Executive Board

President: Gentry Bennett

gentry_creative (3 of 4)

Year: Senior

Hometown: Centerville, Ohio

Major: Journalism Major (Strategic Communication Track), Outdoor Recreation Specialization and Social Media Certificate

Career Goals: I want to run the social media accounts for a company or entity that I truly believe in.

Fun Fact: I didn’t eat a cheeseburger until I was 19 years old.

Twitter: @gen_andtonic


Executive Vice President: Erica Stonehill


Year: Senior

Hometown:  Lima, Ohio

Major: Strategic Communication Major, with a split Specialization in Political Science and Music Production & Recording Industry and a Social Media Certificate.

Greatest Passions: One Direction, Friends (the TV show), Bernie Sanders, the Cavs and Athens.

Career Goals: Music and politics overlap more often than people realize, and I hope to combine my passion for both by creating political change using the universal language of music.

Twitter: @estonehill13

VP of External Relations: Emily Barber

tiny headshotYear: Senior

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Major: Strategic Communication Major, with a Marketing Minor and a Social Media Certificate

Greatest Passions: Creative ideas, social media, making a difference and cats

Career Goals: I would love to work in nonprofit PR! Specifically for an organization that helps animals like WWF

Twitter: @emilybarbershop

VP of Member Relations: Libby Bradford

Libby HeadshotYear: Senior

Hometown: Kent, Ohio

Major: Strategic Communication, with a Marketing Minor and a Social Media Certificate

Greatest Passion: I’m passionate about “do good” movements.

Career Goals: I want to establish a career that allows me to go beyond four white walls. I want to travel internationally, I want to work for a company that allows me to think intuitively. I want to be an active voice in the world of public relations.

Twitter: @libbybradford

VP of Public Relations: Jennica Lurie


Year: Senior

Hometown:  Lansing, Michigan

Major: Strategic Communication Major with a Marketing Minor, and a Social Media Certificate 

Greatest Passions:  Travel, people and happiness

Career Goals: I would die to have a career in travel and tourism PR. I want to make people happy by inspiring them to learn about new cultures and places.

Fun Fact: I once jumped off a 75-foot waterfall and almost died.

Twitter: @jennicalurie

VP of Finance and Executive VP of Consulting for ImPRessions: Sammie Fisher

IMG_1080Year: Junior

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Major: Strategic Communication Major with a Marketing Minor

Greatest Passions: Data Analytics, reasearch and smiling 🙂

Career Goals: I would love to be an account planner or find a job that allows me to compile research and data to formulate communication plans.

Fun Fact: I participated in the running man challenge at the Scripps National Spelling Bee

Twitter: @sammiefisher3

VP of Visual Communication: Elise Mills


Year: Senior

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Major: Strategic Communication Major with a Business Minor and duel Specialization in Business and Italian Studies

Greatest Passion:

Career Goals: Corporate has stolen my heart. I would love to work at a corporation in PR and eventually put my business minor and love of charts to use as CEO.

Twitter: @itseliselove


VP of Social Affairs: Rosie Haren

me.jpgYear: Senior

Hometown: Kent, Ohio

Major: Strategic Communication Major, with a Marketing Minor and a Social Media Certificate

Greatest Passion: The thing I am most passionate about it just living the life you have to the fullest and smiling through the sun and the rain! Life often throw curve balls at us and it’s our job to push through.

Career Goals: I hope to work at a super cool PR agency either dealing with entertainment, food, travel, or nonprofit.

Twitter: @rosieharen

VP of Social Media: Taylor Dilley

IMG_1743Year: Junior

Hometown: Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Major: Strategic Communications Major with a Marketing Minor and a Social Media Certificate

Greatest Passion: Lifelong learning and continuous improvement

Career Goals: I want to work in higher education branding and communications, hopefully even for OU!

Fun Fact: I have watched Parks & Rec in its entirety 3 times through. I aspire to be like Leslie Knope!

Twitter: @taylor_dilley

CEO of ImPRessions: Austin Ambrose

austin_creative (3 of 3)

Year: Senior

Hometown: Burton, Ohio

Major: Journalism Major with an English Minor 

Greatest Passion: Rural education, education reform and community development. I also really like movies, TV and books.

Career Goals: As of right now I want to become a teacher and hopefully move into administration after a good chunk of time in the classroom. I hope to have smaller business ventures and nonprofits that I can start.

Twitter: @tex_ambrose

Senior Executive Vice President of ImPRessions: Grace Driscoll

Dd1fgE2vYear: Senior

Hometown: Madison, Connecticut

Major: Strategic Communication Major with a split Specalization in Marketing and Visual Communications

Greatest Passion:

Career goals: I want to be the Executive Director of the Olympic Games Planning Committee

Twitter: @gracedriscoll_

Junior Executive Vice President of ImPRessions: Allison Arnold

screen-shot-2016-01-19-at-2-24-24-pmYear: Junior

Hometown: Tiffin, Ohio

Major: Strategic Communication Major with minors in Business Administration, Marketing and Retail Fashion Product Development.

Greatest Passion: Family, fashion and fitness

Career Goals: I would love to work my way up in the fashion industry and bridge the gap between retail and doing good. I want to make an income while also making an impact.

Twitter: @allison_arnoldd




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