PRSSA hustles and bustles in February

Launching the Scripps Innovation Challenge

By: Cidnye Weimer

At the end of the 2011-2012 school year, PRSSA was presented with a unique opportunity. Andrew Alexander, Scripps Howard visiting professional and former Washington Post ombudsman, had an idea that he needed help developing. Alexander proposed a competition that related to problems the media industry is having and how college students can offer solutions. The basis of the competition was mostly thought out but he still needed help with a marketing plan to promote it on campus.Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 7.19.31 PM

After coming to PRSSA, a team of eight eager individuals quickly accepted the challenge. Generating names, logos and different marketing strategies, the Scripps Innovation Challenge marketing plan was born.

“Creating the initial marketing plan allowed for younger members to put together their first set of campaign ideas, and also gave us all experience in brainstorming overall branding material,” said PRSSA President Allison Jordan

The team submitted the plan to Alexander and he loved it. The next step was to start implementing the plan during the 2012-2013 school year as the competition launched in January. Although there was a short amount of time to spread the word on campus, that didn’t discourage the SIC promotional team. Right away the team created fliers, tabled at Baker, spoke to classrooms and developed social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. They creatively promoted the competition by hosting Q & A sessions, creating stickers for coffee cups on campus and adding fliers to Avalanche pizza boxes.

Marisa Dockum, a sophomore PRSSA exec member who was promoted to director, has led the team.

“Working on the SIC Promotional Team has helped eight members grow as young professionals.  We have learned how to manage and maintain a client relationship, and how to tailor our work toward the clients wants and needs,” said Dockum.

The competition is now in full swing and has had over 70 students register. The efforts of the SIC promotional team have definitely not gone unnoticed and Andy Alexander has mentioned numerous times how pleased he is with how things are going. The 8 members of the team include, Marisa Dockum, Allison Jordan, Melaina Lewis, Cidnye Weimer, Danielle Szabo, Samantha Tischler, Nicole Spears and Theresa Ianni.

For more information about the Scripps Innovation Challenge click here:

Valentine’s Day Shuffle spreads love through Athens community

By: Cidnye Weimer

Each year Scripps PRSSA members try to give back to the Athens community in any way possible. A tradition from our chapter is hosting the Valentine’s Day Shuffle. Yearly, the Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 7.17.44 PMchapter chooses three to four charities or organizations around town that we can help out. This year our chapter focused on helping Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Athens, Laurels of Athens Nursing Home, Athens Food Pantry and the Athens Humane Society. For the first two charities we decided to get crafty and make something special and for the latter two we asked for donations. For Big Brothers/Big Sisters we decorated white paper lunch bags and filled them with Valentine’s Day candy, and for Laurels of Athens we created handmade “stained glass” hearts. By shaving crayons, ironing them between two pieces of wax paper and tracing them into heart shapes, members created a unique gift. Scripps PRSSA collected monetary donations and canned food for the Athens Humane Society and the Food Pantry. The Valentine’s Day Shuffle is a two-hour event where PRSSA members can interact with each other and have a good time while helping out the Athens community. On Valentine’s Day, the day after the shuffle, some members took a trip to the Laurels of Athens Nursing Home to drop off the stained glass hearts, balloons and homemade cookies. The residents were thrilled that PRSSA members were there and able to walk around to each room and hand- deliver the gifts. Overall this year’s Valentine’s Day Shuffle was a successful event and we hope to continue and grow each year. If you have any philanthropic or community service events that you think the chapter should take part in please email

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