Become a Star Member

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What is a Star Member?

Scripps PRSSA offers all members the opportunity to achieve Star Member status. This can be accomplished by meeting various requirements that reflect that a member is supporting the Chapter, developing as a PRofessional and going above and beyond in general.

Member’s benefit from this title with a new line on their resume or LinkedIn, experience to back up their skills during an internship or job interview, show their commitment to the Chapter when seeking leadership roles and much more!

  1. Be a dues-paying member
  2. Attend 75 percent of meetings
  3. Attend 50 percent of events
  4. Join the peer or professional mentor program
  5. Become a member of 1804 Communication
  6. Write for Scripps PRSSA once per semester
  7. Write for PRSSA National once per year
  8. Join a Committee
  9. Be on the Bateman Team

Pay dues + 3 more of the above list to be eligible


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