Treat Yo’self? More Like Thank Yo’self.

As you sit around a table in the coming week, filling your plate with delicious food and expressing gratitude for the things or people who mean most to you in your life, remember to thank yourself. I know what you are thinking. Why would I thank myself? Isn’t the purpose of this holiday season to [...]


The Ethical Dilemma of Public Relations

Last week I was asked how I remain ethical within the scope of public relations. “Isn’t public relations and advertising essentially the manipulation of public perception?” This individual asked.  “Yes,” I nodded my head, “it generally is.” There is no denying that public relations and advertising is part psychological. You have to enter into the minds [...]

Digital Storytelling via Matt Erney

Storytelling is an ancient way to connect with people, but one that’s still extremely relevant today. Digital platforms, such as websites and social media allow us to tell stories to larger audiences and create conversations with them in more ways than one. The purpose of storytelling in marketing is to attract and engage people with [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Mentorship

Let’s face it – trying to figure out how to land your dream job, excuse me, your first job – oh wait, let’s back up a little bit – your first internship can be terrifying (yes, exhilarating), but terrifying. No matter where you land on the “experience level spectrum,” There are times when you might [...]