Sibs Weekend Recap

This past weekend Ohio University offered a wonderful opportunity for siblings of students to come to campus and partake in fun activities, but even more importantly to visit with family.


The dates of sibs weekend are released months in advance making it one of the most hyped events on campus every year. The university scheduled many events to ensure visitors had nothing short of a memorable time.

Bird Arena, home of the Ohio University hockey team, was packed Friday night. Tickets were $6 for students and $8 for others. Bobcats won 9-0 and swept the Pittsburgh Panthers!

Following the hockey game on Saturday, “Midnight Meltdown” was held for a recreational skate session. Siblings had the chance to hit the ice late at night!

Ohio University’s men and women’s basketball teams both played this past weekend as well. Admission was free for students as usual, with guest tickets sold at $5. The women defeated Toledo and the men finished ahead of Akron who was previously undefeated in the MAC, with Jaaron Simmons scoring a whopping 38 points. Go Bobcats!

If you’re not so into sports, Friday night included the Black Student Cultural Programming Board’s (BSCPD) annual show shedding light on performances from campus artistic groups. The 2nd annual Harry Potter marathon was also held Saturday from noon to 11:30 p.m.

On Saturday, Baker Ballroom held a “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” event, which consisted of a free movie screening and free chocolate!

A female acapella group, formed by OU’s women ensemble members, performed for free on Saturday. A fashion show was also held this day by modeling organization, FACES.

Students and siblings interested in outdoor activities and brave enough to face the cold, visited Conkle’s Hollow in Hocking Hills on Saturday and Sunday for a hike. Zip lining was offered in addition to hiking.

Ohio University was definitely bustling this past Sibs Weekend! The tradition lives on as alumni with siblings currently attending the university shed a tear while taking a nostalgia tour down Court Street. One thing that can be said, without a doubt, is that Sibs Weekend will always be one of the most anticipated events of the year.




Meghan O’Dea is a sophomore strategic communication major. Follow her on Twitter @MeghanOdea!



Storytizing: A Book Review

We’ve all heard the advice to keep up with recent trends in the industry. So, we all subscribed to the advertising and PR newsletters, or read our favorite blog. Whatever the method, we have our own way of staying updated.

 However, one method that many people, especially students short on time, tend to ignore is picking up a book. Yes, a printed book. There are many books discussing the communication world that take a deeper dive into industry news.

 Bob Pearson, president of W2O Group, published his newest novel in early 2016 entitled Storytizing: What’s Next After Advertising. One of the speakers at a PRSSA event recommended this book. I decided to give it a read and see what it had to offer. Storytizing sounded engaging to me.


 The overall premise of the book is detailing strategies that will engage your audiences. It discusses how to build these audiences, identifies the influencers of new advertising strategies and current trends in the advertising world. It’s all great information for an emerging PR professional.

 However, I began reading and quickly understood that this book is not for the college student. It is full of extremely useful information, but I felt that the reader required an in-depth understanding of how to use tracking and analytics tools. It’s almost as if you needed to be working with the information as you were reading it. Reading it alone made it more difficult to digest.

 I’m not sure how much I exactly took away from reading it. I can say there were good snippets of information throughout that made it worth the time for reading. There was a great chapter about Snapchat and another on utilizing employees. My advice is to give it a read. Even if you don’t understand it now, you’ll be priming your brain for when you enter the industry. Then, come back and read it again.

 Take some time and scope out other books in the industry. They require a little more time and energy, but are more detailed. Some other ones include Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation, The Art of Perception, and For Immediate Release. Our fellow PRSSA scholars at Syracuse University also created a list of books us PR and advertising students should read.

 Even picking up a book for pleasure, one that has nothing to do with the industry, makes you more understanding of different viewpoints. Go on some adventures and see the improvements to your knowledge of audience targeted messaging.

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Austin Ambrose is a senior Journalism major. He is also the CEO of our other half, ImPRessions! Follow him on Twitter @Tex_Ambrose7.

Branded-How Social Media Is Taking Over the Corporate World

It is no secret that the way companies and corporations are marketing and selling products is changing drastically—mostly due to the rise of social media. Instead of learning only traditional marketing techniques, we are learning more about how to have a presence on social media and why it is important. New types of jobs are being created specifically to run and develop a company’s social media, and figure out exactly what their consumers are asking for.


The rise and use of social media, for our generation especially, cannot be ignored. According to a study done by Infusion Soft, nearly 90 percent of young adults use social media, and a third of millennials say that it is one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses. Whether it is positive, negative, trustworthy or plain false, it is where we get most of our information. If this is the direction public relations and marketing are going in, there is no question as to why it is so important, especially for those of us currently in or finishing college. A company’s persona on the web ultimately decides its fate today, and it is important to know the ins and outs of the analytics behind it. Something that I have enjoyed learning about in PRSSA and my general college classes is why things like click-through rates and views matter, and how to become an expert in these things. What may seem like a minuscule detail could be paramount to a company’s image and how its audience responds to it.

The biggest take-away for me with social media in mind is understanding that in today’s world, everything has a brand, right down to our individual selves. Whether we are updating and connecting on LinkedIn or posting a new picture to Instagram, we are creating an image and representation of who we are. Once we are good at figuring out how to do that for ourselves, then what’s stopping us from doing the same thing for a major company or product? Social media can no longer be ignored as a major tool for the corporate world and as its usage only grows larger, it will be interesting to see which companies can use it to their advantage, and where others might fall short in understanding how to do so.



Olivia Wise is a freshman Journalism-Strategic Communication major. Follow her on Twitter @LiviWise!


January 30th Meeting Recap


Mentor/Mentee Program

  • Email Libby Bradford before this Sunday (2/5) if you are interested in being a part of the mentor/mentee program.

(Net)Work Your Way to the Top with PRSSA & ImPRessions

  • February 15th from 6:30-8 in Schoonover 145
  • Bring your resume, notebook, and look professional
  • Get your resume critiqued and learn from those who have been there before. Also send applications & get a gift

Pay your DUES

  • Dues are due February 20th — $80 (cash or check)
  • Benefits: mentor/mentee program, internship listings, national memberships and discounts, looks great on resume


  • Stickers $3
  • T-shirts $15

Interested in Blogging?

  • If you are interested in blogging, please email Jennica (jl390412) for more information
  • Feel free to sign up for any open slot on the calendar

Networking Trips

  • Spots are open for Cleveland (2/10) and Nashville (2/17)
  • For more details & to sign up, email

PRSSA National Assembly

  • Go to Seattle for free!
  • Resume and cover letter due February 1st at 5 p.m


Run for PRSSA E-Board

  • Election info sessions on February 8th @7:30 in Scripps 114 & February 20th @7 in Alden 319
  • E-Board is held Wednesdays at 5pm in Schoonover 508

Member Spotlight

  • Hallie Kile
  • Twitter: @halkile22


Resource for Members

  • Emily’s office hours: Baker 318 Tuesday 4:30-6:30

Guest Speaker: Samantha Smith-Communication Manager @ The Ronald McDonald House


The Columbus Ronald McDonald House Basic Information

  • 137 Bedroom facilities complete with community rooms, laundry facilities and a kitchen
  • Average family stays 8 nights
  • Serves families with children in any Central Ohio hospital
  • Largest Ronald McDonald House in the world
  • Expansion opened September 2014 (additional guest rooms, rooftop garden, spa, princess room, and 5 family homes)
  • Newest Addition: The Family Room (coming soon)

The Ronald McDonald House Mission Statement

  • Ronald McDonald house charities of central Ohio creates, finds and supports programs that directly improve the health and well being of children.


The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

  • Launched December 1st, 2010
  • Traveling pediatric medical clinic (Physicians and Nurses)
  • Taking care to underserved areas of Central and Southeast Ohio
  • Serves over 1,000 children per year

Ways to Get Involved:

  • Individual house warmers
  • Group volunteering
  • Meal groups
  • Special projects
  • Craftsmen
  • Special events
  • Red Shoe Society

Ways to Give:

  • Wish List Drive
  • Pop Tabs
  • Adopt-A-Room
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Donate your vehicle to RMHC
  • Include RMHC in your estate plans

More about Samantha Smith:

  • Graduate of The Ohio State University
  • Got connected with RMHC through an internship her senior year and was offered a job following the internship
  • Started as a communication and marketing intern (worked special events, wrote thank yous, etc.)
  • Wrote a family story (interviewed the family and went to the hospital to meet the little boy)
  • Runs the social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • In charge of meeting the cause marketing budget
  • Works directly with videography and partners with Pixel Park to create all media content
  • Works everyday to come up with new ways to promote/ask for money on social media
  • Must make sure all content is up to “brand standards”

More about The Ronald McDonald House:

  • Run almost completely by volunteers
  • Only 22 paid employees
  • RMHC has a 4-million-dollar revenue that needs to be met in order to keep the house running
  • Donations: $420,000 every year
  • Grants Budget: $290,000 every year
  • Cause Marketing Budget: $410,000
  • Special Event Budget: over 1 million, promoted on social media

If you want to help The Ronald McDonald House get the chance to win $100,000; go to and vote!!

See you all at next week’s meeting!



This week’s meeting recap is brought to you by Hannah Browsky! Hannah is a strategic communication major. Follow her on Twitter @HannahBrowsky!






Seven Things I Learned from Aliza Licht’s Mentorship Book, Leave Your Mark

I was first drawn to this book due to its catering towards those interested in and preparing for the world of fashion communications. Aliza Licht shares her personal experiences and professional direction for anyone who is entering the job field or working their way up to that milestone. This book has given me techniques for executing great communication and ways I can build and maintain a personal brand. Licht’s book is worth the read! Here are seven things I learned from her book that I would love to share with you:


1. In college we are trying to get as much experience for our career path as possible. Licht highlights that as long as the experience you are getting is even loosely related to your dream career, that experience is worth your time! Especially, if you are passionate about your work and it brings out your creativity.

2. For cover letters, I liked the tip Licht gives on including a brief sentence in the letter that cites an accomplishment the company you’re applying to is proud of. It will show the company you are a fan of theirs and have done your research, which can make them view you as a great addition to their team.

3. Licht talks in detail about her internship experience and how to really take advantage of your time while you’re there. She intends to coach the reader so that their employer will say, “What are we going to do without you?” by the end of the internship. My favorite pieces of advice from Licht regarding internships is to be a self-starter, which means to take initiative and always ask if there’s something else you could be doing. This tip may be simple, but I can imagine how important it is! Licht encourages the intern to absorb their workplace atmosphere. You should mimic the atmosphere and work how your colleagues do until you have established yourself. (There is a tremendous amount of info in this section. Definitely try to read before your upcoming internship!)

4. Before an interview, prepare questions the interviewer may ask you. Be prepared to discuss an obstacle you overcame and an example of how you worked well with a team. Licht highlights how you can also prepare for your interview by researching the company beforehand and trying to figure out what accomplishments your interviewer has made within the company.

5. Be your own publicist. This means to look at yourself from an outsider’s POV and look at yourself as a client. A way to be your own publicist is to write a third person biography, including professional and personal attributions. Some examples to include in your bio are hobbies, education, career path and talents.

6. Ask yourself what impression you make on people after you meet them. Create the image of the role you are going for.

7. In your career, once you move up the ladder, you will become a greater leader. Make sure you are likeable and able to still be part of the team you are leading.

In all, Leave Your Mark is a resource for anyone with the passion to pursue their life goals and grab the reigns of their own professional career. With Licht’s advice, you will finish reading and feel like you can do anything you set your mind to and work hard towards.




Rachel O’Morrow is a sophomore Strategic Communications major. Follow her on Twitter @Rachel_Omorrow!

January 23rd Meeting Recap

Welcome back everyone! Who else missed PRSSA over break?! We’re all very excited to be back on campus and in the swing of spring semester! If you weren’t able to make it to our first official meeting of the semester, here’s what you missed!

Join our mentorship programs! They are both fantastic ways to learn more about PR, get help and advice and broaden your social network! You must be a dues-paying member to be involved.

  • If you want to be a peer mentor, or if you’d like to have a peer mentor, email Libby Bradford at and she’ll hook you up!
  • To be mentored by a PR professional who has made it in the real world, email Emily Barber at and she’ll pair you with someone!

Pay dues!!! You can pay $80 to our VP of Finance Sammie Fisher by February 20th to gain access to exclusive content like internship databases and scholarships, receive priority advantage for trips and events, and run for executive board. The $80 will also cover your ImPRessions dues for the year!

We have swag! Come to the next meeting to buy a laptop sticker for $3 or a tee shirt for $15.


Go on a networking trip! We are going to Cleveland and Nashville to meet some great companies, so make sure you email beginning at 8am on Friday, January 27th (tomorrow morning) to reserve your spot on a trip. It’s first come, first serve up to 18 slots. Make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

We are sending a delegate to PRSSA National Assembly in Seattle for free! Send a resume and cover letter to by February 1st at 5 p.m. to apply.


Scripps PRSSA loooooves BobcaTHON! Register to be a dancer by Friday, January 27th to have the time of your life and support a fantastic cause. Contact Erica Stonehill at with any questions! Maura and Taylor will be your Morale Captains, so get excited! (And also Jennica is a morale captain for the red team, so catch her there too!)Bobcathon.jpg

Do you want to run for e-board? Come to an e-board meeting Wednesdays at 5 p.m. in Schoonover 508 to see what it’s like and attend an election info session on February 8th at 7:30 p.m. in Scripps 114 or on February 20th at 7 p.m. in Alden 319 if you’re interested.

If you want to get involved in ImPRessions, our student-run PR firm, email!

Congratulate Maggie Kaple because she is this week’s member spotlight! She’s a freshman who loves coffee, Game of Thrones and Shively Grab-N-Go, and we’re very excited to watch her shine in the coming years! Give her a follow on Twitter and Instagram @MaggieKaps.


This week’s speaker was OU grad Cody Ferguson, an Inbound Marketing Consultant and Content Program Lead for NR Media Group. He led us through an interactive growth-driven web design workshop and gave us some great tips on how to ensure your brand’s website is performing well.


Here are some highlights:

Traditional web design is broken. It takes too long, costs too much and often results in a site that is not beneficial to the company.

Growth-driven design is a new approach that utilizes user data to produce websites that are informative, easy to use and profitable for the brand.

A business’s website is its #1 marketing asset and #1 salesperson, so it must be done well.

Growth-driven design uses a three-step process to quickly construct a great site.

  1. Strategy- Gain an empathetic understanding of your users and how to fit your site into their lives. Then, brainstorm a wish list of elements for the new site that can solve user problems.
  2. Launch pad website- Build a site with only the core, value-driven elements that you can launch quickly to keep the user and the business happy. Break your wish list into wants and must-haves to find out what exactly the launch pad site needs.
  3. Continuous improvement- Collect user data to find out how they are using your site and what they find important. Then, prioritize what needs to be improved to expand the value of the site. Using analytics and user-mapping tools like Hotjar, find the problems, fix them and move on to the next. By continuously analyzing user data and making frequent small improvements, you can create the site your users want in a shorter period of time.

Advice from Cody:

  • Don’t be delegated. Know what you have to offer and offer it.
  • Read up on technology! He suggests learning HubSpot, Slack, Hotjar, Wistia, HelloSign and TeamGantt.
  • Let data drive your decisions.
  • Cater to the user, not the designer.
  • Be curious!


Now that you’re all caught up, get involved in some of the awesome things we have coming up and come to next week’s meeting to hear from Samantha Smith, the Communications Manager for Ronald McDonald House Charities!



This week’s meeting recap is brought to you by Maura Anderson! Maura is a sophomore strategic communication major. Follow her on Twitter @agentmanderson!

5 Social Media Habits to Leave in 2016

Some things should be left in 2016. These social media habits are no exception. Up your social media game in 2017 by avoiding these cringe-worthy habits.

  1. Not checking your sources.

2016 was the year of fake news. Social media users are quick to post without checking the source or facts. This causes a wide range of problems that could be avoided. Don’t embarrass yourself or cause a public panic in 2017 – check your facts before you post.


  1. #Hashtagging #every #word.

Not only is using an excessive amount of hashtags unnecessary, it can be rather annoying. It’s hard to read, doesn’t look professional and sends a signal of desperation. One or two hashtags will do the trick in connecting your content to the correct audience.


  1. Editing your photos to make yourself look thinner – we noticed.

You look fine the way you are. Seriously. Editing your photo to make yourself look thinner is a habit you need to drop. Not only is it unnecessary, but this “trick” is an easy one to spot. The morphed lines of wallpaper and window frames behind you are a clear giveaway to what you did. Be confident and don’t risk your followers catching you in the act!


  1. Being an internet troll.

With endless opinions on the internet you are bound to disagree with some. However, that doesn’t give you the excuse to be the dreaded internet troll. For example: cute dog, playing outside alone. Internet troll: “animal abuse.” Don’t be that person. There are better ways to spend your day than causing unnecessary drama.


  1. Posting content you don’t want the whole world to see.

2016 has come to a close, yet some still have not learned the concept of the internet. Once you post it, it is out there forever – whether it is good, bad or ugly. Only post what you are okay with the whole world seeing. Your account may be private, but a screenshot is forever.






Natalie Butko is a sophomore studying Strategic Communication. Follow her on Twitter @chatty__natty.

How Social Media Glorifies Having A Significant Other for the Holidays

Social media. Only the biggest and most important part of our generation…especially during the holidays.

What better time of the year to think of a perfect photo op with the cutest Instagram caption than the holidays? And what better way to spend them than with a significant other?

Speaking for all you single ladies (or gentlemen) out there…social media is NOT just for a significant other. In fact, if you’re single, you SHOULD brag and boast about how awesome your holiday experiences are. And what better way to do it than a cute Snapchat story or adorable Instagram post?

Social media not only makes it a bit harder for the single folks, but also makes it a lot more annoying. Not to bash on all of you in a relationship because, seriously, good for you, but the holidays are already lonely enough for those who have consistently been in relationships in the past and now have to spend them alone. So some advice to all of you: don’t open Instagram! Don’t look at Snapchat stories belonging to those couples that you know love bragging about their relationship every two seconds.


Instead, maybe try and put down social media for the holidays. Live in the moment. Pretend it’s a whole different era and there IS no social media. Spend some time with your family and friends rather than focusing on that perfect moment to snap a picture and post so all of your internet friends can see.

There IS a way to overcome not having a significant other for the holidays and that is simply putting down social media for a bit. And if you really don’t think you can do that, then don’t! Here’s some totally cool ideas that not just couples can partake in:

  1. Go to the city tree lighting!
  2. Go out to dinner with friends and/or family.
  3. Go ice skating, sledding or simply take a walk in the snow!
  4. Go meet up for a winter beverage at a cute coffee shop.
  5. Spend a day at the mall and/or movies!
  6. Go to a basketball game (or football if the cold weather is your thing)!
  7. Go out and have a good time! Shockingly, you DON’T need a s/o to do this!

There are so many photo opportunities you can have this holiday season that don’t have to be shared with a significant other.

To be honest, friend pictures always seem to rack in more likes anyway.





Meghan O’Dea is a sophomore studying Strategic Communication. Follow her on Twitter @meghanodea!


Building Your Personal Brand: A Winter Break To-Do

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Finals are over, stress has decreased and you can unwind with family and friends in the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to take some time and focus on yourself. What do you want to accomplish this coming spring? You may already have a list of tasks and responsibilities to focus on during the break away from classes, but one thing all pre-professionals and professionals must do is work on their personal brand.

What is a personal brand? Even if you aren’t sure what this is, you most likely have already cultivated one for yourself. Personal branding is establishing how you would like an audience to perceive you and how you want to market your skills, passions and talents to that audience. The brand should always be authentic and represent your true character. Personal branding plays a major role in our social media following and online presence. It is important because it allows you to manage your reputation, engage people with your personality, and let the world know who you are. As long as you keep a consistent voice on your social networks, you are on the way to creating a successful brand for yourself.

Whether or not you have already established a personal brand, here are some tips to enhance what you have online so far, or begin the journey of personal branding!

Write down your passions and interests

The more detailed interests the better. These may set you apart from many other people with an online presence. Try to establish what you want people to think of when they see your name online. Maybe there is a certain skill you are proficient in or an area of expertise you wish to promote.

Decide which of your social media platforms need revising to match your passions or create new platforms

A professional way to get people involved and focus in on your personal brand is to create your own website. It may seem intimidating, but start with something simple just to get your name out there. Options such as Wix and WordPress allow you to create a website free of charge! A website is an organized way to link your social media networks and upload portfolio pieces.

Get strategic

Do you think your social platform posts are creating the brand you want to be perceived? If you aren’t getting the responses you’d hope for, get creative and tweak your posts. Try changing up the language, tone, add humor etc. until you find a method that starts creating positive responses and attention.

Connect with other’s personal brands

It can enhance your brand to collaborate with other people who share the same interests and goals as yourself. You can gain insight and creative ideas by simply talking with others who focus on their personal brand. See how other people are doing things and try implementing their techniques into your online platforms.



Rachel O’Morrow is a sophomore studying Strategic Communication. Follow her on Twitter @rachel_omorrow!

How to Learn Social Media Analytics in Four Weeks

You can easily learn social media analytics in just a month. Whether it’s part of your five-year plan, New Year’s resolution or just something to do over a break from school, social media analytics skills beef up your resume! The ability to analyze data is easier than you think. Here are four steps to start your journey!

  1. Start by signing up for free trials or analyzing your personal social media for free

Finding out how many impressions your personal Twitter account garners every month is as easy as typing “” into your browser. Sign up and see how much your account can do! YouTube is a great resource for figuring out how to use any analytics platform, but I’ve picked out this one for Twitter analytics specifically:

  1. Dive a little deeper by getting a certification

Love analytics and want to show it off? Check out certificate programs like Google Analytics and Hubspot for a quick and fun way to show off your learning. After passing a few tests, you’ll get a badge for your LinkedIn page and a full page certificate. Make sure you add it to your resume!


  1. Try and analyze a company’s social media

Now, think of your favorite brand. How are they performing against their competitor? You can’t necessarily deep dive (unless you happen to have their password!), but you can look at their activity to see how they are doing. How does this compare to when you analyzed your personal social media?

The biggest lesson here is to think about how much you enjoyed this. Could you do it as a career? If so, look into internships in social media & analysis!

  1. Make a plan for your future with social media analytics

If you didn’t finish your certificate program, or if you want to nail that social media internship- make a plan! Plans are vital. Time everything out and make sure that you can stick to it (of course there will be a few bumps along the way).


Overall, social media analytics fluency is just four weeks away! Follow these four steps for a guide on how to start your journey to a potential future career.

gentry_creative (3 of 4)



Gentry Bennett is a senior strategic communication major. She is also the President of Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter @Gen_andTonic!