No Internship? No Problem…for Freshmen

By Taylor Dilley


With all of the talk about internships from professors, peers, and student organizations, it’s hard not to panic when you don’t yet have one planned. Have no fear, there is plenty you can do this summer to further your knowledge, gain experience, and prepare for when you do obtain that internship.

 Job Shadow

I don’t know about other freshmen out there, but I had no idea the field of public relations was so vast. At this point we should be totally invested in learning about some of the different careers we could follow in the future, whether it’s agency, corporate, healthcare, non-profit, etc. Use this first summer as a time to reach out and shadow someone in an area that strikes you as interesting. Come prepared with questions about their job and how you could prepare for one like it. You may find you love it or want to explore other options.

 Make Money


Unfortunately, most internships don’t come paid, and if they do, they aren’t offering much. Head back to the pool and lifeguard for another summer or find a different job you enjoy to bring in a little extra money to save toward your future internship. Who knows, you might just make enough money this summer to buy a plane ticket or rent an apartment in a new city for next summer.

Learn New Skills (and brush up on old ones)

Nothing is more beneficial to your success than a well-rounded skill set. Learn how to code a website. This is incredibly relevant in our field. Sites like teach basic tools for free! Spend time researching subjects you enjoy and want to know more about, such as social media or media relations. Read inspiring books. I know I’ll be reading, Yes, Please, by Amy Poehler. And it also doesn’t hurt to dust off old skills– you could even break out the old AP Stylebook once in a while.

 Update Your Social Media/Website


Your online footprint is just as important as your resume. Clean up your twitter feed and update your Facebook “about” section. Make sure to get rid of anything that would turn away potential employers. Speaking of employers, work on your LinkedIn profile and make new connections. Watch WordPress tutorials and design a website. Try to come up with a blogging schedule for the summer and stick with it!

Remember to also take time to relax and unwind from your crazy first year of college. Reflect on what you have learned and what you can improve upon come the fall semester. Hopefully these ideas will help you to prepare to ace the internship search and application process in the future!

Taylor Dilley is a freshman majoring in strategic communication, minoring in marketing, and pursuing a specialization in visual communications. After graduating she would like to work for an agency or in corporate PR. Follow her on Twitter @taylor_dilley!

What to pack for a networking trip

By Elise Mills

This is thee official Elise-approved all-inclusive* packing list for a networking/conference trip.

1. A professional business outfit you rock

You only need one full on business outfit for the weekend, preferably on the day when you do the most networking (most likely Saturday). Whether it’s a power suit or not, you should bring something you feel great in, and something you can rock for 8+ hours.


2. An extra sweater

With weather being undependable (at least in Ohio) and messes being unplanned (unless you are me, I always spill) it is a good idea to bring a back-up sweater. Just in case the conference like to mimic ice age temperatures.

3. Two business casual outfits

For Friday and Sunday, unless specifically stated otherwise, Business casual is the way to go. So those new jeans you love? Bring ‘em. Just make sure you emphasize the business not the casual.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.54.51 AM

4. An extra pair of pants

What if it’s raining? What if you rip your other pair? What if an alien takes your pencil skirt back to its home planet? You can never be too careful. That being said don’t take your closet.

5. Two pairs of shoes (and both cannot be heels)

As cute as heels go with your professional wear, practicality demands you bring a pair to wear after the heels cause blisters. No one will want to network with the person rubbing his or her naked feet at the dinner table.


6. An outfit for a night on the town

If you are staying in any sort of city, most likely you will be exploring the town after the conference. Who wants to go out in their business suit? For extra space, use the extra pants and sweater as part of this outfit and just bring a cute blouse.

7. One pair of pajamas/ comfy clothes

Not only do you need clothes to sleep in, but also if you are traveling a distance you will want a pair of sweatpants to use before and after the conference. A pair of sweatpants and a T-Shirt will satisfy all of these needs.

8. A simplified version of your makeup

As great as you want to look, you only need less than half of your makeup to look presentable; makeup can take up a lot of space in your suitcase. If you’re going with friends, each brings a couple of items to make a complete set.

elise blog 3

9. Pad folio with business cards and resumes

The business cards and resumes are to hand out to potential employers and new friends, so make sure they are updated. The Pad folio is so you can write things down and look smarter.

eliseblog210. Your PR charm

We all have that charisma that makes us PR Stars! Don’t be afraid to use it to dazzle the professionals or PRSSA brothers/sisters, you never know when it can come in handy!


* Does not include basic hygiene items such as toothbrush, razor, etc.…

11115727_10152779557319562_4782829824996052270_nElise is a sophomore majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Business Administration. She is hoping to purse Global Leadership Certificate as well. After graduation, she wants to do brand/image management and travel wherever her bank account can take her. Follow Elise on Twitter at @itsELISElove!

Non-conventional networking tips

By Samantha Pelham


It’s that time of the year in which everyone is searching any way they know to get internships or connections that will help them get an internship. Rather than searching, ‘Paid Summer Internships for Public Relation Majors’ over and over again hoping to come across your dream internship, there are other ways in which to find an internship or job in exactly what you want to do.

Being a Public Relations and Theater major, I aspire to promote the stories on stage I am so very passionate about, but finding those internships specifically designed for what you want to do can be very hard. Being the PR/Theater geek I am, I’ve found new, non-conventional ways to network with prospective employers that can work for anyone. Here are some of the different ways you can connect:

1. Look through different programs, credits, books and papers to find the names of people involved in their PR and Marketing department and reach out to them. It’s easier than you think to find the name of who does the PR for whatever company you’re looking into. After finding the name responsible for that company’s PR, reach out to them on social media. Whether this means sending them a direct message on Twitter or connecting with them on LinkedIn, this allows you to get your name out there and a personal connection with them. For example, what I always do when seeing a new show is to go through the playbill to find the names of those who work in the PR department. After finding the names, I find any way to contact them or look for other companies they have worked for to give me more options.

5b698dd34df64035e3f43d70a9d5d0652. Slipping your interests and goals into everyday conversation with professionals. Conversation isn’t meant to be about fully you, it is listening and reacting to what the other person is saying which can ultimately help lead into good connections. There are many times when we speak with different professionals in a number of fields who offer us great insight on success but sometimes going the extra mile and talking to them casually can open numerous doors. When speaking with professionals and really anyone, it doesn’t hurt to include what you’re passionate and interested in. This is what helps make up your personality and it should be able for all to see. By sharing areas in which you’re interested in or specific goals, professionals and people all around may just have a connection to help you get you where you want to go.

3. Speaking of areas you’re interested in, a great way to network is not just through people in the PR world. Get out of your comfort zone and meet new people from different organizations, classes and walks of life that may just be able to help you learn a little bit more about yourself at the least. Joining other organizations you’re interested in opens even more opportunities in that realm. If you really like food, try joining the nutrition club and find different ways to promote healthy living. By getting involved with other areas of interest, you learn a little more about your specific things you want to promote and what’s the best way to do it. The connections you make with people within these other areas are just as strong as the ones you can make with PR professionals. After all, everyone needs PR so why not be the one there to gain the experience.

Networking isn’t just about receiving a business card and following them on Twitter, it’s about making an impression and finding people to help get you where you’re going whether that means as a guide along the way or your next employer. It doesn’t have to be a scary thing to communicate with professionals and those with more experience than you; rather it is one of the best ways we pass down knowledge while reaching for our goal.

dLK2OSVbSamantha is a sophomore double majoring in strategic communication and theater. After graduating, she hopes to work in the public relations field as a press agent for broadway or theater  company. Follow her on Twitter at @SamanthaPelham!

Scott Milburn and Political PR; April 13th meeting recap

By Demari Muff

Week 14 has brought us the last meeting of the year! It’s been such a great year and semester for Scripps PRSSA and we would like to thank everyone that made it all so successful.


  • April 15th we will be having a cookout at 60 Mill St. with Ad club at 7 p.m.
  • Athens beautification Day is April 19th and we will be planting flowers with the girls scouts so be sure to contact Megan Newton if you wish to be involved!
  • There will be a networking opportunity with PR 20/20 for juniors and seniors Thursday April 16th. Contact Ben Clos for more info!
  • The end of the year banquet is on Monday April 20th in place of the regular meeting. It will be at the Nelson Commons in Nelson Dining Hall.
  • The ImPRessions end of the year banquet is on Sunday April 26th at 6 p.m.
  • This weeks member spotlight is Annie Beard! Be sure to follow her on twitter @annie_beard

Welcome, Scott Milburn


This week’s awesome guest speaker was Scott Milburn! Scott is a Jerry Sloan visiting professional to Ohio University and is currently working as the Communications Director for Ohio’s governor, John Kasich. He has also spent some time in Washington D.C. and was able to give us a great perspective on political PR.

“Don’t do separation, do engagement” The time has come where we must see how important engagement is in order to better interact with our audience

Communicators aren’t necessarily the only people who should be communicating

Thank you so much to Scott for taking the time to come and speak to us! I hope you all enjoyed our weekly Monday meetings and we’ll see you all back in August!

PR Success, Winter 2015 Edition

Hey everyone! Mira, VP of PR, here-

Here is the Winter 2015 edition of Scripps PRSSA’s chapter newsletter, PR Success. I would like to thank everyone that helped put this edition together. It’s been so fun working with you all this past year and I can’t wait to produce one final spring edition as Editor-In-Chief! I would like to give Allison Evans, our VP of Visual Communication, a huge shout out for her beautiful design work on this. You rock, girl.

Thanks so much everyone and enjoy!

PR Success Winter 2015

Mira Kuhar

Editor-In-Chief, PR Success

How to turn your ideas into successful blogs

By Elise Mills


1. Take your idea and try changing it

The best thing about a first thought is just that it’s your first thought. Most of the time you can think of a better idea or twist to your original thought. After thinking of different angles for the blog you can be confident that you are putting the best possible blog together


first idea: How Rachel from “Friends” would be different if she worked in PR

second idea: How the cast of “Friends” would act if they were all PR pros

third idea: Why Ross Gellar would never make it in the world of PR

fourth idea: A Lesson in PR from Dr. Ross Geller

2. Do your research

eliseblogpic2Most of the time, it won’t take long and often times it’s more of a fun-search. For one of my recent blog posts, I re-watched a ton of “New Girl” episodes. But you have to be knowledgeable on the subject whether it’s fun like a blog on “Friends” or a blog about cystic fibrosis.


Mistaking Ross for an archeologist instead of a paleontologist or putting a lesson not applicable to public relations.

 3. Get relevant input

Have someone else proofread your blog. Better yet, someone who could push your blog to it’s greatest potential. Yes, Grandma always tells you that you’re talented, but the girl who sits next to you in Strategic Communications Writing? She knows that if Ross could use one social media for the rest of his life it would be Instagram.


“Great blog, Elise! But I think that there is room for improvement. In the Firm I interned at this summer…”


“Elise, great job sweetie! Are you coming home next week for your cousin’s party? LOL (lots of love) – Grandma”

 4. Rate your work

Often times, we finish a blog, do a brief glance at the finished work, email it/post it then binge watch on Netflix. Take five minutes after finishing and read your blog aloud. Now rate your work. Grammar? Content? Relativity? Attention grabbing? If you are happy with the rate you give yourself, post it. But after asking yourself, is this really a 10? Or am I hovering around an 8?

Example: Catching a their/there/they’re after declaring your blog a 7.5. There is no feeling more satisfying.

 5. Enjoy what you write

I’m sure you have heard this hundreds times, but it’s true. You write better and want to do better if it’s a topic you care about, so write about TV shows you binge watch, or things you like to do. Life is short so write what you want.


I just wrote a blog about “Friends” and blogging, can’t get much better than that.


11115727_10152779557319562_4782829824996052270_nElise is a sophomore majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Business Administration. She is hoping to purse Global Leadership Certificate as well. After graduation, she wants to do brand/image management and travel wherever her bank account can take her. Follow Elise on Twitter at @itsELISElove!


How to Friend-zone a Staff Member

by Abigail Thomas

James-franco-as-te_1243560a Résumé? Check. Cover letter? Check. Completed application? Check. Letter of recommendation– Shoot! But you’re a freshman. You don’t have close relationships with staff members that you’ve only known for a semester. Heck, you’re still getting to know your roommate!

When it comes to the friend-zone, most people are trying to escape it, but how do you manage to push yourself into it with staff when it comes to letters of recommendation?

  1. Choose the right candidate

If you’re in a ton of lecture classes, this may be tough, but choose your candidate wisely! Find a class you participate in often, where the teacher can recognize your name and face and see the leadership potential in you. Bonus points if you can pick a faculty member whose name and status means something in the field in which you are applying. There is no doubt that Ohio University is known for being an elite journalism school. Try having a Scripps figure or journalism teacher say positive things about you to add that extra cherry on top!

  1. Ask early on

You thought YOU were busy getting all these scholarships and applications filled out, well try telling that to someone who has to manage lesson plans, grade hundreds of papers, have meetings, return emails AND have a life? If you want a good quality letter of recommendation, ask the moment you find out about it. Give them time to keep it in the back of their mind so they can observe you and your strengths and ask questions if they need to, and also. so they will actually do it. There are no excuses for a short notice!

  1. Be polite

Use your manners! Ask in a polite fashion. Don’t just say, “Will you write this for me by next week?” Take the time to say hello and why you asked them and how much you’ll appreciate their efforts. Let them know you understand if they are busy or can’t get it done right away. Check for grammar and punctuation so they know you made an effort (after all, we are in the school of journalism)!

  1. Don’t make them do all the work

As stated before, this early on in our college careers, your teachers most likely are not your friends. They don’t know all the things you are involved in, how outgoing you are, your leadership potential, or how well you do in your other classes. To make it easier on both you and them, fill them in! Email them a copy of your résumé and links to your professional profiles. Give them a list of all the things you are involved in and anything else you can think of. This makes the bragging about you part so much easier.

  1. Give thanks

This is the easiest part. Follow up and say thank you! Make sure their dedication to you is acknowledged and appreciated, so you know.

An extra tip for those who still don’t know how to establish that relationship, or want a professional relationship that will last, take advantage of PRSSA’s new Professional Mentor Program and have a go-to person who knows just what it is you need to make it in the field!

Raise your hand in class and be on your best behavior, because these letters don’t come to you! You have to chase them!

10649702_814200218601070_518779580546410223_nAbigail is a freshman majoring in strategic communication. She is working towards a specialization in public advocacy. After graduation, she hopes to work for a human right’s organization that looks out for people’s best interests, hopefully one who works with girls who are forced into sex slavery and helps young girls with HIV/AIDs. Follow her on Twitter at @abbsrthomas!

Todd Kubli and Sports Marketing; April 7th meeting recap

By Demari Muff

As the end of the semester nears, Scripps PRSSA is ending on a strong note. This week’s meeting might be the second to last, but we still have a lot of great things going on.


  • April 15th we will be having a cookout with Ad club at 60 Mill St. Contact Megan Newton if you would like to contribute a food dish!
  • Athens beautification Day is April 19th and we will be planting flowers with the girls scouts so be sure to contact Megan Newton if you wish to be involved!
  • Partners Conference is coming up and it will be at Capital University in Columbus on April 18th
  • Next week there will be a networking opportunity with PR 20/20 for juniors and seniors Thursday April 16th. Contact Ben Clos for more info!
  • The end of the year banquet is on Monday April 20th in place of the regular meeting, be sure to RSVP here by this Wednesday. Also, don’t forget to fill out superlatives here!
  • International week is next week and they will be tabling all week be sure to stop by and take a picture with them. You could win a spot in the new dorms!
  • This weeks member spotlight is Hallie Ruth! Be sure to follow her on twitter @ruthhallie

Welcome, Todd Kubli!


This weeks fantastic guest speaker was Todd Kubli Sports Marketing Senior Consultant at Nationwide.

The presentation was mainly focused on sports marketing in specific NASCAR and the use of sports marketing to build a brand

Nationwide’s objectives include interacting and engaging with fans of the sport and one of the ways they went about this was through Dale Earnhart Jr.

Todd also shared the lessons he learned from working in this field:

  1. Content is King
  2. Use all of your assets
  3. Prepare for real time
  4. Review, Review, Review
  5. Marketing mix of paid, earned, and owned

A huge thanks to Todd Kubli and to everyone who came out last night, and we’ll see you next Monday at 6 for our last meeting of the semester!

A Bobcat’s First Experience at a Regional Conference: NASHvantage

By Gentry Benett

10405656_951261788219654_4612567104172592073_nAfter a very long trip from our little town in Athens, Ohio, seven Bobcats arrived in Nashville for a weekend full of public relations.

NASHvantage, a PRSSA Regional Conference, took place at Belmont University from March 20-22, 2015. “Entertainment PR: Beyond the Music Industry” was the tagline for the conference, but I think all of the attendees got a lot more out of it than learning about entertainment PR.

The weekend began with dinner and a surprise musical performance. We dined on chicken, salad, veggies and lots and lots of dessert while meeting the directors of the conference and networking with professionals that sat at each table. A local singing group, Jasmine, sang for the 200 attendees from 27 different colleges across the country and awed us with their vocal skills.

We brought our goodie bags home and dove in to our gifts: Goo Goo clusters, Belmont University drinkware and more. Excited for the events of the next day, we went to bed with a few nerves and stomachs full of Nashville’s finest dessert.

10261986_10204547143692355_7029669410655599745_nSaturday was a jam packed day: breakfast came before the keynote speech which was followed by sessions of amazing speakers: representatives from Goo Goo, Omni Hotels, the Nashville Predators and more came to tell us about their communications strategies and tactics.

A young professional panel brought the attendees together again, learning about the life we will (hopefully) be living as PR pros in the near future. Dinner that night was up to each attendee to choose, everyone splitting off to enjoy tacos, barbecue and more. A night on the town led to sleep from a long day of networking and learning.

Finally, breakfast on Sunday morning brought awards (our own Megan Newton winning for “First to Register”) and goodbyes.

Overall, NASHvatage was a great experience. It helped me to learn a lot about entertainment PR and how the skills we learn now will apply to our careers. My favorite session was with Hope Cooper Buckner, a young professional who works for Belmont University in the Communications Department. She gave her audience some great pieces of advice including the one that stood out to me the most- “you may not know the last step, but you’ll always know the next step.”

For more, check out #NASHvantage on Twitter for all the live tweets from the conference!

aXC3J6i8Gentry is a sophomore majoring in strategic communication, minoring in marketing and pursuing a certificate in social media. After graduation, she hopes to run the online presence for a company. Follow her on Twitter at @Gen__andTonic!



Danny Cox and tourism PR; March 31 meeting recap

By Demari Muff

Scripps PRSSA started out strong this week with another great PRSSA meeting:


  • PaRtners Conference is Saturday, April 18th at Capital University from 8:30am-4:30pm
  • YouToo Social Media conference is on April 10th at Kent State University from 10am-4pm
  • Athens beautification Day is April 19th and we will be planting flowers with the girls scouts so be sure to contact Megan Newton if you wish to be involved!
  • If you are a Graduating Senior and want a PRSSA cord for graduation please contact Cidnye
  • This weeks member spotlight is Sammie Fisher! Be sure to follow her on twitter @sammiefisher3!

Welcome, Danny Cox!


This weeks awesome guest speaker was Danny Cox and his presentation focused on hospitality, travel and pursuing a digital career.

It is important to be T-shaped and that means having a broad area of skills and knowledge with maybe one area of deep focus.

In travel & tourism PR, your audience is very specific. “More like a sniper rifle, rather than a shotgun,”

Be sure to make yourself available for different opportunities.

Scripps PRSSA wants to give Danny a huge thank you for coming in and speaking to our chapter! Make sure to follow @DannyCox!