Executive Board


samantha morsink


Year: Senior

Major: Journalism, Strategic Communication major with a minor in Marketing

Career Goals: I’m not sure what exact field I want to end up in, but I want to be doing work that has an impact and betters the community around me.

Internships/Experience: Last year I was the social media intern for Bobcat Student Orientation and University College. This year I am working in Columbus at Nationwide Children’s Hospital as a consumer marketing intern.

What Makes Me Happy: Things that make me happy are my dog and cat, KFC and being outside on a warm, sunny day!

Favorite Thing About Athens: My favorite thing about Athens is the beautiful environment and endless supply of coffee choices!

Favorite Thing About Scripps PRSSA: My favorite thing about Scripps PRSSA is that we are more than just a student organization, but we are also friends who always support each other.

Advice to Underclassmen: My advice for underclassmen is to stop comparing your success to everyone around you! Everyone is on their own path and will find their way. Don’t stress out because someone else is doing something you’re not. Just embrace your journey as your own.

Twitter:  @Samimor23

Executive Vice President:

sierra heilman


Year: Senior

Major: Journalism, Strategic Communication major with a minor in Marketing

Career Goals: From my current internship, I have found that I love agency life and could see myself working for an agency post grad. My long term goal is to be a wedding planner and own my own event venue! PR plays a huge role in being successful in that kind of field.

Internships/Experience: My first internship was with a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center called, The Recovery Center. My current internship is with Krile Communications, an all-female public relations agency.

What Makes Me Happy: What makes me most happy is having long conversations with my mom and dad. The older I get, the more things I learn and appreciate about my parents and that quality time is so special to me.

Favorite Thing About Athens: I love being able to have so many things in common with the people that surround me every day. Whether we spend a whole night in our college building or walk down Court Street for some food and fun, Athens is the place where I get to make the best memories with the best people.

Favorite Thing About Scripps PRSSA: Scripps PRSSA has opened my eyes and mind to the possibilities PR could take me. It has helped me find what I am passionate about and has gave me much more confidence in myself. An organization is nothing without the people in it and that is what I am most grateful for.

Advice to Underclassmen: GET. INVOLVED. Even if you feel you have not shown up enough or are nervous to jump into a crowd that may not know who you are. I promise we will accept you with open arms and you will create new friendships instantly. We all went through it and after you go to your first social or attend your first national conference, you will be so connected and truly reap all the benefits Scripps PRSSA has to offer.

Twitter: @heilman_sierra

VP of Member Relations:

hannah schuller


Year: Senior

Major: Journalism, Strategic Communication major with a minor in Marketing and a Social Media Certificate

Career Goals: In the future, I would love to work at an agency that specializes in public relations, event planning and media relations with a focus in food and drinks.

Internships/Experience: I’m currently working as a PR and Marketing Coordinator at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, and I’ve previously worked at Student Affairs Communications and Marketing in Athens as a Content Marketing Intern and the Geauga County Engineer’s Office in Chardon as a PR and Journalism Intern.

What Makes Me Happy: I am the happiest when I’m traveling, eating ice cream or trying new foods.

Favorite Thing About Athens: My favorite thing about Athens is all of the wonderful people! I’m also a big fan of USD, Whit’s and all of the great food.

Favorite Thing About Scripps PRSSA: I love Scripps PRSSA because I’m able to network and learn so much about the PR industry while taking advantage of amazing opportunities that push me out of my comfort zone. An added perk is finding “my people” who love the same things I love and push me to complete my personal and professional goals. The memories and friendships I’ve made make Scripps PRSSA one of the best experiences of my college career.

Advice to Underclassmen: Step out of your comfort zone as often as possible. I understand how hard it is to do new things, but the biggest risks often turn into the best rewards. Find your group of people and make the connections that last a lifetime.

Twitter: @hannahschuller_

VP of Finance:

katherine keber


Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism, Strategic Communication major with specializations in History and Visual Communication and a Museum Studies certificate

Career Goals: Right now, I’m very interested in learning more about nonprofit PR. I’d love to work for a museum or arts organization and am entertaining the idea of going to grad school at some point as well!

What Makes Me Happy: Sunshine and great books! Hammocking on College Green with a great book is when I’m at my happiest.

Favorite Thing About Athens: Athens has so much to offer! I love that there are endless opportunities to connect with the community through volunteering and jobs off campus.

Favorite Thing About Scripps PRSSA: I love EVERYTHING about Scripps PRSSA! I’ve really found my family through PRSSA and am so glad that I joined! The opportunity to network with professionals and my peers through Scripps PRSSA every week is a huge part of the reason I chose to attend OHIO.

Advice to Underclassmen: Ask SO many questions. Never stop asking questions. Seek out the people who will not only answer your questions, but who will push you to ask MORE questions. Knowledge is power.

Twitter: @katherinekeber

VP of External Relations:

haley bender


Year: Junior

Major: Journalism, Strategic Communication major with a minor in Marketing

Career Goals: In the future, I want to work in PR in the beauty industry.

Internships/Experience: I have interned at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio, for the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Ohio University and will be interning in San Francisco this summer at Sephora.

What Makes Me Happy: Things that make me happy are makeup, my cat and ice cream.

Favorite Thing About Athens: My favorite part about Athens is the food!

Favorite Thing About Scripps PRSSA: What I love most about Scripps PRSSA is being with all of my favorite people, who share a common passion for PR and professional and personal development.

Advice to Underclassmen: My advice to underclassmen is to just fake it till you make it! No one actually knows what they’re doing.

Twitter: @haleynbender

VP of Public Relations:

sydney davis

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism, Strategic Communication major with specializations in Marketing and Visual Communication

Career Goals: I’m still figuring it out as I go! I want to work in corporate communications and for a company that shares similar values to my own. The cool thing about PR is that you can go into any industry you want!

Internships/Experience: I’ve worked for a variety of local businesses in Athens including the Ohio University Inn & Conference Center, Cat’s Corner and Jefferson Marketplace. Holding leadership positions within these organizations has allowed me to strengthen my communication skills and expand my network. Currently, I am interning at Welltower Inc. as their Internal Communications & Human Capital intern. I do a lot of things here, so check out my LinkedIn profile for more details!

What Makes Me Happy: My beautiful baby girl, Sangria. Check out her Instagram, @sangriadavis!

Favorite Thing About Athens: EVERYTHING! In fact, ya girl was voted “Most Likely to Never Leave Athens” for Scripps PRSSA superlatives. I love Athens and I cry anytime I have to think about leaving.

Favorite Thing About Scripps PRSSA: Scripps PRSSA allows me to be myself. The members are great too. I’ve met some of my very best friends in this organization!

Advice to Underclassmen:  It’s okay to not have everything figured out. You’re not alone. This is something that took me until my junior year of college to understand. You’ll know what you want to do when the time is right! Until then, work hard and step outside of your comfort zone.

Twitter: @_sydneyadavis

VP of Social Media:

vivian moussa


Year: Junior

Major: Journalism, Strategic Communication major with a minor in Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development and a Social Media certificate

Career Goals: My dream is to work in PR for a company in the fashion or entertainment industry! I love pop culture and keeping up with trends so I’d love to combine these interests with my career.

Internships/Experience: I’m currently the field marketing intern at Allied Global Marketing, an entertainment marketing firm in Cleveland. I’m also a strategy assistant at Ohio University’s, Advancement Communication and Marketing, where I work as the account executive for The Bobcat Store, an online retailer for alumni.

What Makes Me Happy: I’m all about the small pleasures in life: a good cup of coffee and reality TV.

Favorite Thing About Athens: Athens is such a beautiful place and community, I love being surrounded by so many great people. I love all of the cool and quaint places to eat, shop or hangout. There’s nothing better than walking down Court Street with a cup of coffee from Donkey in my hand!

Favorite Thing About Scripps PRSSA: Scripps PRSSA is filled with the most amazing and talented group of people! They are what I love most about this organization because they’re so fun, welcoming and push you to be the best you can be.

Advice to Underclassmen: It’s OK to not be doing what everyone else is (even your roommate). It will be easy to want to follow the majority, but once you start doing what you want and truly enjoy, you’ll be so much happier and make the best memories!

Twitter: @vmooose

 VP of Social Affairs:

kate ryan


Year: Senior

Major: Journalism, Strategic Communication major with a specialization in Sports Administration and a Social Media certificate

Career Goals: I would like to work in corporate communications one day, ideally for a company that allows me to work with sports like ESPN or Nationwide.

Internships/Experience: Communications Intern for Ohio University’s University College, Head Manager and Media Relations Intern for Ohio University’s Women’s Basketball, Marketing Lead for OHIO Campus Recreation, Social Media Project Manager for OHIO Student Alumni Board (SAB), Creative Account Executive (AE) for 1804 Communication

What Makes Me Happy: Give me some Chipotle (or Chick-fil-A), reality television, a good book, and anything sports related and I’m a happy girl.

Favorite Thing About Athens: I love most that no matter where you’re from or who you are, everyone can find their second home and family in Athens.

Favorite Thing About Scripps PRSSA: I love most that I’ve been able to find a passion for my future career and make forever friends and connections all in the same organization.

Advice to Underclassmen:Take chances and don’t let failure keep you down—your hard work will pay off.

Twitter:  @ryanmkate

VP of Visual Communication:

jakob warren


Year: Junior

Major: Double major in Communication Studies and Journalism, Strategic Communication

Career Goals: Truthfully, this question always stumps me–but that is OK! I know I want to do PR, but in which industry I do not know. Of course, I’ve had thoughts about doing PR for a company I admire, or maybe a company in the tech sector. One appeal of the PR industry is that you could actually end up anywhere, and that type of spontaneity excites me.

Internships/Experience: I recently worked for the Cutler Scholars Program as a communications director, which taught me the ins and outs of a communications position. I look forward to a writing position with the College of Arts and Sciences of Ohio University during the summer and upcoming school year! It will give me the chance to channel my journalist side.

What Makes Me Happy: My friends and my future. Everything seems so bright. I also love to play video games!

Favorite Thing About Athens: The Bobcat spirit, the food and the nature.

Favorite Thing About Scripps PRSSA: I love that I am able to surround myself with people dedicated to the same types of interests I have. You all continue to amaze me, and that’s my favorite part!

Advice to Underclassmen: College can get pretty stressful at times. Prioritize your time but do not forget about yourself. Give yourself some personal attention to decompress. Your health matters, and you must be compassionate toward yourself, too! I have recently realized that striking a balance between work and personal time is not easy; however, one specific thing I learned is to ask for help/extensions from your professors to accommodate to a busy schedule. They’re there to see you succeed–not to make you fail.

Twitter:  @jaykub_

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