Executive Board Elections

To apply for the Scripps PRSSA Executive Board, all you need to do is submit a cover letter detailing your experience and how you would make the position better. You can turn the cover letters in at a meeting, place them in the PRSSA mailbox, or by emailing them as an attachment to scrippsprssa@ohio.edu. If you want to apply for more than one position, please write a cover letter and prepare a one minute speech for each desired position. If you want to learn more about what a member of the executive board does, ask any of the current board members!. Their contact information and position descriptions are listed below on our Executive Board page.

PRSSA Executive Board Position Descriptions


As president of PRSSA, one is responsible for overseeing the general operations of the chapter. The president leads the general and executive board meetings, setting the agenda and designating upcoming events. He/She acts as a liaison between the chapter and the College of Communication. The president can lead the organization as he/she feels will best benefit the chapter and its members, including instituting or adjusting any programs, tradition, or events related to PRSSA. He/She is also in charge of ensuring the other executive board members are fulfilling their responsibilities and maintaining the chapter’s events calendar.

Position Expectations May Include:

  • Leading general and executive board meetings
  • Managing chapter email and communication
  • Overseeing success of weekly/quarterly/semesterly events
  • Creating agenda and presentation for weekly e-board/chapter meetings and sending them out the night before
  • Assisting e-board members with chapter duties
  • Creating and maintaining chapter events calendar
  • Meeting with School of Journalism’s Director to update the he/she on the happenings within our chapter

Time Commitment: 4-8hrs/wk

Executive Vice President

First and foremost, the vice president locates and schedules weekly speakers. It is the responsibility of the vice president to take into consideration the interests of the chapter and to schedule speakers from different backgrounds and who will speak on a variety of topics. The vice president establishes new relationships with professionals while also maintaining current relationships with professional affiliates of the chapter. He or she must be in constant communication with speakers in regards to meeting information. Additionally, the vice president assists the president and stands in during his or her absence. The vice president oversees all programming for the chapter.

Position Expectations May Include:

  • Initial e-mail/phone call with potential speakers and follow-up communication in connection with setting a date
  • Weekly e-mails to upcoming speakers about their bio information (which must be sent to the President, VP of PR and the VP of Member Relations), about meeting times and instructions and about any questions the speaker may have
  • Updating and managing PRSSA speaker list to ensure no repeat speakers from year to year

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/wk, plus correspondence over the summer for fall programming and over winter break for winter programming.

VP of Member Relations

The VP of Member Relations serves as a liaison between PRSSA members and the executive board. This position communicates with members and transcribes feedback, by conducting surveys to gauge chapter performance. This position constructs the mentor/mentee program, and serves as a mentor for students interested in joining PRSSA by answering potential questions, and having a general knowledge about events going on in PRSSA. He/she must send out weekly reminders to members about the speaker and upcoming PRSSA events. He/she is also in charge of taking attendance at meetings and updating the list serve. The VP of Member Relations selects a PRSSA member spotlight each week and introduces him/her to the chapter by sharing various questions and answers. This position is also in charge of giving members an incentive to come to the meetings by picking or having the speaker pick the best question of the night, and having that member get a free dinner voucher,

Position Expectations Include:

  • Contacting the member spotlight
  • Planning mentor/mentee events
  • Conducting and analyzing chapter surveys
  • Emailing the Chapter President with the member spotlight’s photo, twitter handle and name at least two days before the chapter meeting
  • Creating and distributing weekly chapter emails
  • Updating and maintaining chapter listserv
  • Managing the “best question” incentive at the end of chapter meetings

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/wk

VP of External Relations

The VP of External Relations is the primary communication between the regional committee, PRSSA National and the OU chapter. Every semester he/she is required to attend a meeting in Columbus to update the regional committee on what our chapter is doing and to get information about the other university chapters. This position is also the liaison between the the professional advisers of the chapter and the members. Also, this person is responsible for sending a thank you note to each speaker within one or two days of the meeting. Additionally, each week the person who holds this position updates the chapter blog to reflect new jobs, internships and opportunities that might be of interest to members.

Position Expectations Include:

  • Sending out weekly internship opportunity emails to dues-paying members
  • Sending monthly emails updating professional advisors on the happenings of our local chapter
  • Updating chapter website (ScrippsPRSSA.org) with internship opportunities
  • Writing thank you notes to our weekly speakers
  • Creating and managing a PRSSA national and a COPRSA events calendar
  • Attending all COPRSA events
  • Managing the Professional Mentor Program

Time Commitment: 4-5 hrs/ week

VP of Finance

The VP of Finance is responsible for keeping track of the expenditures and deposits made from and into the PRSSA bank account. He/She is in charge of reimbursing members who make purchases for the chapter and for ensuring dues get paid to national PRSSA. The treasurer is also in charge of asking the Student-Activities Commission (SAC) for funds every semester and attend any necessary SAC audits or meetings. The treasurer also runs a fundraising committee and plans fundraisers for our chapter. The treasurer is responsible for managing, monitoring and communicating the chapter’s budget to the professional advisor and chapter president. This may include creating month-to-month or year-to-year comparisons of the chapter’s finances.

Position Expectations Include:

  • Reimbursing members
  • Planning fundraisers
  • Organizing a fundraising committee to raise funds for chapter related events
  • Actively seeking University funding
  • Sending monthly chapter budget updates to the president and faculty advisor
  • Sending National PRSSA scholarship opportunities to chapter president

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/wk

VP of Public Relations

The VP of PR serves as the editor-in-chief of “PR Success,” the internal newsletter for the Chapter, co-manages the Chapter’s social media pages and is in charge of the overall promotions of the Chapter.  As editor-in-chief of the newsletter, the VP of PR must recruit writers and photographers, brainstorm and edit the stories and design the layout. At least two editions of PR Success should be released per semester. This duty is typically heaviest at the beginning and end of the semester. This position requires strong organizational, writing and communications skills, being deadline-oriented and creative. The overall time commitment for this position varies on a weekly basis (duties as “PR Success” editor-in-chief are more time consuming during the beginning and end of the semester).

Position Expectations Include:

  • Monitoring of chapter blog (scrippsprssa.org)
  • Corresponding with chapter newsletter writers, photographers, editors
  • Editing/designing chapter newsletter “PR Success”
  • Maintain Social Media Committee
  • Writing and distributing press releases about Chapter activities

Time Commitment: About 4-6 hrs/week

VP of Social Media

He/she is responsible for monitoring the Chapter’s social media accounts (ie: Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram) and “live tweeting” from the Chapter’s account during weekly meetings. The VP of SM also oversees a social media committee, which consists of other chapter members. Responsibilities for this include: holding weekly meetings, editing post-meeting blogs, editing flier designs and creating/editing any other promotional materials for Chapter events.

Position Expectations Include:

  • Leading social media committee (holding meetings/editing promotional materials)
  • Managing all chapter social media mediums
  • Participating in PRSSA National Twitter chats
  • Co-manages chapter blog/website
  • Live tweets chapter events and meetings

Time Commitment: 4-5 hrs/ week

VP of Social Affairs

The VP of Social Affairs is in charge of planning all social events outside of weekly PRSSA meetings as well as assisting in the promotion of the chapter. The VP of Social Affairs also oversees the Social Affairs Committee which assists in the planning, promotion of, and execution of the social events held outside of regular Monday PRSSA meetings. This position requires organizational skills, creativity, time flexibility and an excitement to get members involved with one another outside the weekly, Monday meetings.

Position Expectations Include:

  • Making dinner/room reservations
  • Planning quarterly events such as: PRSSA Thanksgiving, pumpkin carving with Ad Club, chapter conferences, the PRSSA banquet and the annual Valentine’s shuffle
  • Assists the VP of Finance with fundraising opportunities
  • Assists the president with special events planning

Time Commitment: 4-8 hours/week during normal weeks, 5-15 hours/week during upcoming events.

VP of Visual Communication

The VP of Visual Communication is in charge of creating and designing all of the visual content for the Chapter. This can range anywhere from working on the Chapter’s brand to creating promotional materials. He/she is responsible for the public design of the Chapter newsletter, PR Success, and works closely with the VP of PR to create each edition. The VP of VC is also in charge of taking pictures and videos of the Chapter during meetings, events, trips, ect. Advanced InDesign experience is require, as well as experience in photography and other design platforms.

Position Expectations Include:

  • Creating promotional materials for the Involvement Fair, fundraisers, and other chapter events
  • Advanced experience with professional camera equipment
  • Designing and assembling of four editions of Chapter newsletter, PR Success
  • Involvement in the creation of graphics for the website and various social media sites

Time Commitment: 6-10 hrs/week

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