5 Reasons I am Thankful I Chose to Attend Ohio University


It is so important to be thankful every single day and to remember the little things that make life great. (And not only when you are faced with a plate full of Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie!) With the holiday right around the corner, I took some time to reflect on why I am so proud to be a Bobcat. The Ohio University campus has so many amazing things to offer that I never have any reason to complain. It’s always humbling to sit back, appreciate the positive things and realize just what it is that makes these four (or more) years spent in Athens so special.

There’s never a boring weekend

Even if you are under the ripe age of 21, Athens offers a variety of fun and inexpensive activities to fill your weekends. You can catch a five-dollar movie at the Athena Grand, or drive to the Fun Barn for a dollar less. If independent movies are your thing, you can usually catch a few interesting titles at the Athena located right on Court Street. The university is always hosting events to keep us Bobcats out of trouble such as discounted ice skating, craft nights and concerts or comedy shows in Memorial Auditorium. There is even a bowling alley on Palmer.

Everything is in walking distance

Literally anything can be found within walking distance at Ohio University. Everything you could ever want can be found on Court Street- from a cute dress for a last minute formal to that textbook you swore you ordered a week ago but apparently didn’t. There are tons of delicious local food options and quirky clothing shops. You can pick up your Halloween costume, check out some vintage finds, and buy a drum set all in the same trip down Court. If you can’t find it uptown, Walmart is about a three-minute drive away. But the fact that Chipotle is literally right across the street from my classes is enough for me.

The Bobcat network is at my fingertips

Ohio University students and alumni are some of the kindest people I have ever met. They are always willing to offer a helping hand or put in a good word for a fellow Bobcat. Networking isn’t really something you have to work for at OU because it is basically a given. The majority of my professors and advisors have been eager to help me out and make sure that I succeed in and out of school. Just from attending Ohio University I am gifted with a vast network of intelligent and successful individuals that once called my campus home.

There are tons of awesome student-orgs

If there is one thing I am most thankful for doing at OU it would have to be getting involved. Ohio University has some of the most amazing student organizations and I am honored to be a part of them. Thread Magazine calls some of the most talented and hardworking students it’s own. Everyone does such a great job of collaborating and the final product never fails to be flawless. Scripps PRSSA has some of the friendliest and most upbeat members. They never fail to be engaged in weekly meetings, and their passion for public relations is immediately obvious. I am lucky enough to call many of these students my friends.

It is filled with amazing people

There is an overall sense of community and belonging at Ohio University. I have never felt judged or left out of anything while I have been in Athens. No matter your size, shape, interests or preferences; you are always welcome on campus. Everyone I have met has been incredibly approachable and accepting. There aren’t any cliques or strict social norms like the ones I have noticed at other schools. Ohio University has a positive atmosphere and a strong sense of Bobcat pride. It doesn’t matter if you are greek, a jock, an artist or a nerd- everyone is friendly to one another.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving breaks and remember to stay humble this holiday season! Leave a reply with your favorite things about school!


Ciara Sebecke is a Junior at Ohio University majoring in strategic communication, minoring in marketing and taking classes towards the social media certificate.You can check out her personal blog or follow her on Twitter at @CiaraSebecke!

How companies use current topics and hashtags to promote their brand

A major trend in social media today is staying relevant. Every day, social media sites are buzzing about hot new trending topics. Over time, companies have observed what their consumers have been talking about and they have decided to join the conversation. Companies now realize that in order for their voice and brand to be heard they must incorporate themselves within trending topics.

One of the best examples of this comes from the company, Arby’s. During the 2014 Grammy Awards Arby’s noticed Pharrell Williams’ hat was very similar to the Arby’s iconic Stetson logo. They then seized the opportunity to insert the brand Arby’s into the pop-culture world, by tweeting @Pharrell.


This strategic Tweet earned Arby’s 6,000 new followers, 135K social media mentions, and over 213 million social media impressions.

On October 21st, 2015, the day Marty McFly traveled back to the future, #BackToTheFuture became a trending Hashtag on Twitter. Numerous companies saw this and joined in the conversation while incorporating their brand into the trending topic and hashtag.

Another example is on October 27th, 2014 Taylor Swift released her album 1989. So now a year later the Hashtag #HappyBirthday1989 took to Twitter…

A new trend in relevancy is brought to you by Taco Bell, one of my favorite companies on social media. Taco Bell currently launched their #TacoEmojiEngine to celebrate the new taco emoji that had been added to the emoji keyboard by iOS 9.1. Taco Bell had been petitioning for this the “taco emoji” since November 2014. How does it work? Twitter users simply tweet @TacoBell with the taco emoji and any emoji of their choosing and the #TacoEmojiEngine generates a mashup of the two emojis in a photo or GIF. Taco Bell’s engagement and following has spiked due to their ability to stay relevant with the reveal of the iOS 9.1 emojis.

Consumer engagement has been a main strategy that many companies have adopted through their social media accounts. It is still very important to engage directly with your consumers through mentions and comments, but new strategies have shown us the importance of engaging indirectly with your consumers. Indirect engagement can be achieved by incorporating your brand or company into trending topics. This type of engagement is likely to have more impressions and show that your brand is relevant, which is extremely important in today’s world of social media.



Hallie Ruth is Sophomore studying Strategic Communications, with a Business Minor, Marketing Specialization, and Social Media certificate.  Follow her on Twitter @ruthhallie!

True Life: My first National Conference as a senior

National Conference was one of those things I thought I should go to because I’m a senior. I had also never been to Atlanta before and figured it would be a great opportunity to explore a new city. Also, when I found out the Hunger Games was filmed in our hotel for the elevator scene, I registered for PRSSANC like,


I knew National Conference would be a great experience, but I could have never imagined I would have gotten as much out of it as I did.  Here are three huge takeaways I got from this year’s National Conference:

1. Don’t be afraid to stand up and ask questions

At the end of every professional development session, they gave us time to go to a microphone and ask any questions we had. This may be intimidating for some people, but it is a great way to network with professionals and get helpful insight in the PRofessional world.

Always be curious and always ask questions. Curiosity often impresses professionals, so step out of your comfort zone and go for it!

2. Keep an open-mind when exploring a new city

Like I said, I had never been to Atlanta before so I had no clue where to go for entertainment, food, etc. With some help from brochures and Uber driver’s recommendations, we got some great experiences and memories in Atlanta. Some highlights we had were from going to Coca-Cola World and the Georgia Aquarium. On the last night, we even took an elevator 74 floors up to see amazing views of the city!

When visiting a city you are not familiar with, all I have to say is go with the flow. You’ll have so much fun if you just roll with it without trying to control everything.

3. Be yourself

Going into National Conference, I wasn’t really that close with anyone in PRSSA. Of course I had acquaintances with people I talked to here and there, but no one I was too close with.

I reaScreen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.27.47 PMlly opened up and acted myself on this trip and I walked out with so many closer relationships. I’m so #blessed I have a closer bond with my PRSSA family and all the memories I have from Atlanta.

Just be you. Even if you look like a fool with a Polar Bear hat on in Coca-Cola World, people will love you for being yourself.

Seriously, it is never too late to go to National Conference. It doesn’t matter if you’re graduating in less than 6 months, or in 3 years. National Conference has so much to offer, and I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity!


Haylescreen-shot-2015-06-10-at-12-06-35-pmy Baldzicki is a senior studying Communication Studies specializing in Organizational Communication & Health Communication with a minor in Journalism. Follow her on @hayleybaldzicki!

November 16th Meeting Recap

Happy Week 13, PR stars! With all of our members back from National Conference, the meeting on November 16th was a full house.


  • Congratulations to Hayley Baldzicki, Emily Barber, Rosie Haren and Theresa Wilson for being selected to be on the 2015-16 Bateman Case Study Competition Team. We can’t wait to see the work you do with Student Veteran Affairs.
  •  Join Scripps PRSSA for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 23 at 6 p.m. The dinner will take the place of our usually scheduled meeting. Meet up at our VP of Social Affairs, Morgan Brenner’s, for dinner with some of your favorite Scripps kids.
  • Scripps PRSSA will be hosting a fundraiser at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Athens Nov. 30th following our meeting. Be sure to attend to enjoy wings and to raise money for our upcoming events.
  • Congratulations to our new VP of Social Affairs, Hayley Baldzicki, who will be filling in for Morgan Brenner next semester.
  • GoBus will be holding a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings on Nov. 18. Be sure to attend to support this ImPRessions account.
  • International Education Week is in full force. There are events happening all week. Try to attend as many as possible.
  •  SENIORS: Please send Hayley Baldzicki any suggestions you may have for a commencement speaker. She sits on a committee that assists with its selection and would love your recommendations.

Congratulations to Annie Robinson for being our Member Spotlight!


Make sure you follow her on Twitter!

This week’s speaker was Colleen O’Morrow from MediaSource and she emphasized a lot on the importance of story telling. She highlighted how MediaSource uses brand journalism to get the messages for the nation’s top hospitals and corporations to their targeted audiences.



MediaSource’s number one piece of advice to all aspiring PR professionals was to stop writing press releases and start telling stories. They excel at this by pitching stories to the media on behalf of their clients and include everything the journalist would need to tell the story. They include everything from articles, photos with captions, to entirely edited videos. They use their innovative multimedia newsroom to create all this content and track its progress.

Colleen finished the presentation by focusing on the skills that everyone going into the industry would need to be success. They included storytelling/content creation, media relations/outreach and analytics.



Big thanks to Colleen for coming to speak with us on the importance of storytelling. Follow her on Twitter @Colleen_OMorrow and keep up with all the amazing work MediaSource is creating @MediaTV. See you next week at Thanksgiving dinner!

How my personal brand breaks stereotypes

As college students none of us are new to the subject of stereotyping. Subconsciously (alright, and some times consciously) we put our acquaintances in certain categories based on how they act and present themselves. As students majoring in strategic communication, we know that the first step in the right direction is always making sure you’re presenting yourself in the way you want to be viewed. But what happens when you’re already a stereotype?


 As a member of a sorority I have a negative label against me. Immediately, I am categorized as a partying, ditzy girl that could care less about school and only about how to get a frat boy’s attention. However, what I’ve learned in PRSSA is that this is not how I have to be viewed because I have the power to change it. Constantly, I am working in a public relations role to make sure that the positive outcomes from my Greek life experience are being presented.

I joined a sorority to gain a sisterhood. I didn’t “buy my friends” because I was unable to make my own, but to join a group of women who have the same values I do and have for over 100 years. When I’m asked why I joined a sorority I make sure to focus on this and not the partying aspect. Also when I’m “branding” myself, social media comes into play. It’s no secret that college students enjoy going out, but it’s also no secret that what you post says a lot about who you are and what you really care about. Being in a sorority I will admit I have many opportunities to go out between socials, date parties, and homecoming and Greek week celebrations. I like to go out and be social but I also care a lot about our community. My social media is filled with different philanthropy events that we hold and community service we participate in. I am in a sorority and I have a stereotype against me… but that does not define me. Who I am is more than what meets the eye.

The three Greek letters I have hold so much more meaning to me than those on the outside know. I don’t hate those who aren’t in Greek life and I understand that stereotypes give people an altered state of mind. I might not be able to change the stereotype but I do know I can change other’s beliefs about me through branding myself in the way I want to be viewed.


Vanessa Copetas is a Sophomore studying Strategic Communications. Follow her on twitter @vanessa_copetas!

What your favorite One Direction member says about your PR style

Do you identify as a directioner? Do you still get excited when What Makes You Beautiful plays on the radio? Is there a countdown on your phone until Made in the A.M. drops? If at least one of these statements applies to you, then chances are you have a favorite boy. Not that you don’t love them all equally, but there’s one member that you secretly (or in my case, not-so-secretly) imagine marrying. So what does your favorite member say about your public relations style? (Because we can relate anything to PR)



Liam isn’t called “Daddy Direction” for nothing. Since the X-Factor days, he has been the leader of the pack, and you’re no different. You’re quick to take charge of any situation and religiously stick to deadlines. You listen to the client and quickly delegate assignments to your team. Your boss relies on you to keep the others in line, and you rarely disappoint. Your fatal flaw? You tend to get a bit over-invested in situations and you let your emotions take over; but you’re always quick to catch yourself and apologize for any inappropriate behavior.



Louis is the true bobcat of the boys. He has mastered the work hard, play hard mentality and so have you. Clients trust that you will produce some of the best work, and that you’ll entertain them while presenting it. You ride for your clients in any situation and are quick to defend them in a crisis. While this is a great strength, it is also your trouble spot. You’ve been known to speak too quickly when buttons are pushed, which can be detrimental in this field of work. You never mean any harm by it, but beware of your sharp tongue and try to think before your speak.



If you identify with Harry, you tend to be misunderstood by those outside of the workplace. You’re a roll with the punches kind of worker. You’re a primary contributor to campaigns and projects, but you don’t like to take credit as the leader. You prefer to handle things in-house and as quietly as possible. That being said, people that don’t work closely with you mistake your low-profile work style as mysterious or even shady. You may spend much of your time feeling like you need to explain yourself and your thought process; but you shouldn’t let the opinions of others influence your decisions. So long as your boss and the client are satisfied, continue working how you work best.



Niall is the heart and soul of One Direction, and if he is your favorite member of the group, you probably aren’t much different. You are your client’s biggest fan. You’re loyal to their brand, not because you work for them, but because you actually love what they stand for. You’re the comic relief during a late night at the office, and when everyone else is stressing out over a crisis, you’re there to keep things level. You’re friendly and personable, winning over clients and coworkers alike. Your weakness is one within yourself; you struggle with saying “no” and stretching yourself too thin, because you hate feeling as though you’ve disappointed others. Don’t be afraid to politely decline and give yourself a break. Chances are that you’re putting more pressure on yourself than others are.


Erica Stonehill is a Junior studying Strategic Communications with a split specialization in Marketing and Music Production & the Music Industry and a Certificate of Social Media. Follow her on Twitter @estonehill13!

Revamping Your Brand According to Justin Bieber

Whether you like him or not, everyone knows who Justin Bieber is. The pop star has managed to stay prevalent in the media ever since breaking into the music industry in 2008, whether receiving good or bad publicity. Recently, Justin has stepped back into the limelight after a rough few years and has released a few hit songs that prove to be as catchy as his past work. Justin’s brand has evolved drastically since his beginning, and he finally seems to be getting it right.

Flashback to 2008 when unnamedJustin Bieber had it all—the hair flip, the cute wink, the catchy pop songs and millions of “beliebers,” his loyal fans. He built his brand on cuteness and being a teenage heart-throb. Justin stayed humble and thankful to his fans through the early steps of his career, keeping people loyal to him and his music. His strong foundation carried him through four years of successful albums, a movie, book and tours. He drew people in with his catchy lyrics from songs such as “Baby” and “One Time,” and he was even the first artist who had seven songs from his debut album, “My World,” to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Quite frankly, he was killing it in the industry, and “Bieber fever” was spreading quickly.

MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 23: In this handout photo provided by Miami-Dade Police Department, pop star Justin Bieber poses for a booking photo at the Miami-Dade Police Department on January 23, 2014 in Miami, Florida. Justin Bieber was charged with drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license after Miami Beach Police found the pop star street racing on Thursday morning. (Photo by Miami-Dade Police Department via Getty Images)

1/23/13: In this photo pop star Justin Bieber poses for a booking photo at the Miami-Dade Police Department. He was charged with drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license after Miami Beach Police found the pop star street racing.

And then, 2013 hit. Justin split from Selena Gomez, his girlfriend of two years, and was constantly in the news for his actions. The headlines were filled with Justin updates, showing pictures of him attacking a photographer, spitting on fans and vandalizing buildings. Early in 2014, he was arrested for driving under the influence in Miami. Many of his beliebers turned away from him, and the world saw Justin in a different way. Leaving his cuteness and hair flip behind, Justin had stepped into a new brand of rebellion and blatant disrespect for others, even his loyal fans that helped him rise to fame. The world’s “Bieber fever” plummeted, showing in the drastically lower sales he received for his 2013 album “Journals.”

Then suddenly, Justin was gone—he stepped back from the media and cameras, probably knowing that he needed a break. The name “Justin Bieber” still remained in people’s minds as one of disrespect and rudeness, but sometimes all something needs is time. Justin took his hiatus and let the media push aside his past actions, and now he is finally starting to regain the respect of the public. During Justin’s Comedy Central Roast, he took the time to get serious and apologize for his wrongdoings, and he hinted at what he was planning on doing later in the year. Now, Justin has released a few extremely catchy hit singles from his upcoming album “Purpose,” and received generous applause after his performance at the VMAs. Justin is finally getting his personal brand right, showing that even though something bad might happen, it is not always the end. Sometimes, people and brands have to apologize and step back from the cameras to allow for anything good to follow. So now, as I countdown the days until he releases his new album, the public relations enthusiast inside of me also cannot wait to see how he progresses with his personal brand in the future.

vqxzGlwt Sarah Kelly is a Sophomore with a double major in Strategic Communications and Marketing. Follow Sarah on twitter @s_kelly14!

November 2nd Meeting Recap

Welcome back PRSSA superstars! Halloween is over which means it’s socially acceptable to play Christmas music!



  • Interested in becoming more involved in PRSSA? Maybe even at an Exec level? Elections for the VP of Social Affairs for Spring semester are coming up! Email your cover letter and resume to scripps.prssa@gmail.com by this Friday, November 13. Elections will take place at the next meeting.
  • Want to wear your Scripps pride?? We have Scripps Spirit jerseys! The cost is $50-55 depending on the amount of people who order, but who are we kidding, these are priceless. Ordering closes Monday November 16th. Order here!
  • The National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) has announced this year’s client: Snapple. The PR portion meets Mondays at 5:00 pm.
  • PRSSA National Conference is coming, make sure you follow all our attendees and PRSSA National on twitter to stay up date with what is going on in Atlanta.
  • We will celebrate Dad’s Weekend by having a Dads and Doughnuts this Saturday from 11-2 in the Scripps Lobby!
  • February 13th is the Scripps Bobcatathon! Email us at scripps.prssa@gmail.com to join our (winning) team.

Congratulations to Alyssa Murtagh for being our Member Spotlight!


Make sure you follow her on Twitter!

This week our speaker was Josh Gordon! He is currently on PRSSA National Committee as the VP of Member Services and he had some great advice about getting the most out of PRSSA.

Josh also mentioned that PRSSA has scholarships and awards, and only 3% of members apply!

Thank you so much for Skyping with us Josh, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Missed this week’s meeting? No worries, we meet (almost) every Monday, and post recaps here!


How to Survive Finals

It hits just about every student at about this point in the semester: OMG finals are almost here. Don’t stress…just take a breath. You’re cool. You’ll be even cooler when you check out these quick tips to survive finals. Just to forewarn you, these are awesome tips…or so I’m told…. finals are usually something that I procrastinate until I encounter a semesterly meltdown, but hey, maybe I’ll take my own advice this semester.

Quizlet is your friend. Copying down your notes to study is the most effective way for you to not only use for later, but you’ll also relearn the material as you copy down the important information.

Plan, plan, plan. For essay-style exams, outline a practice prompt of what you would say and how you would say it. Preparing for the worst is always the best. Planning is also important when you approach finals week. Know your exam schedule and plan accordingly. Maybe even start reviewing a week or so in advance, just to refresh your memory so you don’t hit the books too hard all at once.

Study like the test is tomorrow. If you have a test on Thursday, study the material really hard on Tuesday. That way, you can spend Wednesday simply reviewing the content versus feeling like you really need to cram the night before.

Teach others. For those taking PHIL 1200 or even Comm Law, it is always helpful to find a study buddy and talk through difficult concepts or cases together so you can better understand the material.

Time yourself. If you have multiple exams to study for, designate an hour per subject. When you feel like you’re on a deadline, you are more likely to concentrate on the task at hand.

Reward yourself. You deserve it. If you give yourself an end goal, you are more likely to power through the work, even if the reward is as simple as checking your social media, grabbing a snack or talking to your roommate for a bit.

Talk to you professor. Professors are a very underutilized resource when it comes to preparing for exams. They are the ones that write the exams…so if anyone has any good insight….it would be them. Ask them for tips of how to study or what subject matter to study the most…chances are they will slip you a couple of questions on the exam.

My last tip is don’t forget to relax. In the grand scheme of things, finals are nothing. Chances are you will still graduate from college, still get a job and still have a decent life if you didn’t perform that well in the class. Life goes on and GPAs aren’t even that necessary on a resume. Hopefully that isn’t bad advice….take it how you will, but live these four years to the fullest, regardless of how well your exams go. Your time here is way too short!

klmillerKelsey Miller is a Senior studying Strategic Communications with a Travel & Tourism specialization, Marketing minor, and Social Media Certificate. Follow her on Twitter @kelseymiller300!

October 26th Meeting Recap

Happy HallOUween week! Missed the meeting due to a last minute costume change? Read the recap below to stay updated with all things PRSSA!


  • National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC)
           OU is represented in the competition with an integrated marketing campaign.
           This year we are representing Snapple (Marketing, Creative, PR opps).
           The PR portion will be meeting Monday 5 p.m in Scripps 116, if you want to be involved.
  •  Bring new or gently used books to help the Ron Clark Academy at National Conference
            The goal is to bring 150, we’re at 85 books!
  • Join the 2015 Bateman campaign team
            Cover letters and resumes due to farkasd@ohio.edu, 5 pm on Friday October 30
            Client is Student Veterans of America
            International Education Week PR Team
             Sign up with Kelsey Miller, kelseymiller300@gmail.com
             Live tweeting, workshops, press releases, distribution
  • Miss America Internship
          Applications due November 6th, email ak743811@ohio.edu for more information.

Member Spotlight


Congrats to this week’s member spotlight, Hayley Baldzicki!

Sarah Lack, a Communication Specialist at Ohio University, was our speaker and she had some great things to say!

 “As the centralized communication department for the university, we protect the brand of the university on a national and international level”.

She also answered questions we were all wondering about!

Where do campaigns come from? How much creativity is there in your job? 

More than you might think for a university, but you have to keep in mind that we are a public university so there are some things in the communications realm that you have to tip toe around.

Thank you so much for coming Sarah! Make sure to follow her on Twitter.

To the rest of the Bobcats: Have a fun and safe HallOUween.48c26af7876d069419fb91ecd8bc4513