October 17th Meeting Recap

Happy Week 9! If exams and the OU plague caused you to miss Monday’s meeting, read this to see what you missed.


Ohio One-Year MBA Program

  • If you are interested in getting your MBA and learning about how the business side of PR works, Ohio University has a program for you!
  • Learn more at business.ohio.edu/ohiomba

Stickers are coming!

  • Starting next week you can represent your favorite student organizations by purchasing PRSSA and ImPRessions stickers for only $3!

PR Bootcamp

  • The first session is Tuesday, October 18th from 7-8:30
  • The second meeting will take place November 1st


  • Join the Scripps PRSSA Team #FTK
  • Learn more at bobcathon.com


  • Our “Opening up Innovation with Coca Cola” summit will take place on November 4th
  • Registration is available on Twitter

You better have paid those dues!!

  • The absolute last day to pay dues was Monday
  • Contact Sammie if you have a problem

It’s time for National Conference!

  • National Conference starts on Thursday!
  • Follow along with #PRSSANC and #ScrippsPRSSAtoIndy (it’s gonna be LIT)

ImPRessions Update

  • All tips at Casa Nueva in November will be going to the Athens County Humane Society
  • Swings and Wings for the Copperheads is coming up on October 25th from 6-8
  • Dads Weekend Activities!
    • Dads and Donuts with the Scripps account
    • Athens Conservancy hike

Member Spotlight

  • Congratulations to our member spotlight, Meghan O’Dea! Follow her on Twitter @meghanodea

Resource for Members

  • The Eboard! They have their positions for a reason, so don’t be afraid to pick their brains.


Erica Noble is the EVP Group Head at Edelman in Cincinnati. She works with a variety of industries including retail, aerospace, health and finance. Her client work ranges from leading global corporate communications to managing large scale crisis issues. As the group head, she runs a team of 10 people who must map out and meet revenue targets each year.

Points of Advice:

  • Be a good listener! We often place more emphasis on external communication, but it is so important to sit back and really hear what your client is saying about their challenges.
  • The best interns are the ones who ask the smart questions. To do that, you must be a good listener.
  • There will be plenty of opportunities to travel in a global firm like Edelman. It’s helpful to have that kind of diversity and cross pollinate with other firms.
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • The most memorable project will always be the most challenging. This gives you the chance to learn a lot.
  • When the time comes that you aren’t learning much anymore, it’s time to think about the next opportunity.
  • You must be able to communicate the bottom line to your clients. How do you translate what you have achieved?
  • Make sure you can articulate your client’s story on social media.
  • During your interview, ask what the current intern is doing and how much of that work will translate to you. This will give you an idea of how much hands-on work you will actually be doing.

Until next time fellow PRos!




This meeting recap is brought to you by Brigitte Meisse! She is a Communications Studies and Strategic Communication double major. Follow her on Twitter @Meisse2Spicy!

October 10th Meeting Recap

It’s already October and Halloween is right around the corner! If you missed the meeting on Monday, here is all you need to know.


PR Boot Camp is coming!

  • October 18th and November 1st in Schoonover 450


  • Join the Scripps PRSSA Team to raise money #FTK at bobcathon.com


  • The theme this year is Opening Up Innovation with Coca-Cola #CarbonatetoInnovate on November 4 from featuring keynote speaker Kent Landers from the Coca-Cola Corporation!

Join a Committee

  • If you’re interested in joining the Innovation Summit Team contact Rosie Haren rh718814@ohio.edu and mark your calendars for November 4.

Paying Dues

  • The deadline for paying dues has been EXTENDED until October 17!
  • PAY YOUR DUES YOU WON’T RAGRET IT (yup meant to put “regret”)

Internship Data Base

  • Contact Emily Barber at eb365312@ohio.edu if you’re interested in contributing to our internship database.
  • Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for internship opportunities through the database!
  • Remember this is for dues paying members ONLY so once again, pay your dues

ImPRessions Update

  • The Copperheads’ Swings and Wings will be held October 25 at Buffalo Wild Wings from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Member Spotlight

  • Rosie Haren is the member spotlight this week! Follow her on twitter at @Rosieharen


We hosted our recent graduate panel with four awesome Bobcat Alumni! If you missed it, no worries! Catch up by searching #ScrippsPRSSA on Twitter or watching our Periscope feed! It was an awesome session with Gary Bridgens, Melaina Lewis, Jess Carnprosst and Mira Kuhar.

Gary is a project assistant in APCO Worldwide’s New York office. He works with crisis and litigation communications.


Melaina is a communications specialist for the Food Marketing Institute near Washington, DC.

Melaina Job Graphic.png


Mira Kuhar is an account coordinator at Allied Integrated Marketing in Cleveland, Ohio. She works with entertainment and film marketing campaigns.


Jess Carnprobst is an associate director at CCS Fundraising and works in their Washington, DC office. She works with non-profits.




Here is some of the advice they offered!

– Passions will take you where you want to go

– You can’t be afraid of change. Don’t be intimidated by the unknown of it.

– You have to look at PR in layers when you’re trying to figure out what you want to do.

– Pay those dues! I got all three of my internships through PRSSA.

– There is nothing wrong with following up via email or phone call. Do not forgot about a phone call.

– Don’t undervalue yourself

-There is nothing wrong moving back home and saving some money

-It is totally cool to live with your parents and save some money on rent

-Don’t let moving scare you. Take the jump and say you did it instead of regretting it.

– If you’re going into PR you need to be involved in PRSSA. The skills that I learned in PRSSA are incomparable to anything else. Get involved in something else as well.




This meeting recap is brought to you by Hayden Clark! Hayden is a junior strategic communication major. Follow him on Twitter @HaydenClark81!

Netflix and Scream

It’s officially the fall season! And you know what that means? Our favorite TV shows are back on the air! What better time of the year would it be for the return of American Horror Story, Vampire Diaries and Scream Queens?


From vampires, to creepy witches, to maybe just a group of insane doctors… these shows will not leave you hanging. And they come around the absolutely perfect time of the year. When the weather finally breaks, the air gets a bit chillier and the leaves begin to fall… that’s right, it’s almost Halloween! Which is only the best time of the year to cuddle up and creep yourself out with some extra awesome TV shows.

Yeah, it’s not Halloweentown or Hocus Pocus, but unfortunately it’s time to leave those movies in the past and bring on the current TV trends. You can pretty much check out any of these TV shows’ social media accounts for ways to stay in the loop if you missed an episode here or there. Also, you can check out the sites online to watch the actual episodes! Fox, the CW and FX will definitely keep you updated. Netflix is always an option to catch up on either Vampire Diaries or American Horror Story, and check out Hulu for Scream Queens!

Tune in Wednesday’s at 10 p.m. on FX for American Horror Story, Tuesday’s at 9 p.m. on Fox for Scream Queens and and for the final chapter of Vampire Diaries starting Friday’s October 21st at 8 p.m. on the CW!




Meghan O’Dea is a Sophomore Strategic Communication major. Follow her on Twitter @MeghanOdea!


The Switch

The Truth About Switching from News & Information to Strategic Communication

Since stepping onto campus as a freshman I have experienced many changes, including figuring out what exactly I want to do. One of my biggest fears when coming to college was waking up one day and suddenly realizing that the work I was doing wasn’t for something that I wanted, that my major was wrong, that my work wasn’t good enough or even that my entire career was completely the wrong choice for me. What I didn’t realize at that time was just how quickly I would be able to figure out the changes that I needed to make.

The first realization that dawned on me while sitting in my very first journalism lecture was that I had come to Ohio University with a fixed mindset about wanting to be a writer. I wanted to tell peoples’ stories and make a difference, no matter what that difference was. I made myself believe that the News and Information track was where I belonged. Within a few weeks, I’ve seen that limiting myself to what I think I should be doing instead of being open to new possibilities is not the way to go. In the short amount of time I have been here, I’ve gained an invaluable understanding of how communications is changing, and how the world is changing as well. Many journalism students make the switch from News and Information to Strategic Communication, and I made the bold decision to join them. I’ve realized that being a reporter, broadcaster or news anchor is just not the right fit for me, and that it’s totally okay. I obviously deeply respect the work of News and Information majors, and still love the excitement and determination of breaking a story or uncovering a news scandal. However, after joining student organizations such as PRSSA and ImPRessions, I have been exposed to a new type of journalism, one that I was a bit apprehensive toward, but have grown to truly enjoy.

In the fall of last year, I had an opportunity to visit Marcus Thomas, an agency in Cleveland who did a lot of work for various clients. It was the first time I had ever set foot inside of an agency and seen what the environment was like (which was pretty incredible since they’re allowed to bring dogs to work). I was able to speak with people actually involved in the field, hear their stories and listen to some of their experiences. I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed being there, but also how much I didn’t really know about PR. Combine that experience with the new things I have begun to learn at OU and bam—here I am, one day away from switching my to the Strategic Communication track.

Everything that defined me when I came to campus reigns true. I love to write and work with people, and want to be able to cause change in the world and spark new ideas. Journalism is my passion and has been from a very young age. Through the classes I’m taking and the organizations I’ve joined, I have an understanding that through PR I can promote people and causes that I’m concerned about while working collaboratively with others. I can be responsible for exposing new information and helping other voices get noticed. Even though I know this will be a new transition, especially one where I will constantly have to be open to new ideas and effective communication, I am so excited to begin a slightly different journey than I had expected. That is what I believe college should be about, figuring it all out as you go and becoming a better learner and person in the end. I am excited to see the person I become.




Livi Wise is a Freshman Strategic Communication Major. Follow her on Twitter @LiviWise!


September 26th Meeting Recap

It’s already Week 6, and the heat wave has FINALLY broken! (IT’S CHAI-DER SEASON PEOPLE.) Fall in Athens is upon us, and we are PUMPED to finally be in the swing of things.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the meeting on Monday, and for those of you who couldn’t, here’s all you need to know!


Marc USA is doing on campus interviews next month for juniors and seniors, so keep an eye out for the Scripps email for more info.

PR Bootcamp starts soon!

Come on October 18th 7-8:30 to master resumes, business cards, and networking.

The November 1st session from 7-8:30 will help you with press releases and social media.

Both sessions will be in Schoonover 450, we will have advanced sessions in the spring!

We❤ Bobcathon!

Join the Scripps PRSSA Bobcathon team to raise money #FTK!


Want event planning experience? Join the team to help plan the Innovation Summit on November 4th where we’ll have a speaker from Coca-Cola!

The Mentor/Mentee reveal is on Monday! Remember we don’t have a meeting next week because of Reading Day.


We will be having a headshot fundraiser on October 9th, 10th, and 11th in the Central Classroom Building room 205. $10 gets you two professional headshots for LinkedIn or whatever else you want them for! Reserve a timeslot at http://bit.ly/2cE6i69PAY DUES!!! $80 to Sammie Fisher or Gentry Bennett by October 10th will give you SOOO many perks and opportunities including networking trips, scholarships, awards, regional and national events, PR Bootcamp, mentor/mentee programs, ability to be on Executive Board, and most importantly, have access to the PRSSA internship database!

Email ouimpressions@gmail.com to do consulting work for these clients:

-League of Women Voters

-Running Club

-Graduate Student Senate

-AVW Hockey

This week’s Member Spotlight is Tyler Murphy! Congratulate him! @Tyler_Murphy773


This week we had the pleasure of hearing Meg Omecene and Angela Keane speak to us! These recent OU grads and PRSSbAes are BFFs living the dream in New York City, and they shared some amazing advice and inspiration with us.

Angela works at DKC with a lot of (HUGE) education and nonprofit clients like NYU, HBO, the Discovery Channel, and the Columbus Zoo.


Meg works at WME|IMG, a firm that has clients like Emma Watson (!), Microsoft, and Subway. Meg works exclusively on Xbox!


These incredible ladies spent a large part of their junior year in New York doing the Scripps-exclusive Miss Universe Internship. There they single-handedly landed Snapchat coverage of the pageants, were 2/3 of the PR team after NBC dropped the company, and acted as brand reps at high profile events like New York Fashion Week.

Here’s some of their best advice:

-Build a power couple. Find that friend who you can count on to give you advice personally and professionally without being competitive. Cheer each other on!

-Don’t be afraid to leave Athens for a longer internship. A new city means new opportunities, and longer internships give you more responsibility.

-USE YOUR BOBCAT NETWORK. Alumni are almost always willing to help.

-Ohio has amazing resources. Use them. Read every Scripps internship newsletter, get a job on campus, and get involved in new things.

-Get out of your comfort zone, and NEVER be afraid to fail. Apply for things you don’t feel qualified for and go after things that make you nervous.

-Ask for what you want. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

See you in Week 8!



This meeting recap is brought to you by Maura Anderson! Maura is a sophomore strategic communication major. Follow her on Twitter @agentmanderson




September 12th Meeting Recap

Happy Second Meeting Y’all!

Thank you to everyone who made an appearance at our meeting Monday night. For those who couldn’t make it, that’s why I’m here! Stay tuned for updates and announcements on what went down.

Don’t forget to update your voter registration to your Athens address so you are able to vote in this November’s upcoming election! If you missed out on updating, you can still do so with our fellow PRSSA bae Sam Miller!

We had students sit in at our meeting from the Leipzig program in Germany. If you are interested in getting involved with the Leipzig program you can speak to Dr. Stewart for more information. “Get excited, get involved, and go to Leipzig.”

If you are interested in getting involved with the Scripps Innovation Challenge’s public relations committee, you can email Sarah Kelly, sk851013@ohio.edu, for more information.

It’s not too late to join the Mentor/Mentee program! Email Libby Bradford with any questions eb395612@ohio.edu.

If you are also interested in joining the Professional Mentor program and you want more information on that you can email Emily Barber with any questions, eb365312@ohio.edu

Don’t Forget! PRSSA member dues of $80 are due to Sammie Fisher by October 10th.

ImPRessions dues are included in PRSSA dues so if you are not signed up for ImPRessions yet, I definitely recommend doing so! Their email is ouimpressions@gmail.com

If you didn’t give Jacob Sherer a shoutout for being PRSSA member spotlight, there is still time! Tweet him at @JSherer13



You never think that you can love Ohio University more than you already do until you hear a fellow bobcat and alum speak. At this past Monday’s PRSSA meeting we were lucky enough to hear the words of Liz Fiorino, Ohio University 2009 Scripps graduate.

Liz Fiorino is the Regional Marketing Director at Covelli Enterprises, AKA Panera Bread!


Since graduation Liz has worked for MARC USA. A main client she dealt with was the Rite Aid Corporation where she worked on the account management team.

Currently at Panera Liz deals with just about everything including business development, media planning, and creative direction.

Liz deals a lot with community partnerships and cause marketing throughout the year on many products, an example being the Books on the Bus Partnership.

Involvement in the Panera 2.0 Launch has also been a big part of Liz’s job. Through this, she has been responsible for improving customer experiences through the use of technology. Liz was able to work hands on with the launch of the Panera Bread loyalty card.


  • Get involved
  • Read a lot
  • Know what is happening in the industry
  • Early adopter
  • Get help with resume and tweak it often
  • Keep a portfolio of work
  • Make connections
  • Do a lot of internships
  • Be an enthusiastic learner
  • Enjoy your time in Athens and make the most of it!

Contact Info:






This meeting recap is brought to you by Rosie Haren! Rosie is a senior Strategic Communication major. She is also the VP of Social Affairs for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter @RosieHaren.

A Scripps PRSSA Senior’s Guide to Life, Part 1

The time has come. Many of us are beginning our last lap of college and it’s terrifying. I’m absolutely one of those panicked people. Time is flying by in the blink of an eye and there’s nothing we can do to stop it, so instead our best bet is to embrace it. But how? How do we take one of the most emotional and anxious years of our lives and make the best of it?


Throughout the year I will be posting blogs containing advice from graduates on how to handle the emotional hurricane that is our senior year of college. So get ready for some tears and some laughs as you read these wisdom-filled tidbits from a few of your favorite past Scripps kids…

“Strat comm is one of the most versatile degrees you can have. Don’t be afraid to look outside what we know of as a traditional SM/communications/marketing/PR job. You are qualified for so much more than that.”

“I know students hear about this all the time, but they don’t take it seriously…at least I didn’t….YOUR GPA DOES NOT MATTER. I got caught up in the pride of having a piece of paper say ‘Magna Cum Laude’ when it literally means nothing. Take that time to skip class once in awhile and go to Strouds or stay out late with your friends instead of spending an extra two hours perfecting a report. It doesn’t matter.”


Kelsey Miller is the Economic Development Specialist for the City of Delaware in Delaware, Ohio. She served as VP of Internal Affairs on Scripps PRSSA’s executive board and Senior Director of ImPRessions before graduating in May 2016.


“Surround yourself with good people”

 “You never know who in your network could help you land your first job. When I graduated I was nannying for a family while looking for a job. The mom ended up referring me to a position in her company, which is where I’m working now. You never know who will be able to help you out.”



Marisa Fiore is the Marketing Coordinator at BSI Group in Hendon, Virginia. She used to serve as the Communications Director for ImPRessions before graduating in December 2015.



“The golden rule that we all know is networking. Take opportunities to take networking trips or go to regional events with COPRSA to get to know other professionals. Get to know them as friends and really learn about their post grad life. See what different post grad lives are like – based on city, nightlife, activities, working environments – and figure out what you like. It’s more than just industry. 

Also when you’re job-hunting make sure you’re looking at jobs that will let you advance and take on opportunity. It’s hard not to jump at the first job offer, and every opportunity looks like it will provide advancement, but look closely and take something that will.”

“Don’t underestimate yourself in your first job. Though you could be the newest and youngest member, know that you have value and an opinion that matters. Bobcats are smart, so show them your smarts. ;)”

“Give yourself time before accepting a job. It’s ok not to have a job at graduation. I repeat, IT’S OK NOT TO HAVE A JOB AT GRADUATION. As PR students, we get burnt out and overworked during our four years, so enjoy having a break even if it’s only two weeks! You need it! You have the rest of your life to have a job and work.” 


Melaina Lewis is a Communications Specialist for the Food Marketing Institute in Washington, DC and previously worked as a Digital and Social Media Specialist for Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. She served as the Director of ImPRessions before graduating in May 2015.



So there you have it, people. Infinite wisdom straight from the brains of three Scripps PRSSA success stories. Senior year isn’t easy, but it’s also known to be the most rewarding. Connect with Kelsey, Marisa and Melaina on social media to keep building that oh so important network that everyone keeps talking about!


Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog series and remember to do what you love and love what you do!

Headshot Jennica 1


Jennica Lurie is a senior Journalism-Strategic Communication major. She is also the VP of PR for Scripps PRSSA. If you would like to learn more about getting involved with writing for the PRSSA blog or PR Success email her at jl390412@ohio.edu. Follow her on Twitter @jennicalurie.

August 29th Meeting Recap

‘Twas LIT. These two words pretty much sum up our first meeting of the 2016-2017 school year, thanks to Aaron Brown and all of our wonderful members, new and old! DON’T FORGET THAT WE DON’T HAVE A MEETING NEXT WEEK DUE TO LABOR DAY!! Below I’ve listed some information for you in case you missed out on this week’s meeting or just need a refresher!


Get Involved

Follow our hashtag during or after meetings #ScrippsPRSSA. You won’t regret it!

Join a committee! It’s a wonderful way to get involved and gain experience. Here are your options:

PRSSA is hosting a game night! Join all the coolest PR Stars for a night of fun and competition at 8:30pm. The event will be held at 70 Stewart St. Apt C (Rosie and Libby’s house). Can’t wait to see you there!


Join the PR team for the Scripps Innovation Challenge! It’s great experience! Contact Sarah Kelly for details and questions (sk851013@ohio.edu)

Join the mentor/mentee program both within the chapter and with our professional advisers! You won’t regret it.

PRSSA National Conference in Indianapolis is coming up! It will be held October 21-25.

  • Info sessions will be held September 6 and 7 at 7pm in Bentley 120. Come one, come all!



Pay them by October 10th and you’ll be in for a whole lot of benefits that will make you jump for joy! Here are the benefits:

  • Networking trips
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Regional and national events
  • PR Bootcamp
  • Internship database
  • Mentor/Mentee programs
  • Executive Board

PRSSA Office

Our NEW office dedicated to all things PRSSA is located in Baker 318. Come say hi!!


Today’s speaker was Aaron Brown, Senior Vice President at Fahlgren Mortine in Columbus!

Aaron talked mostly about being tenacious in the marketing and communications field. Here are his tips for acting tenaciously:

  • Demonstrate curiosity
  • Take notes
  • Connect dots
  • Anticipate engagement
  • Take risks
  • Work a plan

Here are the outcomes of acting tenaciously:

  • Gain eye contact
  • Earn more opportunity
  • Influence decisions
  • Ability to make better choices


Stay in touch with Aaron Brown by following him on Twitter @abrownFM and connecting with him on LinkedIn. He swears by hiring Scripps kids because we’re obviously the best!

Peace, love and see you Monday, September 12th in the Friends of the Libraries room!

An Open Letter to Incoming Members

First of all, congratulations on attending the best college EVER. There is something indescribable about Ohio University and Athens, OH that you don’t understand until you’re walking across these red bricks. But the next great choice you made was stopping by the PRSSA and ImPRessions booth at the Involvement Fair, or attending one of our info sessions; whatever brought you to our organization. You’re doing great so far, but there’s one last decision you have to make: whether to stick with our organization and really get involved, or cut it from the long list of things you tried out. I’m here to hopefully sway you toward the former.
IMG_6794            You won’t really begin taking classes specific to your major until spring of sophomore or fall of junior year. PRSSA and ImPRessions give you the opportunity to get hands-on experience and learn more about the field of public relations. When interviewing for internships, I talk more about my experience with this organization than I do about a class I’ve taken. It builds the foundation of your love for the work you’ll do for the rest of your life; and if you find out you aren’t passionate about it, you can change your mind without panicking.

If you haven’t already, you will soon learn of the magic that is the Bobcat family. Ohio University alumni will bend over backward for fellow bobcats. That same practice extends throughout PRSSA, but it isn’t just limited to OU. You can meet people from all different chapters willing to help you find an internship or a job, all because you’re a member of the same organization. Add that comradery to the Bobcat Blood, and you can basically get the job or internship of your dreams.

IMG_5364            We are so much more than a Monday-meeting group. Sure, you can show up each week, listen to the speaker and go home at night, no problem. But there is so much you will miss. Aside from the obviously beneficial networking trips, committees and national events, there are twice as many bonding experiences to bring you closer to the chapter and each other. Mentor/mentee events and socials introduce you to new people, and before you know it you’re studying for exams and going to the dining hall together. I met my absolute best friends at those Monday meetings, but our experiences extend much further.

I could talk until I’m blue in the face about why you should be a part of PRSSA and give your heart and soul to this organization, but blog posts are meant to be relatively short. So if you take anything away from this, let it be the experience, professional connections and friendships you will gain from our chapter. You’ve made great decisions up to this point, so why not keep it going?

erica_creative (2 of 3)



Erica Stonehill is a senior Strategic Communication major. She is also the Vice President of Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter @estonehill13.

Anything But Normal

Another summer has come and gone. As I sit back and reflect, I notice that it was a summer full of growth, both personally and professionally. I completed an internship in Cleveland, Ohio, working as a public relations intern for a one-of-a-kind company. My internship was with a family-owned and operated business called Bearded Buch that specializes in Kombucha. I’ve said my goodbyes, cleared my desk and perfected my resume, but now what?

I could express my newfound love for Kombucha, or joke about lunch breaks turned shopping trips, but the truth is I gained real-world experience within the past four months and I think that’s worth sharing.

I’ll start by saying that internships are tricky and the application process is exhausting. I applied anywhere and everywhere. I even applied for internships I knew I had no shot of getting. I wanted to be ambitious because I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. After some time, I finally had a company reach out to me. This company was Bearded Buch. I spoke with the owner through email, then phone and finally in person. Everything felt right. I knew I wanted to be a part of this company somehow, even if it was just as an intern.


Little did I realize this internship was anything, but normal. On the first day, I was given the username and password to all social media accounts. I was the new voice of Bearded Buch and it felt great. As time passed, I learned how to differentiate my own voice from that of the company’s. I was no longer a 21-year-old girl, rambling about nonsense in less than 140 characters. Instead, I was an educated professional responding to complaints and suggestions from consumers. I didn’t always know what I was doing and there were times when I had to ask questions, but that’s when I learned the most.

I learned how to speak up and share my ideas. I learned how to give and take constructive criticism. I learned how to be professional in every sense of the word. But most importantly, I learned what is and isn’t interesting to me within the field of public relations, and that feels good.

If I can give any piece of advice to others, it would be to take chances. Be ambitious in your search. Don’t settle. Take yourself seriously. You’re just as important as the person sitting in the cubicle next to you. Ask questions, offer ideas and be passionate about your work.

Within the past four months, I learned all of these important lessons and I look forward to applying them to my life in the future.

Libby Headshot



Libby Bradford is a senior Strategic Communication major. She is also the VP of Member Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Look out for her friendly face at the first PRSSA meeting of this school year and follow her on Twitter @LibbyBradford.