International Conference

Each year, PRSSA National hosts an International Conference (ICON) in collaboration with PRSA. PRSSA’s International Conferences offer members the opportunity to network with thousands of other PRSSA students and PRSA professionals in the country, while also expanding professional development skills. Interested in attending or learning more? Click here for more information or scroll below to view previous Scripps PRSSA ICON experiences.

previous ICON TESTimonials

2022 in Dallas

“Attending ICON was the most amazing way to truly understand the power of PRSSA. Not only was I able to network with experienced professionals from a multitude of industries, but I was also able to connect with students from all over the world. After just four days, I am more confident in my decision to further my career in PR and communications.”

-Olivia Strauss, 2022-2023 Scripps PRSSA Chapter President

“With the Pandemic finally slowing down, I was so excited to travel again and this conference was the perfect opportunity! I got to connect with and meet so many PR professionals and students at the conference! I also made so many amazing memories with the other members of our Chapter! It was truly one of the most fun experiences I’ve had at Ohio University!

-Sam Spinale, 2022-2023 Scripps PRSSA VP of Digital Communications 

2020 in Nashville (virtually)

“With the ongoing pandemic, I was unable to attend my first International Conference in-person. However, PRSSA still hosted such a beneficial conference. I was able to attend a networking event with professionals from a variety of industries!”

-Kelly Lambers, 2021-2022 Scripps PRSSA VP of Public Relations

2019 in San Diego

“If I wouldn’t have attended PRSSA International Conference in 2019, I would have never made the valuable connections, professional skills or position of being the 2021-22 PRSSA National VP of Chapter Development that I hold now. PRSSA’s International Conferences will teach you more than any professor or classroom ever will, as the conversations, communication and memories with your Chapter that happens at the event will last a lifetime.”

-Alyssa Gormley, 2021-2022 National VP of Chapter Development

2016 in Indianapolis

“National Conference is awesome because I became so much closer with people from Ohio University PRSSA. I can thank National Conference for the amazing friendships I have in this organization.”

– Sadie Newman, 2016-2017 Scripps PRSSA VP of External Relations

“My very first National Conference was in Indianapolis. While I wanted to go to explore the city and learn more about public relations, one of my strongest motives for attending was to become closer friends with members of our Chapter. National Conference enabled me to meet some of my absolute best friends. This became one of my favorite memories of sophomore year because I learned so much, met amazing people, and solidified my absolute love for this career path.”

– Brigitte Meisse, 2016-2017 Scripps PRSSA VP of Public Relations

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