Seelio and Portfolio Building Workshop; January 27th meeting recap

by Mira Kuhar

It is week 3 and PRSSA is finally back in the swing of things! This week’s meeting was a great way to kick off the PRSSA semester.


  • PRSSA is introducing a new Historian Committee! This gives members a chance to go through PRSSA’s past and sort through old documents as well as create a running list of Scripps PRSSA alumni. Talk to Sam Miller or Gary Bridgens if you are interested in joining. The committee will be meeting Wednesdays at 9 a.m. in Dan Farkas’ office in Schoonover 209
  • Scripps spirit jerseys are finally ready to be picked up! You can pick them up at any PRSSA meeting in the future, or contact Cidnye for more information on how to get yours
  • The Scripps PRSSA tips and tricks form is up! This week’s tip is about LinkedIn and how to find alumni. Check it out under the Professional Development tab on the website
  • Our chapter is implementing a professional mentor program where dues paying members will get paired with a professional who is available as a contact to help with all things PR! Contact Briagenn Adams or email to get signed up
  • We have two networking trips coming up! #ScrippsPRSSAtoCLE is taking place this Friday, January 30th. #ScrippsPRSSAtoChi is happening March 26-27, and there will be more information on the details of the trip coming soon!
  • It’s not too late to pay your dues! February 16th is the deadline for the spring PRSSA membership. Contact the VP of Finance, Gary Bridgens, if you are interested in becoming a member this semester.
  • This week’s member spotlight is kelsey norman! Give her a shout out tweet at @kelsey_normann
  • The impressions spotlight of the week is Express! Follow them on Twitter at @ExpressLife
  • Scripps PRSSA’s Bateman team is gearing up for their implementation in the month of February. Look for updates on events so you can come out and support our team and all their hard work
  • Sign up for the PR and Social Media committee! Email Mira Kuhar or Erica Stonehill for more information, or the Scripps gmail account The first meeting of the semester will take next week after PRSSA at 7pm in Alden 250

Welcome, David Nesbitt and Seelio!


This week’s meeting was focused on portfolios, what they are, and why they are an important compliment to your resume. Seelio, an online portfolio building platform, is a great way to showcase the PR work you have done.

Screen_shot_2011-07-18_at_3.42.21_AMDavid Nesbitt, an employee of Seelio, presented to PRSSA in an interactive webinar to show how Seelio can best be used to showcase your work.

Seelio is really great for professional development. It’s a great tool to help set goals for your education and career It demonstrates how you have applied coursework to real-world experiences. You can also track your professional growth by upload new works each time you complete them.

Seelio is great for collaboration. It has the set of up a social media site so you can get important feedback from faculty and peers through comments on your projects. The tag and search tool helps you to discover how others in your field are capturing their experiences, and you can get ideas on how you want your portfolio to look. This function also helps users to find someone to work with or share a work with the larger community so all the users of Seelio can see what you’re up to.

Showcase to gain exposure. Build your online presence and be discovered by following people and joining groups. Doing this can be a really great compliment to your resume because you can add multimedia images and videos to your works. This potentially means more than a resume or LinkedIn profile because it shows a 3D example of what you’ve done; pictures tell more than just a few bullet points of text.

Seelio is really easy to link to. You can put in your email signature, on your resume, and in the bios of your social media profiles. It looks great on every platform; computers, tablets and smartphones.

A few out of the box examples of things to include on your Seelio account: cross cultural experiences, course projects, work experiences, research papers, music performances, athletic leadership, volunteer activities or presentations and speeches. Seelio makes it easy to showcase these experiences through photographs, and it gives employers a different perspective of the things you have done.

The end goal of Seelio is to have a place to keep a running document of all your experiences in one place. If you create and build it over time, it’s a really great way to document everything you’ve done. If you wait and do it when things are 2-3 years in the past, you may not be able to remember where the materials are you would like to showcase or what you did.

Head on over to to start building your portfolio today!

Thank you so much to David Nesbitt and Seelio for taking the time to talk to #ScrippsPRSSA. Learning how to showcase your skills in new ways is important, and this meeting really taught all of our members that valuable piece of knowledge during this meeting!

How Target survived the 2014 holiday season

By Allison Zullo

iCNSn7nSj14QMany companies had a rough 2014, but perhaps the brand that had it the worst was Target. Last holiday season, the superstore was hacked, and the credit cards of the nearly 40 million people who shopped at Target stores any time between November 27 and December 15 of 2013 were compromised.

Target spent most of 2014 repairing the damage the breach caused, both financially and image-wise. So when this year’s holiday season rolled around, they were armed with the strategies, tools, and supplies they needed to make the most of their most busy and lucrative season.

Here’s how Target made it happen:

It released a new smartphone app. Just in time for Black Friday, Target released an updated smartphone application that linked products to store maps. What does that mean? When you were waiting for Target to open on Black Friday (or Black Thursday?), you could use your smartphone to see where products were located in the store, and then strategically map out your shopping route to save time and avoid getting stampeded by the large crowds. The app also allows you to search for products online, view a store’s inventory, and make purchases, among other things.

Flickr_TargetBreach2It advertised with TONS of commercials. Seriously, TONS of them. You probably saw one per commercial break, especially if you were watching ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. As soon as Halloween ended and November began, Target began rolling out its commercials and ads for the holiday season, starting with Black Friday sales and promotions. Even though the over-advertising was a little annoying at times, it did get consumers talking about Target’s deals and products. So, in the end, they worked.

It introduced diversity to its advertisements. The week before Christmas, Target released an ad for a children’s toy that featured a two-year-old girl with Down’s syndrome. The company was praised for this move, given that few companies have incorporated diversity like this into its ads. However, in the week after Christmas, Target was criticized when the company used a white model to promote a clothing line inspired by the new “Annie” movie, which stars a largely African-American dominated cast. Though the move pales in comparison to the 2013 year-end credit card breach, it does leave the general public with a negative connotation when they think of the Target brand.

Overall, 2014 turned out all right for Target, despite starting (and ending) on a rough note. However, the case studies were abundant, so PR students had a lot to learn from the company this year. Who knows what 2015 will have in store for Target, all other major brands and for us PR students eager to learn.

nouHV0BMAllison is a sophomore majoring in strategic communication and minoring in sports management and marketing. She is also completing a social media certificate. After graduation, her dream job is to work in sports PR. Follow her on Twitter at @allisonzullo!

2014 PR disasters that we can all learn from this year

By Danielle Meyer

The year of 2014 held many ups and downs for the world of public relations and brand relations for companies all over the world. As aspiring PR professionals there is plenty that all of us can learn from some of this year’s biggest public relations blunders.

Malaysia PlaneMalaysian Airlines: This airline has faced a year of tragedy and heartache a total of 537 lives were lost over the course of four months. On March 8 2014, Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur, headed for Bejing. However, the flight never made it, seemingly disappearing into the Indian Ocean. Nearly nine months later the plane and passengers aboard have still not been found. The second tragedy came on July 17 when Flight 17, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over the Ukraine, killing 298 of its passengers. The company was clearly in need of some serious rebranding. However, their tactic in achieving a new image was executed in sloppy and tasteless means. Firstly, the company did not rename themselves, forever leaving a bad taste in the mouths of all future costumers. But, then the company took a step further. Intending to erase the past few months from people’s memories, they launched their “Bucket List Challenge” campaign via Twitter in Australia and New Zealand offering free iPads and plane tickets to those with the best answers. Consequentially, a bucket list is a list of activities and sites one would like to complete and see before they die. Though the campaign was quickly renamed and then taken down altogether, perhaps, the company might have first wanted to address the tragedies head on rather than forgetting and then proceeding with a tasteless Twitter campaign.

140915124810-urban-outfitters-kent-state-620xaUrban Outfitters: Typically this clothing brand verges on the edgy and controversial side, but with its mid-September release of the notorious Kent State sweatshirt the company seemed to have crossed the line. People were immediately outraged and took great offense to the sweatshirt, seemingly reminiscent of the tragic events on the University’s campus during May of 1970 when the National Guard shot and killed four students during protests over the Vietnam War. The sweatshirt was dyed red, resembling bloodstains. The clothing company immediately removed the sweatshirt from its site, saying that it had “sold out” and issued an apology saying,”It was never our intention to allude to the tragic events that took place at Kent State in 1970 and we are extremely saddened that this item was perceived as such.” Even in its apology statement, Urban Outfitters placed the blame of the scandal on misconception from the public, rather than owning up to the notion that perhaps the sweatshirt was just plane tasteless and disturbing. Though Urban Outfitters is known for being controversial and even removing offensive items of clothing in the past, the company may want to gain a better understanding of the phrase “too soon” and really own up to their mistakes.

911-tweet-hed-02-2014Brand Tweets During 9/11: September 11, 2001 is never a day that seems to get any easier as the years since the tragic terrorist attack pass by. However, Americans everywhere were quick to take offense this year when well-known brands took to Twitter in an attempt to profit off this day of heartache. During this year’s thirteenth anniversary, well-known brands like CVS and Burlington Coat Factory received some major heat when they tweeted pictures of the New York skyline with the iconic beams of light in place of the towers. However, instead of just letting the photo alone in a sign of remembrance and solidarity, the brands placed their logos in the images as well. Tweets were swiftly taken down as companies received heat from the public about the inappropriateness of trying to profit and promote during this particular day. Another rather insensitive tweet came from a Birmingham, Alabama tie company asking followers to retweet their image of the Twin Towers as many times as there were people who died on that day. Again, this tweet was quickly deleted. When handling moments of crisis and remembrance brands are best to just not tweet at all or do it in a tasteful way, drawing no attention to themselves or their products.

Though some companies missed the mark on their public relations campaigns during 2014 there is much to be learned from their mistakes. We can only hope that these brands and companies learn from their mistakes as well, otherwise 2015 will be another rocky road.

FvR_LWkgDanielle is junior majoring in strategic communication. She is specializing in english and retail merchandising & fashion product development. After she graduates, she wants to move to a big city, preferably New York, and work in fashion PR. Give her a follow on twitter at @DanielleMeyer17!

What to do while you’re missing PRSSA this break

By Megan Newton


It’s officially week two of Christmas break and by now, the separation anxiety from the wonderland that is Athens, Ohio is probably setting in. Sure, it’s a great feeling to be home catching up on sleep and celebrating with friends and family. But, I know for me this time of year makes me think of the family I’ve gained at Ohio University, and how this is the one time of year I wish we could spend together too.

One of my most cherished families is, of course, Scripps PRSSA. Between doing my best to attend every event possible, serving on exec and having class with fellow members, PRSSA is a huge part of my everyday life when I’m home away from home in Athens. That being said, you can tell I’m really missing my best friends and I have a feeling you are too. So, here are some tips to keep you thinking of your PRSSA family and get you geared up and excited for next semester!

Grab lunch with a friend who lives nearby.

It took Mira Kuhar and I about four days before deciding we needed to hang out. We grabbed lunch, walked around Target, drank Starbucks and talked about our PRSSA goals for next semester. This was great because it created a little piece of Athens and PRSSA in my hometown. Odds are, a fellow Scripps PRSSA-er lives close enough to meet up. Don’t be shy!

Update your resume.

Break is the perfect time to do this because let’s be honest, who has time for this during the crazy hustle and bustle of the semester? This is a perfect time for learning new things and exploring things you’ve always wanted to in the world of PR. For example, try creating a resume using InDesign! You can get a 30 day free trial – perfect for our month long break!

Have coffee with a professional.

Caffeine is the universal language spoken in the world of public relations. I can promise if you reach out with the idea of coffee, almost any professional will be willing to jump at the opportunity to talk – especially recent grads. These people were in our shoes not too long ago and give the best advice. Your dream job may only be one latte away.

Find your dream internship.

This is the time. Majority of internship applications are posted around the beginning of January, so get a head start! Send emails, do something bold to make you stand out, take chances. You won’t have this much free time for a while, so take advantage of it!

Write for fun.

Between homework assignments, research papers, and final essays you’re probably sick of writing. BUT this is a month to do whatever makes you happy and for most of us, that means writing. Start a blog, or resurrect the one you’ve been neglecting all semester. Share it with your fellow PRSSA-ers – we love to support each other. I often times find reading other’s blogs almost as fun as writing for my own.

I’m not saying these activities will replace that feeling you get on Mondays at 6 p.m., but I’m hoping they’ll help get you excited for the upcoming semester and make your long distance relationship with chapter members a little bit easier. Happy holidays, PR stars! See you all soon.

rTQWeiCeMegan Newton is a Strategic Communication major with a double specialization in Anthropology and Music Business. After graduation, she aspires to help clients (especially musicians) expand their fan base and engage audiences through creative branding, compelling story telling and content creation. Follow her on Twitter at @_megannewton!

9 ways to tell you are the Grinch of the office

By Elise Mills

Your coworkers are smiling from ear to ear, despite you switching the salt and sugar containers in the break room. Your boss tells you good work and you get a slap on the back, but you are not sure why, you’ve been late everyday this week. You then realize what the date is… December 23rd. That’s when you ask, why don’t you have that Christmas spirit? If you agree with most of this list.. you may be the Grinch of the office.

1. When your coworkers invite you to a party, you tell them you are just too busy.grinch 1

2. While everyone else is dieting in preparation for the holiday feasts, you rip open the family size bag of Lays and dig in, despite having your lunch break less than two hours ago.grinch 2

3. Sam from Accounting’s cat died, everyone in the office is chipping in five dollars for flowers. Not only do you refuse to donate money, you steal the collected money to go skiing in Denver next spring. grinch 3

“The Grinch’s heart was two sizes too small.”

4. The company holiday party is tonight but you can’t find anything to wear, so you decide not to go… until the last minute. Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 2.50.39 PM

5. When you do decide to interact with the peasents in the office, they look at you like you’ve just come from out of hiding.Untitled

6. But it doesn’t matter, because you have a plan.

grinch 6

7. Until they make you the life of the party.

grinch 7

8. But when they try to play a prank on you, you let them have it. Changing the way the entire office thinks.

grinch 8

9. And all though some think they have changed you, you will always be a Grinch, it’s just who you are.

grinch 9



Elise is a sophomore majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Business Administration. She is hoping to purse Global Leadership Certificate as well. After graduation, she wants to do brand/image management and travel wherever her bank account can take her. Follow Elise on Twitter at @itsELISElove!

The Life of Santa Claus’ PR Director

By Allison Zullo


Almost every company or business needs a public relations representative, and Santa Claus is certainly no exception.

Yeah – Santa Claus, you read that right. With Christmas just a couple days away, the cheery holiday season is in full swing and Santa is on everyone’s mind. My PR-focused and Christmas-obsessed brain is no exception, so I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about what it would be like to be the PR Director for Mr. Claus in the North Pole.

It would definitely be interesting, and involve a lot of seasonal work. But here are a few other qualities that would be integral to working in PR for Santa.

A passion for Christmas.

Christmas is not only Santa Claus’ business, but also his passion, so it is crucial that his PR director shares this love. This will make his or her job much easier and way more enjoyable, and is true for every other job in every other industry. If you don’t love your job or are passionate about your company, then your job will be far less exciting and your work will suffer.

A knack for crisis management.

Nearly everyone in the world has been trying to prove that Santa Claus does not exist for hundreds of years now. As Santa’s PR director, a large part of the job would be refuting these claims, all while preserving the identity of Mr. Claus and encouraging people all over the globe to believe in his existence. And if all else fails, bring in Olivia Pope to the North Pole. Crisis management is an important skill to have in the world of PR, since it is a crucial part of preserving a company or business’ brand. Every brand deals with some sort of crisis, but the public will hardly hear about the crises of good ones because they deal with them smoothly and effectively.

to-do-list-for-the-holidays_detailCreating and maintaining a personal brand. 

Santa Claus’ personal brand was created long before his PR director came along; from his big belly and red suit to his jolly personality and love of milk and Christmas cookies. Therefore, he or she would most likely be maintaining Santa’s personal brand by making sure he stays consistent with his actions, and would have to think long and hard before rebranding and changing many sacred traditional brand elements. Consistent and creative personal branding is important in a company’s PR strategy today in order for it to stay relevant. However, completely rebranding a company is not a simple task, nor one to take lightly, so be sure to think long and hard before going through with it.

Stay organized.

Between keeping track of the naughty and nice kids, what presents each child wants, and which presents go to which child at which house, Santa’s operations can be quite complicated. In turn, his PR director’s job and daily operations, particularly close to the holidays, can get a little (a whole lot) crazy, so it is absolutely crucial that he or she, in addition to the rest of the North Pole, stay organized. The skill of organization is another that is integral in all types of PR jobs, and all jobs in general. You can be so much more effective and efficient if you’re organized, and it’s pretty easy to do, too.

Working in PR is certainly not an easy task, but it’s a fun and rewarding one if you have the skills and the passion for PR and the company or business for which you are working. And if you have a love for Christmas like I do, maybe working in PR for Santa Clause is your dream job. If you’re interested, submit your resume and cover letter, along with your Christmas list, to Santa Clause at the North Pole. I know I already have….

Happy Holidays, everyone!

nouHV0BMAllison is a sophomore majoring in strategic communication and minoring in sports management and marketing. She is also completing a social media certificate. After graduation, her dream job is to work in sports PR. Follow her on Twitter at @allisonzullo!

How to have the best internship search possible this holiday season

By: Danielle Meyer


The time for internship hunting is upon us and as many of us know this tedious task can be stressful and tiring. I know the last thing any of us really want to be doing during the holiday break is to be searching for the perfect internship while revising resumes and cover letters. However, there are a few ways to make the search a little bit easier and less daunting.

  1. Have goals in mind: Know the kind of internship you are looking for and have a clear idea of where you want to end up. That’s not to say to not keep an open mind about what you find available, but if you know you want to end up in a big city doing agency public relations than it’s probably not the best use of time to include tiny towns and corporate PR in your searches.
  2. Have your resume full polished and ready to go: Before you even begin searching for that dream internship, make sure your resume is in tip-top shape. There’s no use in wasting time searching for an internship when you can’t actually apply for it because you’re not totally ready to go with your resume. While polishing up your resume, be sure to make it stand out from the hundreds of others that employers will be seeing this season. A unique and creative resume could be just the thing that gets you noticed and helps you land the job.
  3. Use your resources and connections: Now is the time for all that networking you’ve done over the past year or two to come into play. Use the people that you know, whether it’s working professionals, alumni or professors. These people could be your “in” to the perfect internship. So make sure you reach out and find out what and whom they know, and you could benefit yourself in the long run.
  4. Don’ t be afraid to be bold: If there’s a company that you have always dreamed of interning or working for but you don’t see any openings listed on their website, don’t be afraid to reach out anyway. Initiative and tenacity can go a long way in the field of PR and there’s no harm in just asking about possible openings and opportunities.
  5. Follow up: Often times students lose out on their dream internship because they simply failed to remind hiring managers of their names. A lack of response is not always because you weren’t considered for the job. Sometimes hiring managers just become overwhelmed by the massive amounts of applications they receive. In order to stay fresh on their minds, a quick and polite follow up email could be all it takes.

So now is the time to begin the long process of searching and applying. Though the task may seem overwhelming from the beginning, just keep in mind that it only takes one “yes” until you’ve landed your goal. Don’t get discouraged or stressed out this holiday season. Just keep powering through the search until you hear that magical “yes”.

FvR_LWkgDanielle is junior majoring in strategic communication. She is specializing in english and retail merchandising & fashion product development. After she graduates, she wants to move to a big city, preferably New York, and work in fashion PR. Give her a follow on twitter at @DanielleMeyer17!

Stress Less and Sleep More

By Jess Carnprobst

good-nights-sleepAt the beginning of this semester, I set a goal for myself to stress less and sleep more. It’s no secret that in the past I’ve had a very unhealthy and irregular sleep schedule, as many of us college students do. However, my health was compromised and I was so much more stressed. So, this semester, I put my sleep and health above everything else and I must say, I’ve never felt better. I’d even go as far as to say that this has been my best semester yet. Getting eight hours of sleep each night has influenced my semester in many ways.

I’ve realized that your health should always come first. No test or no paper is worth staying up until 4 am. It’s just not worth it. I started doing work earlier instead of putting it off, and when it comes to midnight, it’s time to put the work down and just go to bed. If you’re doing your work early, it will still be there when you get up after a well-rested night. Also, your work will be a lot better if you’re doing it after a full night’s sleep.

I don’t know about you, but the feeling of a good night’s sleep is incomparable to anything else. Sleeping is the best way to get energy the next day. I feel automatically energized every morning, even before my daily cup of coffee. Feeling rested as you get ready in the morning instead of fighting the urge to jump back in bed is guaranteed to make your day a lot better.

Along the lines of sleep providing energy, sleep makes you happier and more positive. When your body isn’t constantly being drained, you feel a heck of a lot better. Before this semester, I have never woken up with more positivity than I do now. This natural happiness helps me to try my hardest each day with a genuine interest.

Above all, my semester is now over, which usually leads to me entering into a coma for about a week. This semester, I’m as energized and positive as I was in August. I feel accomplished, and ready for a productive winter break. It’s a really good feeling to be rested. It’s life high that carries with me each day, and I’m not going to lose that any time soon. Sleeping is good for you. Don’t let the stress of college put your health at risk. Sleep, sleep, sleep and I promise, you will thank yourself in the end.


Jess is a junior majoring in strategic communication, minoring in marketing and receiving a certificate in global leadership. After graduation, she hopes to travel the world and work at a boutique PR agency. Follow her on Twitter @jess_carnprobst

How to Stay Productive During Winter Break

By: Allison Zullo


After a week straight of finals, group projects and no sleep, a month-long break to relax and celebrate the holidays is definitely much needed. However, it’s also the perfect time to complete the tasks you’ve been meaning to get to all semester. Here are a few ways you can stay productive this winter break while binge-watching Christmas movies.

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

You just spent all semester writing press releases, planning events and working at your on-campus job, so take this break as an opportunity to document all that you did while it’s fresh in your mind. Revise your resume and LinkedIn profile so they’re as up to date as possible, and ready to go in case you come across any jobs or internships that interest you. Speaking of which…

Start the job or internship search.

There is no better time than winter break to begin the search for your dream job or internship for this summer. Scour the Internet, work your connections and set up informational interviews to look for any and all opportunities. You never know where the perfect job or internship could be hiding, so start looking now!

Create a personal blog or website.

One major way to brand yourself as a young, up-and-coming PR professional is to have a personal blog or website. You can house your resume, writing samples and contact information, so that any potential employers who stumble upon your page can learn more about you and how to reach you. Plus, your blog or website will give you the chance to hone your writing and design skills.

Download InDesign’s 30-day free trial.

Have you always wanted to learn how to use InDesign, or just want to brush up on your design skills while you have the time? Adobe offers a free, 30-day trial of InDesign, which you can download and use on your computer by simply by going to its website. Whether you want to create your very own logo, or simply jazz up your resume, InDesign is the perfect tool to use for all of your personal branding needs. And if you don’t know how to use it, don’t worry; tutorials are available online and will teach you everything you need to know.

Don’t forget to relax.

You just endured a crazy busy 16-week semester on little sleep, so it’s okay to sleep until noon and binge-watch Netflix during break. You deserve it! Just make sure you spend a few days being productive and checking those things you’ve been meaning to do off of your to-do list. Trust me, your Spring 2015 semester self will thank you. Oh, and don’t forget spend some time with family and friends, and most importantly, enjoy the holidays!

nouHV0BMAllison is a sophomore majoring in strategic communication and minoring in sports management and marketing. She is also completing a social media certificate. After graduation, her dream job is to work in sports PR. Follow her on Twitter at @allisonzullo!