What your favorite New Girl character says about your PR Style

By Elise Mills

With season four well in the works, it’s time to figure out why you like certain characters. Why Schmidt speaks to your soul or your head says Jess, but your heart keeps telling you Winston.


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.44.45 PM

You like to put on a good show. Your press releases are pretty and get to the point and your blogs have an air of mystery, but at the first sign of discontent on Twitter, the claws come out and you’re more than likely to be forced to say “no comment” to try and do some damage control.


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.45.00 PM

It took a while to figure out your PR style. But, like Winston with his career choice and style, once you figured it out you are at the top of your game. Every free throw and three-pointer seems to be nothing but net. You are really creative. Some might call it weird, but you prefer the term unconventional.


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.45.09 PM

Hey there Julius Pepperwood. Let’s be honest, Nick is your favorite because you live the Nick Miller lifestyle. The world is your oyster; you just chose to not pursue any of it. You probably despise social media. These kids with their twitter; you prefer the old-fashioned handwritten letter or email. When you really care about an account, you get excited when talking with the client and try to make a big show, despite the research not being there. But it’s okay because after your zombie novel comes out, you’ll be rich.


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.45.21 PM

You know your style. Like Coach, you know your strengths and weaknesses. Your nickname is the Spin-Master, because you turn any situation into a positive and you are great at motivating others. People tend to flock to you for advice. Need help with a press release? I gotchu girl. Search Engine Optimization not working? Imma make you number one on Google.


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.45.32 PM

You are known for your classy style and dependability. Your ever preparedness keeps you calm under pressure, despite things like your client getting busted for underage. You listen to your heart and it always leads you to the right answer. For example, when you said, “Why don’t they make ads personalized on social media so that you can feel included and wanted?” Don’t forget the glitter that always seems to end up on your work… whether it was on purpose or not.


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.45.43 PM

The term ‘outdated’ is not in your vocabulary. Always looking for the newest thing – ads on Facebook? That was so two years ago. Like Schmidt, you use hard work and dedication to secure your spot as the best in the business. Your one-liners make for great press releases and tweets. Unfortunately you are not as appreciated as you should be.

10685447_10152456387019562_7805334315881240863_n-2Elise is a sophomore majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Business Administration. She is hoping to purse Global Leadership Certificate as well. After graduation, she wants to do brand/image management and travel wherever her bank account can take her. Follow Elise on Twitter at @itsELISElove!

How to PRactice PR without an internship

By Abbey Thomas

Need PR experience but you can’t make enough time for extra-curricula’s? Too bogged down this summer for an internship or missed the chance to apply? Why let those stop you? As Michael Jordan said, “I can’t accept not trying.” And let me guess, you’re thinking you would try but there’s nothing to try. You don’t have an internship! Well, have no fear!

Here’s a little DIY list you can try to experience you need without falling behind:

  1. Become a social media manager

13Are any of your friends in a band? Do you know anyone with a small lawn-mowing, photography, or baby-sitting business? Try managing their social media accounts for them. Test yourself to see how many followers you can attract and become familiar with different social media tools such as Hootsuite. Create a unique brand for them that other’s will recognize and see how your efforts contribute to their success!

  1. Start a blog

BlogWhether or not you consider public relations to be a form of journalism, writing experience is an inevitable part of the job. From blogs to press releases to social media posts, utilizing your writing skills is a dominant demand. Just because it’s summer and there are no campus publications to write for doesn’t mean you must give up. There’s always a way, and that way is blogging! Try setting up your own blog and posting even just two entries per week. See what feedback you get, and if you can, email it to old professors or mentors for some good ol’ honest criticism. If possible, go back and edit the post and then add it to your professional portfolio!

  1. Plan events

Event-PlanThis one is tricky without the experience, but nevertheless, nothing’s impossible! Use your social media and networking experience to attract people to an event. If you want to throw a concert for your friend’s new rock show, practice finding contacts and taking everything into consideration. What is the goal of this event? What is the budget? What’s the best location? How many people are expected? How’s the lighting? Are there enough plugs? Will I need to bring extra seats? Details, details, details (Did I mention details?).

  1. Network, network, NETWORK!!!

networkingwords-eeeYou’ve probably heard this at least 5,672 times already this year to be exact, but nothing puts you ahead of the game more than becoming buddy-buddy with those who’ve been playing it for years! While others are busy inserting skin cancer into their body at the tanning salon, you could be networking with those who have the potential to change your future. Seriously, network with everyone. Alumni (you know what they say, ‘Bobcats love helping other bobcats’), current college friends, old friends, teachers, professors, everyone! You will benefit so much from this you’ll wish you could kiss yourself!

  1. Be an Active Reader

Girl-Reading-BookScripps PRSSA does a really good job of keeping up with the times! Every week my email contains articles about all the big trends, issues, and tips of public relations! Read as much as you can. Follow PR accounts and agencies on Twitter and read just one article a day! You can’t learn everything in school, so you may as well learn from the next best option.

  1. Become one of the pro’s

twitter-drops-linkedin-partnership-ece762014e1I can’t stress it enough, this is the time! Update your Seelio and LinkedIn. Make sure all your social media handles are the same. Create your official signature for your email address. Take headshots. Update your bio on all your accounts. Go shopping for business clothes (Blazers are the essence of confidence). Add work to your online portfolio. Spice up your résumé. Network with professionals. Do all you can to put yourself at the top!

There are plenty of ways to practice PR on your own even without an internship. If Beyoncé can be independent, then so can you!

10649702_814200218601070_518779580546410223_nAbbey is a freshman majoring in strategic communication. She is working towards a specialization in public advocacy. After graduation, she hopes to work for a human right’s organization that looks out for people’s best interests, hopefully one who works with girls who are forced into sex slavery and helps young girls with HIV/AIDs. Follow her on Twitter at @abbsrthomas!

Internship panel; February 23rd meeting recap

By Mira Kuhar

Scripps PRSSA members braved the cold and ice to come to this week’s before-spring-break meeting.


  • Our first social of the semester will be Thursday, March 12 at 9:30 p.m! Miss Kelsey Miller will be hosting it at her house, 7 Fern St. It will be St. Patty’s Day Themed!
  • Although we are shying away from the tips and tricks forum, there will still be a tip of the week! This week’s tip: don’t take life to seriously :)
  • The #OHIOU Social Media Summit was a success! Please give us some feedback on the event by taking this survey here!
  • #ScrippsPRSSAtoCHI info session is today, 2/24, in Bentley 120. The executive board info session will be immediately following at 6:30! Applications are due on 3/13, and elections will be the following Monday on 3/16
  • Congrats to @garingiscaring and @mandamoline on their travels to PRSSANA next month. Give them a shout out on Twitter and tell them good luck!
  • The ImPRessions spotlight of the week: GoBus! Follow their campaign #GoSafely that will be promoting safe driving
  • This week’s member spotlight is Zach Berry! Give him a shoutout on Twitter at @zdberry77!

Welcome, internship panel!



Kerry Tuttle, LaunchSquad in San Fransisco |Briagenn Adams, LauchSquad in New York City

Allison Rumsas, BOMAH in Israel

Melania Lewis, National Fisheries Institute and Children’s National in Washington D.C

Marisa Fiore, Metropolitan-Washington Airports Authority in Washington D.C.


Can you talk about your interview process? The panel started out by talking about interviewing. They explained that it can go all types of ways. Skype interviews tend to be the norm if you are pursuing an intership in a different city, and phone interviews are a way that companies who are a far distance will try as well.

What was the deciding factor in getting your internship? Sometimes its the company, sometimes its the clients. You may interview with many different companies, but really looking into what their culture is like and where the company is located can help you and the company decide if you’ll be the right fit. The bobcat network is really strong, so putting yourself out there and being bold is one way to go about that. Biggest accomplishments/favorite experiences? Briagenn got to write a Buzzfeed article. Allison got a lot of recognition on an article she wrote that was originally just for fun. Melaina worked on a media pitch with the National Fisheries Institute that was eventually picked up by the New York Times.

How does money factor in to the internship experience? Allison got a scholarship to fund her abroad experience! Briagenn ended up spending more money than she should have, however she belives that experiences are more important and at the end of the day, she’s only going to spend time like that in NYC once. Kerry used AirBnb as a cheap and trustworthy place to live, her parents helped her out and fronted the money, however she paid them back with each paycheck. Marisa lived at home, but got her tolls reimbursed for driving.

First internship advice? Network network network! It’s also okay to NOT intern, and do a supplemental experience instead such as studying abroad. Just being abroad and looking many different places is a way to find internships.

What do you do if you get multiple offers? Don’t just take the first offer that comes to you, if its not what you want then don’t take it just because it’s there. If theres not a door theres a window to the experience that you’re supposed to have!

Whats the next step? Check out the internship database center on the PRSSA National Website! It’s a really great resource to finding internships, especially in big cities that want dues paying PRSSA members to work for them.

A huge thanks to our internship panel this week! We look forward to seeing you all in two weeks, have a safe and fun break!

PR lessons learned from BobcaThon

By Allison Zullo

a69ef98fde7c0f212e4c2f2f312320a3This year, I spent my Valentine’s Day in an unconventional way: standing on my feet and dancing for 12 hours to raise money and awareness for the Ronald McDonald House of Charities of Central Ohio. Along with many other Ohio University students, I participated in BobcaThon, OU’s first ever dance marathon. Together, we raised a staggering $18,173.13, and it was all for the kids (FTK)!

Dance marathons are student organizations active on many college campuses throughout the country that focus on raising money and awareness for a charity involving children. Their yearlong fundraising efforts culminate in a dance marathon that requires students dance, or at least stay on their feet, for an extended amount of time. Some of the larger dance marathons, such as The Ohio State University’s BuckeyeThon and Penn State University’s THON, raise over a million dollars and last over 24 hours.

So what does all of this have to do with public relations? Well, besides the obvious working in non-profit PR connection, here are a few reasons why BobcaThon and PR are related.

Social media is a powerful tool.

To participate in BobcaThon, we had to raise a minimum of $100 through a personal online fundraising page. Many of us were extremely successful in turning to social media to help reach our goals, particularly through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I also utilized email marketing to reach out to my family members that aren’t on social media. This process reinforces the fact that all PR pros know well: social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool, and is essential for brands that want to stay relevant in today’s marketing and social landscape.

10898132_10153073345309763_3080241073257782484_nEvent planning is difficult, but crucial.

BobcaThon’s executive board had been planning for the Feb. 14 dance marathon for about a year. A YEAR! Large events such as these require more planning than one could ever imagine, from the big things like date and location to the little things like music playlists and games to keep the dancers entertained for 12 hours. It’s a lot of work, but good event planning skills are essential to PR, especially if the company or industry in which you work relies heavily on events for marketing and publicity purposes.


Whenever we became really tired and felt like we might not make it the full 12 hours, we heard a story from a family that was positively impacted by RMH, and we realized that this was all worth it. We were staying on our feet for 12 hours for those kids who couldn’t; it was for the kids! That became our mantra for the 12 hours – we probably repeated it 100 times or more. In PR, the work can be hard and the hours can be long, so you have to really have a passion for PR and a love for your company. It’s true what they say: if you’re doing what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

BobcaThon was certainly a long 12 hours, but in the end, it was totally worth it and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It’s just like PR: if you truly love the industry and your job, all of the hard work and long hours will be worth it when you implement a successful social media campaign or get a ton of media pickup from a press release.

nouHV0BMAllison is a sophomore majoring in strategic communication and minoring in sports management and marketing. She is also completing a social media certificate. After graduation, her dream job is to work in sports PR. Follow her on Twitter at @allisonzullo!

The 87th Academy Awards uses PR to draw viewers


By Will Gibbs

The 87th Academy Awards will air February 22, 2015 and reportedly ABC, the channel the show will be broadcasted on, is worried about the ratings. 

A report by Haworth Marketing + Media showed that the award show will spend $5.5 million on a publicity campaign in order to draw people to view. 

The Hollywood Reporter obtained a copy of the report and was the first to break the news. The publication broke down how much of the money will be allocated to different resources with the largest portion, $2.9 million, being spent on cable TV advertising in the days leading up to the telecast. 

Another reason this year’s award show could drop in ratings is due to the host. While Neil Patrick Harris is certainly a fan-favorite and has 12.6 million followers on Twitter, last year’s host, Ellen DeGeneres, has over 30 million. Harris also has some large shoes to fill as DeGeneres brought in the most-viewed, non-sports program since the finale of Friends in 2004. 

Last year’s program was watched by over 45 million people.

This year also faces counterprogramming that could be problematic for the amount of viewers. AMC’s The Walking Dead, PBS’ Downton Abbey and HBO’s Girls all air at the same time as the Academy Awards. 

The caliber of the Best Picture movies also may seem not up to par with last year’s ceremony as there were several blockbuster hits nominated previously and the current nominees did not have as much of a commercial impact. 

Despite these concerns, the Academy Awards will most likely be watched by tens of millions of people although the ratings may dip at 9 p.m. when the ceremony’s competitors will be airing.

iOFriuLdWill is a sophomore majoring in journalism in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, and minoring in english. After he graduates, he wants to get a job doing what he loves best: writing. Follow him on Twitter at @w_gibbs

Love is all you need

By Megan Newton

B9mkho3CIAAzNmxValentine’s Day is all about love. Majority of people associate it with a box of chocolates, a giant teddy bear or sulking in your own self-pity of single-ness. Love is hard in college, I think we all can agree. But love comes in all different forms. Love means so many different things. Love can be found in both the simplest and grandest of gestures, and I spent my weekend learning how.

Last Thursday, I hosted a Valentine’s Day philanthropy event at my house on Mill Street. The scene was set and love was in the air thanks to pink-iced cupcakes, red-velvet peanut butter brownies and my infamous buffalo chicken dip. We all indulged with some sugar and “27 Dresses” while doing some good – making Valentine’s for older adults that too call Athens home.

For years, Scripps PRSSA has taken a trip to The Laurel’s of Athens nursing home to spread love during this time of year. Everyone deserves at least one Valentine’s Day card, and for these residents, it’s most likely the only one they’ll receive. PRSSA President Cidnye Weimer and I visited the beautiful nursing home on Friday.

Delivering the valentines made my heart so happy. Their reactions were so genuine and thankful. The whole experience really put things into perspective for me. An event I was so stressed about pulling together was so worth it in the end. And you know what? It wouldn’t have mattered if the decorations weren’t hung or if the cupcakes burned. The resident’s smiles awakened something in me that gave me the motivation I’ve been lacking over the past couple months. There was so much love in that building. Sometimes it really only takes one spark to start a fire.

B91FqfUCUAEhrkiMy actual Valentine’s Day was #ForTheKids. I, alongside fellow PRSSA members Allison Zullo and Amanda Moline, was a dancer in the first annual BobcaThon dance marathon. Together, the dancers and volunteers spent 12 hours on our feet and raised $18,173.13 for the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio. There were so many times during the event where I wanted to quit, or in this case sit. There were so many times when I thought my legs were going to physically give out on me. And then I met the kids in person. And I danced with them. And I danced with my friends. And at 11:59 p.m. I was overcome with a feeling I’ve never felt before. Sure, I’m positive I was a little, actually very delusional, but I was so proud. Our total was amazing for a first year dance marathon and I already cannot wait to do it again. It was a night full of what only could be described as love.

I saw love in so many forms this weekend. And I think that’s what we should strive for not only during the second week of February, but every day. The Merriam-Webster definition of love is “a feeling of strong or constant affection for any person”, but remember to look for love in life’s everyday little moments. If you do this, I’m fairly sure you’ll find your own definitions of love, too.

rTQWeiCeMegan Newton is a Strategic Communication major with a double specialization in Anthropology and Music Business. After graduation, she aspires to help clients (especially musicians) expand their fan base and engage audiences through creative branding, compelling story telling and content creation. Follow her on Twitter at @_megannewton!

Scripps PRSSA Bateman team shows why #AthensMatters


By Lindsey Zimmerman10407084_10152681927551452_2391396507778799772_n

If there are two things all Scripps PRSSA members are passionate about, it’s Athens and PR. Come see how the two come together at the Athens Matters block party event hosted by the Bateman team this weekend.

Jess Carnprobst, Marisa Fiore, Mira Kuhar and Lindsey Zimmerman have been working hard over the past few months to research poverty in Athens County and throughout February, the group has been implementing a campaign for 2015 Bateman client and housing advocacy organization Home Matters. Their block party event on Saturday from 6-8 p.m. at the Athens Community Center will allow Athens residents in need to find out more information about how Home Matters can help them, in addition to providing students and other community members with information on volunteer opportunities.

Live music, local food from Fluff and Salaam, and fun crafts will be available. Support the Bateman team and see how all their hard work has come together to show the community exactly why Athens Matters.

For more information, visit the team’s blog at athensmatters.wordpress.com. More information on the client is available at homemattersamerica.com.

#OHIOU Social Media Summit: The Advanced Track

By Mira Kuhar

The big day is getting closer and closer! The #OHIOU Social Media Summit will be happening in less than two days, this Saturday, February 21st. The event will begin in Walter Hall room 135 with a keynote from strategic communication professor Dan Farkas at 11am, and end at 4pm. Here is more info about the advanced track speakers:

Ashleigh Mavros- 11:50-12:35 a.m.


Basics of a Social Media Audit

Ashleigh Mavros graduated from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University with a degree in public relations and minors in Spanish and business. While at OU, she was involved in PRSSA and ImPRessions and served as the first ImPRessions Communications Director her senior year.

Ashleigh currently works as an account associate at Fahlgren Mortine, an integrated marketing and communications agency in Columbus. In her position, responsibilities include everything from social media, to content marketing, to strategic brand planning and media relations. With Fahlgren, she’s transformed from just a public relations and social media student to a holistic integrated marketer.

Ashleigh is also involved in the Central Ohio PRSA on the PRSSA Liaision Committee and serves as a blog co-chair for the PRSA National New Professionals Section. Follow Ashleigh on Twitter at @ashleighmavros!

Nicole Germano- 12:40-1:25 p.m.


SEO and Measuring Online Presence/ Free Analytic Tools

Nicole Germano graduated from Ohio University in 2013 with a double major in strategic communication and Spanish. During her time at OU, she was involved in PRSSA, ImPRessions, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Alumni Board, and many other organizations. She also studied abroad in Toledo, Spain as well as held various jobs an internships such as communications intern for Community Medical Centers, a company based in Fresno, California.

After graduation, Nicole went on to join the The Adcom Group team in Cleveland where she currently works as an optimization and analytics associate. The bulk of her work is through conducting content and SEO specific research to ensure better performance in natural search engine results. Follow her on Twitter at @nhgermano!

Bob Benz- 2:10-2:55

Bob Benz_photo

Pay to play: Buying your way into social networks

Bob Benz is the Scripps Howard Visiting Professional at Ohio University’s Scripps School of Journalism, and he also is a partner at LedgeSolutions, a digital consultancy that helps media companies with interactive strategies. Previously, he was president of content at Hanley Wood, a B2B media company focusing on the residential and commercial construction and design industries.

Benz began his career as a journalist, spending 10 years in newsrooms. The highlight of his journalism career came in 1994, when he was an editor on “The Plutonium Experiment,” which earned a Pulitzer Prize for reporter Eileen Welsome and The Albuquerque Tribune.

Benz earned a BA in journalism/English from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and holds a master’s in English from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has taught college-level courses at numerous universities and has held board seats with the Newspaper Association of America’s New Media Federation, Ohio University Scripps School of Journalism Advisory Board, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Journalism Advisory Board, the Scripps Howard Foundation and PowerOne Media.  He also mentored high school students for Capital Partners in Education in Washington, D.C. Follow him on Twitter at @sufferingdebenz!

A visit from PR Newswire; February 16th meeting recap

By Samantha Pelham

The cold never bothered us anyway here at PRSSA! No amount of snow or cold weather could stop us from hearing from PR Newswire’s Michael Estefani and Kelly Brucker. Here’s an overview of everything talked about at the meeting on February 16:


  • First off, give back to the Athens community through Athens Beautification Day on April 19 starting at 11 a.m. on College Green. You can sign up through http://www.eventbrite.com/e/athens-beautification-day-tickets-13400544389 and make sure to include you’re with PRSSA if you want to give back and connect with your fellow members.
  • Tip of the Week! Take advantage of all the Career Leadership Development Center has to offer by scheduling an appointment for resume and cover letter review and mock interviews. It can never hurt to get help from professionals during this time of the year!
  • Speaking of Internship/Hiring season, don’t forget about the Career Fair Tuesday February 17 and Wednesday February 18 in the Baker Ballroom from 10 a.m. to 3p.m. Dress in business casual and bring your resumes and A-game!
  • You have until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, February 17 to sign up for the #OhioU Social Media Summit at ohiousms.eventbrite.com. It will take place Saturday, February 21 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Walter 135 and 145. Attire will be business casual.
  • After the Social Media Summit, come support the Bateman Team by attending an event they’re holding for Athens Matters at the Community Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. There will be carpooling to the event.
  • Good Luck to all those attending COPRSA Match Day and to Gary Bridgens and Amanda Moline who will be attending PRSSANA!
  • Windy City here we come! An information session about the Chicago Networking Trip will be held on February 24 in Bentley 120 at 6 p.m. The trip will be March 26-27. #SCRIPPSPRSSATOCHI
  • Interested in becoming part of the PRSSA executive board? Come to an info session on February 24 in Bentley 120 at 6:30 p.m. to hear about all the different positions offered.
  • Congrats to Morgan Brenner (@MorganBren) for being our Spotlight of the week!
  • Thanks to everyone who contributed to the ImPRessions Twitter Chat, it was a big success! You can follow it through #ImPRessThePros
  • Also, Prescribe Change an ImPRessions client is creating a billboard campaign in Lancaster and could use YOUR help. Create a billboard ad that contains their logo, twitter handle, and “We prescribe the facts. You change the stats,” to prescribechange@gmail.com

Welcome Kelly Brucker and Michael Estefani!

0a7d137PR_Newswire_logo.svg 073387f

Kelly (@Kbruckss) and Michael (@mgestefani) gave great insight into the world of PR Newswire and how the company runs. Kelly and Michael handle the distribution of press releases for clients in order to get their word out. Through this distribution they are able to produce content for the client for a much wider audience than what the client could do on their own. They are able to compliment the work the client is doing through giving them multiple platforms to reach their ideas out to. PR Newswire works with clients as big as Victoria’s Secret to smaller clients that don’t have as much brand recognition in which the agency helps make visible.

For Kelly and Michael, a major part of making not just these smaller clients visible, but also every client visible, is through making their brand appealing to the eye of the consumer. For instance, this means incorporating multimedia platforms in their press releases and websites. Nowadays, it is important for PR professionals to be well adapted to the world of multimedia because it can turn a simple press release into entirely new thing. For instance, American Greetings, the card company, has produced a press release that not only tells consumers what is going on but also makes it fun for them. They have included pictures, promotional videos, and not to mention killer videos that include Michael Bolton singing “Happy Birthday” to you. How does that NOT get your attention? Multimedia has a huge impact on press release for both you and your client.

Kelly and Michael have already accomplished many things in their careers, but for us who are just starting off here is what they have to say about what works in the PR world. By keeping the headline short, sweet, and to the point you are able to incorporate it into Tweets and leave a line people can remember. Also, by including at least one form of multimedia, the number of views increases drastically. Even though this may be the case, only include multimedia if its engaging. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant video; sometimes just a picture that summarizes the client can work. Try to make your clients press releases and websites interactive, it allows consumers to get a better understanding of your client. And one of the most important things, create good content in both the press release writing and multimedia.

PR Newswire is a great company to work for with locations all over, including Cleveland, Ohio where Kelly and Michael visited from. They gave some insight in just what interning at PR Newswire is like.

Interning with PR Newswire allows you the chance to experience many different forms of PR work. They give you a little taste of everything. For the eight weeks you’d be interning you would be rotating departments in order to learn the business from each aspect and give you the fill experience. Each intern gets a different project in which they are to research upon and present their findings during the internship. An internship with PR Newswire offers you an opportunity to jump right in to working in PR. It teaches you the ins and outs of each department and ultimately all the things your career can hold for you.

Scripps PRSSA wants to thanks Kelly and Mike for trekking down to Athens in the less-than-ideal weather to present to our chapter. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and reach out if you have any questions!



#OHIOU Social Media Summit: The Beginner Track

By Mira Kuhar

The #OHIOU Social Media Summit is happening this Saturday the 21st from 11am-4pm in Walter 135 & 145! Interested in knowing more about the speakers? Here is the line up for the beginner’s track, and a little bit about them:

Matt Prince – 11:50-12:35 a.m.


Learning how to keep your social media sites professional/Personal brand on social media

Matt Prince is originally from Southern California where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton. Prince has achieved many things in the realm of social media such as being named one of the top 40 professionals under 40 by OC Metro Magazine, worked as Senior Manager of Executive Communications Walt Disney Company as well as managed the first ever Social Media Command Center and online engagement program, and now manages brand integration and public relations for the Taco Bell Corporation in Irvine, California.

In addition, Prince is currently the Professional Adviser for the California State University, Fullerton chapter of PRSSA as well as President of the Orange County Chapter of PRSA. He frequently speaks around the country on topics of personal branding, social media and Millennial professional development. Follow him on Twitter at @Matt_Prince!

Rachel Csaszar- 12:40-1:25 p.m.

Csaszar - photo

Online resumes and portfolios

Rachel Csazar graduated from the E.W. Scripps School at Ohio University where she received a degree in public relations. During her time at OU, she was a four-year members of PRSSA and three-year member of ImPRessions where she served as the VP of Operations during her senior year.

For the last three years, Rachel has lived in Columbus where she works as the communication assistant for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in the office of Jack Hanna. Her work dabbles in everything from media relations, to event planning, to social media, and even philanthropy and fundraising. Follow her on Twitter at @RCsaszar!

Karen Riggs – 2:10-2:55 p.m.


Social Media Trends & Jargon

Karen Riggs, PhD, is a professor at OU and has been a faculty member since 2001. She received her doctorate in Mass Communication from Indiana University, a masters degree in Communication from Florida Atlantic University and a bachelor of science degree in Journalism from Auburn University.

She is the coordinator of the Scripps College of Communication Social Media Certificate, a program that includes five courses she developed. She is also a professor in the school of Media Arts & Students, where she used to be the director as well as a founder of the OU GRID lab. She has also written two academic books on media and technology.

Connect with her on Twitter at @KarenRiggs, and join the 10k people who are already following her!