Advice to Incoming Bobcats

The little mail truck slowly drives down the road. It has an important acceptance letter for you. You open the letter and sometime later you decide on Ohio University, hunted for a roommate (or went random) and you received an Orientation date. Thoughts about living in Athens race through your head. Your excitement of the [...]

Be The Wonder Woman of Your Office

Recently, I saw the movie Wonder Woman and I couldn’t help but notice that she embodies all of the qualities of being a successful woman in the public relations industry. Following the superb example Wonder Woman (otherwise known as Diana Price) sets will surely make you the super hero of your office! Start Out With [...]

Say “Hello” to the new

Welcome to the new and improved! Our Vice President of Public Relations, Brigitte Meisse, spent the last month redesigning this very website to effectively share Chapter news in an up-to-date and user-friendly manner. Our design was created to reflect current industry trends and provide everything you need to know about the Public Relations Student [...]

To all my kiddos

While “dad” became a name I responded to naturally this year, the history of my paternal nature begins when I was a child. The growth of my unusual nickname urges me to say goodbye the only way that feel acceptable: words of wisdom from reliable “dad”. Four years ago I joined ImPRessions as the eager [...]

April 17 Meeting Recap

This week marked the final PRSSA meeting of the semester. On Monday, we hosted a tourism panel with a fantastic group of Fahlgren Mortine employees. If you were too busy with the end of the semester to attend, fear not because here is what you missed: Announcements: **APRIL SALE** Laptop stickers are available for $1 [...]

Farewell, PRSSA

As I write my last blog for the Scripps PRSSA website, I’m sitting in Schoonover Center for Communication. A place I call my second home in Athens, Schoonover has served myself and PRSSA for three years. However, freshman year I thought I would feel this way about Scripps Hall. I can still remember meeting up [...]

Senior Farewell-Erica Stonehill

Senior year is full of uncertainty. For the first time in my 21 years of life, I have no plan. The only thing I’m sure of is Athens will kick me out in a few weeks, whether I’m ready or not…and I promise I won’t be ready. But as I slowly lose my mind each [...]