional. After all, fashion is supposed to be fun!


nouHV0BMAllison is a sophomore majoring in strategic communication and minoring in sports management and marketing. She is also completing a social media certificate. After graduation, her dream job is to work in sports PR. Follow her on Twitter at @allisonzullo!

Intern and Study Abroad Options with Frances Weiner; October 20th meeting recap

By Devon Pine


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  • Congrats to Marisa Fiore and team for successful week with the College Town Film Festival!
  • Congrats to the Bateman team: Mira Kuhar, Lindsey Zimmerman, Marisa Fiore and Jess Carnprobst!
  • Need help scheduling classes? We’ll be holding a Scheduling workshop on Sunday 11/26 from 3-5pm in the Rollins Room. It’ll be a great opportunity to gain some insight on choosing classes
  • Congrats to the Spotlight Member of the week, Will Gibbs!
  • Our lovely Steph Gort is leaving us in December. If you’re interested in becoming the new VP of Social Media, submit a resume and cover letter by Friday 0/31 at 5 to Scripps PRSSA gmail!

Impressions announcements

  • Kelly Hayes, director of communications, is graduating in December. There will be a 2 week period of applications and interviews. Contact Melaina Lewis, Kerry Tuttle, Sarah Rachul or Kelly Hayes if you are interested or have any questions.
  • The Copperheads account dominated the Kickball game on Saturday! Congrats! Thank you to everyone who came out to play!
  • Shout out to Melaina Lewis for winning the Culwrit Mentorship Scholarship at PRSSA National Conference!

Welcome Frances Weiner!


Frances is a Bobcat herself who traveled the abroad during her undergrad for her Spanish minor. Now, she is in her second year working at the study abroad office. Frances dove right into some of the values of an international internship: Learning a new language, working in a cross cultural setting, networking, and a resume boost!

With CIS abroad internships, you have a couple different options:

  • Short term program
  • Short or long term with flexible start dates. (Choose your date)
  • An entire semester abroad, and earn credits

Frances and her office help students wanting to study abroad figure out the logistics. Things such as placement, housing, credits, emergency support, Visa support, insurance and financial aid

Academic credits while interning:

  • Semester long with academic classes, intern and take class
  • Summer with classes in Scotland
  • Summer internships with language classes

On campus experiences:

  • IEP on campus- communications intern
  • Look for email for jobs that help promote the study abroad program!
  • Receive your Global Leadership certificate! It’s a 2 year program for any major, with opportunities to travel. Stop in the Office of education abroad for advising hours.

Keep in touch with Frances! Shoot her an email, to set up a meeting about studying or interning abroad!

Studying Abroad: You Can’t Afford NOT To Go

By Adrienne Gossett

As a huge advocate for study abroad, it always pains me to hear people turn down the idea because of the associated cost. We all know that traveling is not cheapest activity, especially for college students. But the experience alone is the most valuable aspect. At the end of the day experience is one thing no one can take away from you. As someone who has recently been through the study abroad process, I have learned a thing or two about not having to pay an arm and a leg.


  1. Figure out the total cost. Before you start trying to figure how you’re going to fund your study abroad, you first need to figure out how much you’re going to need. Begin formulating a budget by listing out any expenses associated with your trip. Reviewing your program overview to determine if there is a program fee and what all does it cover. Other expenses to consider include airfare and other transportation, food, lodging, insurance, and passport costs.
  1. Save up. Before trying to figure out how you’re going to get funding from other people, consider how much of your own money you have to put forth. After all, you are the one going abroad. Start by reviewing your spending habits. Maybe skip a night out on the town for a Netflix kind of night. Another idea would be save a decided amount out of each paycheck you receive. The more you are able to save, the less you have to ask for from others.
  1. Free money honey. Take the time to look into scholarships and grants to help offset your costs. There is no doubt that an abroad experience can be very costly, but your research can make all the difference. Talk to an advisor in the study aboard office about scholarship possibilities. As well as Google, Google, Google. There are all types of free money available waiting to be claimed.
  1. Raise those funds. Once you have exhausted the scholarship option, it’s time to get creative and start fundraising. Car washes, bake sales, garage sales. The possibilities are truly endless. If you’re struggling for ideas turn to your old pal Google. There are tons and tons of ideas out there that you could utilize.
  1. Crowdfund. Websites such are great ways to reach to people via the Internet for donations to go toward your study abroad trip. Crowdfunding websites such as GoFundMe allows for you to create your own fundraising campaign and then share your story with family and friends. Enabling them to support you no matter how far away.

NFzoO_Z7Adrienne is a junior studying strategic communication with a minor in sport management and a specialization in visual communications. After graduation, she wants to go to grad school to pursue a degree in communications or advertising. Follow her on Twitter at @AD_Gossett!

New York Fashion Week gets trendy on social media

By Danielle Meyer


Just a few weeks ago the brightest and biggest names in fashion sent their collections for spring 2015 strutting down the runways. This week is perhaps one of the biggest for the fashion industry. It is New York Fashion Week.

There were a few new components added to this year’s Fashion Week, particularly in the realm of social media. Of course, Twitter and Instagram were blowing up with posts about the runway shows, the after parties, and the models and designers. According to an article in the New York Times, Michael Kors was the most tweeted about designer of Fashion Week. During the course of the week, the designer’s name was retweeted almost 113,000 times. Ralph Lauren took second for most talked about designer and Alexander Wang came in third. All in all there were nearly 1.25 million tweets in regards to Fashion Week, which skyrocket above the 574,000 recorded last season in February.

new-york-fashion-weekHowever, this year, Snapchat took to the frenzie and added a live stream of all the shows and event so that people in the surrounding New York area could share their own story of Fashion Week with the world. According to an article on New York Observer if users were in a “New York Fashion Week sanctioned event” than they would be able to send snaps into the “Fashion Week in NYC” account that was automatically added to their phones. It was then the job of a team at Snapchat to sort through the media and pull together the best of the best for a live story. Users from all over the world were able to feel as if they were right there in the heart of NYC watching these shows even if they were hundreds of miles away in, say, Athens, Ohio. According to the article there are several benefits that Snapchat has over a platform like Instagram. On Snapchat the content that is shown is handpicked. There’s no need to search through pointless pictures that might not have anything to do with Fashion Week, but instead were simply assigned a hashtag that linked it to the rest. There’s also a sense of exclusivity related to the timed Snapchat stories. There’s something special about only having so much time to view a world-renowned event from the comfort of your living room before it disappears forever.

hbz-getty-marc-jacobs-fw2014-promo-lgnNot only have social media platforms made headway during this year’s Fashion Week, but top news organizations got in on the action too. The New York Times created and launched it’s own Instagram-esque site, called “Fashion Week Now”. It is similar to Instagram, with photos of Fashion Week available for view, but all the content is handpicked by a team at the Times and focuses mainly on Fashion Week events, whereas Instagram provides an array of Fashion Week news from shows and events to street style. It followed up Fashion Week in New York with posts about London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks. Currently all of the cities are still featured on the website in order for a full review. New York Magazine also launched an entire page devoted to Fashion Week on their site called, “Fashion Week Uncensored”. This site hosts dozens of articles all related to Fashion Week in the multitude of cities with not only reporters’ commentary but commentary from outside sources as well.

FvR_LWkgDanielle is junior majoring in strategic communication. She is specializing in english and retail merchandising & fashion product development. After she graduates, she wants to move to a big city, preferably New York, and work in fashion PR. Give her a follow on twitter at @DanielleMeyer17!

Recent Grad Panel; October 13th meeting recap

By Devon Pine


  •  The Bateman Competition team sign up was due last night to Dan Farkas. The team will consist of 4-5 people and will be creating a campaign for the client Home Matters. Good luck to the applicants.
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  •  Congrats to Taylor Dilley for being selected tonight’s member spotlight, it’s not too late to congradulate her via Twitter, @taylor_dilley
  • Also congrats to the Impression’s account spotlight, College Bookstore for all of their hard work this past Homecoming weekend.
  • If you’re interested in helping the Impressions Express account out with campaign research, contact Lindsey Zimmerman (
  • The International Week PR Committee meeting was cancelled last night, but look out for an email regarding next week’s event.

Welcome, Recent Grad Panel!

This week, we had three past PRSSA presidents join us virtually and talk about life after leaving the bricks.

Untitled1Heather Farr is a Senior Account Exec. at Edelman in Chicago. She has a background in media relations, thought leadership, social media and account management within the corporate tech, B2B, startup, industrial and financial industries. She has been with Edelman for about a year now, but since graduation has also worked at the Chicago based agency Walker Sans. Her day-to-day work consists of collaborating on five accounts, working in media relations, content creation and maintaining relationships with clinets.


Allison Jordan is a recent product of the Scripps J School who also started post-grad life off in Chicago. However, she is now working in agency life in Cleveland at Global Prairie. Allison’s day-to-day is not just traditional PR, but a blend of integrated media and marketing.


Untitled2Nicole Spears, the most recent grad on the panel, has been at Launch Squad in New York City. She landed the position after interning with the agency’s San Francisco office. Her day-to-day as an account associate is splitting time between media relations and thought leadership.

Here’s what we learned from our grads:

    • It’s okay to move jobs. Staying somewhere for only a year is not unheard of, especially in our industry. People move around a lot right after college, especially in big cities. A grad’s first agency gig right out of college is a good way to gain experience for a year or so. However, Heather recommends not making a habit of jumping around too much; the PR scene is fairly tight-knit in even large cities like Chicago.
  • If you are asked to set the bar for your salary, don’t undersell yourself. Talking about factors such as the cost of living in the city and the sector of PR with a mentor can help you figure out what is fair pay.
  • When it comes to transitioning from a post-grad internship to a full-fledged job, remember to be proactive and leave a good mark, whether you’re trying to get hired or just making contact. Show your personality during the internship, a big hiring-factor is whether or not the employees see you fitting into their environment.
  • Don’t forget to network! Keep in touch organically even if they are in another city. Start in OU alumn pages and reach out to them.
  • Connect with our grads on LinkedIn; Bobcats love to help other Bobcats.


Thank you to our “Past Prez” Grad Panel for joining us tonight; it was truly wonderful to have you three back.

Graduate School Panel; October 6th meeting recap

By Devon Pine

HAPPY HOMECOMING WEEK! (Make sure to vote for Ben and Kaija for Homecoming court)

Despite the rain, we had a good crowd for the Graduate Panel.


  • Dues were due! Congrats to those who became dues paying members! If you didn’t get a chance to do so tonight, swing by Impressions office hours Office hours- Wed 6-8 scripps 108 ($75)
  •  Apply to participate in the Bateman competition, you must be a dues paying member, 4-5 team members. The client is Homematters and the campaign will center on development for affordable housing. Send your: resume cover letter and other time commitments to Dan Farkas ( by Monday 10/13. Past Bateman competitors gave the advice, “it’s a really great thing to have on your resume, but make sure you have the time to commit and dedicate to it, but it’s worth it in the end.
  • Tomorrow is the last PR Bootcamp! We’ll be talking personal branding- Ellis 111
  • Scripps spirit jerseys are being re-launched tomorrow! You can purchase them in original green with white letters or new white with green letters
  • Congrats to this week’s Member Spotlight, Erica Stonehill! Give her a follow on Twitter at @estonehill13
  • The social affairs committee will meet this Sunday at 5 in Rollins Room in Alden.
  • Visiting professional Heather Mitchell, head of PR for Unilever in London, will be speaking to the Jour 1010 class on October 6th at noon in Walter 135 at noon.

 Welcome, Graduate School Panel!

This week, we had a grad school panel join us and discuss why getting going to graduate school is worth it.

Kelsey Rogers is the assistant director for graduate admissions and student services at Ohio U. She came to talk to us about the MBA (Masters in Business Administration) program (3 semester) that OU offers.

Katherine Hartman is a first year grad student, and works as a graduate assistant for the Division of Student Affairs in higher education, working outside of the classroom setting

Vee got his undergrad at Wright State, and is happy to have diversified his college experience at OHIO. He is also a first year graduate student working in the Division of Student Affairs, specifically in residential housing.

We opened up to questions fairly quickly, and our grad panel delivered.

Often times, businesses will pay for MBA programs. OU’s program does have corporate partnerships, and scholarships are offered for professionals that are working for a company that they have a partnership with. Often times, the graduate assistantship will cover tuition.

Most grad students are coming in right out of undergrad, but some are come in with one to three years of experience. There’s also MBA program for professions with 2+ years of experience. An MBA is a really versatile degree and can get you to the table that makes decisions. It is okay to take some time off and come back; there is a different program that can be taken in Columbus and Cleveland for professionals.

There are Graduate Assistants in all facets of the Division of Student Affairs. There is also an international aspect, a one-week experience, this year their going to Poland and Germany. It’s about emerging yourself into the culture, but also getting the international business experience, which sets people apart for future job searches.

Even the panel admitted that grad school is not for everyone; it depends on what you want to do. In the grad program, you can learn skills that will be essential to excel in any field. What’s important is that you’re passionate about your area of study.

This week’s meeting definitely got people thinking about post-grad plans.

7 healthy habits to form as an undergraduate student

By Kelsey Tucker


College, as we’ve all heard before, is an awesome four (or five, or even six) years. The beauty of undergraduate education is that in this state of semi-independence, you can start cultivating good habits that you can practice until you graduate and then bring them into the real world. Continue reading to get a jump-start on the 7 most valuable habits you can start working on now:

  1.  Find a lesson in everything. You can learn from even the most seemingly mundane tasks, and it’s easier to get through a bad day if you persistently ask yourself what you should be learning from this experience and what you can get out of it.
  1. Make a budget – and stick to it. Undergrads have varying levels of financial independence, but whether your parents are helping out or you’re working two jobs and are totally on your own, figure out how to budget your money needs so that you can enjoy the occasional night at the bars and also start setting some money aside for impending post-grad life.
  1. Wake up early. As great as it may sound to schedule class from noon to six and maximize your night-owl potential, there’s something about waking up with the rising sun that inspires productivity. You’ll have enough time to make a cup of coffee and finish any last-minute work from the day before.
  1. Exercise. Breaking a sweat is vital. It keeps you healthy, releases stress and maintains fitness. The earlier you can get used to carving out some time every day to work out, the better! It doesn’t matter how you do it: whether it’s hitting the gym, going for a run or riding your bike along the Hocking, exercising will improve your mental focus, can help you sleep better, and is a far superior outlet for stress than a round of tequila shots at Tony’s.
  1. Learn as much as you can. We all have to take classes that don’t pertain to what we want to do with our lives, and even when we do take classes for our major, there are days when it seems like everything being taught is common sense. As tempting as it is to skip that 8 a.m. biology class, you should go – and don’t write it off, soak up as much as you can. You never know: someday, you might have a boss who’s into environmentalism, and when you can toss out that random fact about deciduous forests, you’ll look like a champ.
  1. Manage your time. This one is invaluable. Little things like reviewing your class notes every day instead of cramming or reading a few pages of that assigned novel while in line at Front Room add up fast, and making changes to plan ahead and divide up your work will mean a way easier time before exams – and once you’re in the workplace, you’ll have a better idea of the workload you’re capable of and how to most effectively use your time.
  1. Network. As a freshman, sophomore, or even a junior, it can seem intimidating to just stroll into a professor’s office and shoot the breeze. What if they have no idea who you are? What if you can’t keep the conversation going? What if you have nothing to talk about? You may run into these difficulties, but most professors realize the position undergrads are in and they want to help. Plus, these issues will never go away; I guarantee that at some point in your future you’ll run into an awkward pause in a conversation or have to introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t remember you at all. Practice it now, while no one’s judging you.


ZteXpbdpKelsey Tucker is a senior double majoring in strategic communication and spanish. After graduation she hopes to work in downtown Cleveland with the technology marketing company she’s interned at the past two summers. Follow her on Twitter at @kelseyptucker!

Entertainment PR with Luigi Picarazzi & Ashley McAtee; September 30th meeting recap

By Marisa Fiore

  • Thank you to everyone that participated in our headshot fundraiser!! Allison will be getting your pictures to you at some point this week!
  • Our mentor/mentee reveal is tonight after PRSSA meeting at Cidnye’s apartment above the Overhang!
  • Become a PRSSA Dues-Paying Member! Dues are due to Gary by next meeting: October 6th!
  • PR Bootcamp is tomorrow from 6-7:30 pm in Ellis 111 from Weeks 4-7. This week we are talking about Strategic Communication Writing!
  • If you would like to see Scripps PRSSA’s Chapter Development Session Practice Presentation, stay after PRSSA next week!
  • If you are interested in joining a project, email
  • recappic4Congrats to this week’s member spotlight Sam Pelham! Tweet at her to congratulate her @SamanthaPelham!
  • Our ImPRessions Spotlight is Kismet! Follow them on social media: Twitter- @KismetAthens, Facebook- Kismet – Athens, Instagram- @KismetAthens, Pinterest- KismetAthens. Kismet is located at 16. West Union St. in uptown Athens. Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.-6 pm. Sunday: 12-6 p.m.​ Look out for Instagram contests and the launch of their Tumblr.

Luigi Picarazzi and Ashley McAtee joined us via Google Hangout last night from DM2. DM2 is a full service agency providing social media and digital management for high-profile celebrities, films, brands, books and live events. Here is a little bit about each of them:

recappic5Luigi Picarazzi is President & CEO of Digital Media Management. Through his positions with high-profile, A-list celebrities (Nicole Kidman & Avril Lavigne) and through his positions in the Internet and digital media industry (most recently as the Senior Producer of the ABC Family cable network) he has gained tremendous insight and experience in this emerging industry. In an effort to bring together his experiences and enthusiasm for both of these rapidly growing industries, he started Digital Media Management to provide high-profile individuals support in marketing and promoting themselves through newly available social media tools and Internet strategies.

recappic6Ashley McAtee is the Director of Talent Services at Digital Media Management. Ashley specializes in helping celebrities and personal brands build and leverage their online following to help drive their business goals. Ashley is a graduate of The Ohio State University, and has a background in digital strategy, social media management, and creative writing.


It was a full house last night to hear Luigi and Ashley speak! The night began with Luigi and Ashley tell us all about their backgrounds. Luigi ended up working for Nicole Kidman and started his own firm because of the connections. I think these tweets speak for themselves:

Luigi and Ashley continued to answer any questions Scripps PRSSA sent their way and gave us the best advice they could!

And for those wanting to get into the entertainment industry after graduation, here is Luigi’s advice:


Overall it was a great meeting and everyone enjoyed hearing from Luigi and Ashley!

To keep in touch with them, follow them on twitter or send them an email!

Luigi Picarazzi:, @lpicarazzi

Ashley McAtee:, @AshleyMcAtee

Fall in love with OU this fall: fun upcoming events this semester

By Abbey Thomas


It’s that time of year again when the leaves are fervently showing off and every pair of toned, summer legs must remind themselves what it feels like to wear jeans again. Yes, it is fall- a season of football, selfies in front of trees with captions that read “sweater weather,” and what’s most important (or should be), mid-terms! Don’t forget about those.

And what better way to spend this chilly weather than with the warmth of your family (cheesy, right)?

After sending off your family and loved ones yet again this weekend, don’t start getting homesick just yet! There is no better time than the fall to call Athens your home sweet home. What does OU have planned in the near future?


Get ready for a fun-filled, rowdy homecoming game against Bowling Green! Kick off is at two o’clock on Saturday, October 11th as Ohio University welcomes back our celebrated and awe-inspiring alumni. But it’s not just about tossin’ around the pigskin though, OU has a whole week of activities planned to keep you Bobcats busy! Throughout the week there will be several fundraisers such as a blood drive and canned food drive. There will also be many exciting events such as a bonfire and fireworks, hayrides, a parade, a pig roast held by Theta Chi, and much, much more. Also, if you’re not sold already, there will be plenty of FREE STUFF!

For more information on the schedule for Homecoming week from October 6th-11th check out


Robin Thicke’s striped suit and Miley Cyrus’s classic foam finger, the galloping man from Gangnam Style, or Dorothy and her dazzling slippers, it’s all been done before. This year it’s your time to get creative, because that’s right: HallOUween is almost here! The annual block party will take place on Court Street on Saturday, October 25th –a tradition of over 40 years. Be prepared to see Athens almost triple in size and pack itself with outrageous characters and bizarre attractions. Remember, if you bring a guest, stick together; YOU are responsible for both you and your guest. Have fun and make smart choices!

What’s next, you ask?

As midterms have winded down and the leaves have gracefully been trampled on as students hurry to class, many begin thinking about Thanksgiving turkey beckoning with their name on it. It’s important to not to rush home so fast for break, though, OU hasn’t stopped event planning just yet! Dad’s weekend will take place November 7th- November 9th. Enjoy a good ol’ bonding experience over sports, comedy, and even zip lining!


10649702_814200218601070_518779580546410223_nAbbey Thomas is a freshman majoring in strategic communication. She hopes to declare a minor in sociology or anthropology as well as a specialization in music business management. Her dream job is to do PR for upcoming musicians or theaters. Give her a follow on Twitter at @rthomas_abbey!

The NFL tackles a PR nightmare

By Carolyn Nachman


Whenever someone is in the public eye, many parts of his or her private life come under severe inspection. And when our beloved actors, actresses and singers do something out of line, that’s when their media teams step in to do, for lack of a better word, some serious damage control.

The world of sports is no exception, as the NFL has recently discovered.

Over the summer Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice came under scrutiny for an altercation, which occurred between his fiancé, and himself in an elevator. The event was made public when TMZ obtained the footage and released it. The NFL has been aware of the incident since April, yet chose to do nothing about it. That was their first mistake. They should have gone into immediate crisis communication mode and tackled the issue head on. Instead, they chose to ignore it, and when TMZ released the video a few months later, they denied ever seeing it. What should they have done? Released an immediate statement outlining the issue and any suspensions or consequences that went along with it. Recognized that domestic violence is an ongoing issue within the NFL and because of this, they should have immediately teamed up with domestic violence advocacy groups to start a new campaign to end domestic violence within the organization. In today’s world there is no point in denying an incident because as we have seen time and time again, the truth will get leaked more likely than not. With a player as well known as Ray Rice, on a team as popular as the Baltimore Ravens, the NFL should have known that the truth would eventually come out.

And now, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is facing child abuse allegations and again the league seems to be taking a hand off approach to dealing with the issue.

54185c6645e86Amidst calls for his resignation, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has promised to tackle these issues more swiftly and the NFL has formed partnerships with two advocacy groups. But is it too little too late? Issues of domestic violence have been circling the NFL for years and they’ve just decided to acknowledge the issue now? Other than general vocal displeasure from fans, there are also fiscal repercussions as well. Many of the NFL’s top sponsors have been vocal about the leagues slow reaction in handling these domestic violence issues. If any of the NFL’s top benefactors decide to pull their sponsorship, it would have hard-hitting fiscal repercussions for the league. Advocacy groups have been protesting NFL sponsors such as Cover Girl, in an attempt to pressure these sponsors to pull their support. And can you blame them?ScSh

If the NFL had been proactive from the beginning about tackling the issues of domestic violence, they might not still be in crisis mode. If someone in your company or business is involved in a scandal this large you can’t just ignore it or leave it to the authorities to deal with. You have to design and implement a communications plan, and you have to do it quickly.

iPjcMORNCarolyn Nachman is a senior studying Strategic Communication. She is minoring in Political Science as well as working towards a Political Communications certificate. After graduation she hopes to move back to her home state, New York, to pursue a job in public relations. Follow her on twitter at @carolynachman