How Disney’s PR Built Up “Beauty and the Beast’s” Enchanting Premier

This past Friday, a tale as old as time enchanted audiences once again. Continuing the live-action trend that companies use to transform animated classics into modern remakes, Disney released its much-anticipated “Beauty and the Beast.” After announcing the production about two years prior to its release date, no one could forget about this film. Besides “Beauty and the Beast” being a timeless Disney film, the media refused to let the public forget. Here are a few ways Disney used PR to create a buzz for their new movie.



Even if you did not grow up loving Disney princesses as much as I did, you probably know the story of “Beauty and the Beast,” or at least know of the main character, Belle. After 26 years, Disney reached out to that audience who grew up with Belle and invited them to be their guest one more time. The trailers they released and constantly promoted on social media mirrored those of the 1991 animated film. Clips of the adapted songs from the original popped up on social media leading up to the premier in order to play with the emotions of the audience. While the new movie featured a few new songs, and some storyline adaptations, Disney publicized those same characteristics of the old film to draw their audience in. By pulling at the audience’s heart strings in their marketing efforts, Disney captured and kept their audience’s attention many months prior to the actual release.

A modern lead

Emma Watson took the role of Belle and truly made it her own, publicizing as she went. Watson immediately stood out as an ideal perception of Belle, from her love of reading, strong personality and yearning for adventure. Belle is a princess full of courage and in charge of her own fate, and Watson kept these characteristics prevalent. She also made sure to incorporate what she thought a more modern Belle would need, such as turning down the ballet flats in the original plans and suggesting that Belle wear work boots to accommodate her adventures. Unlike the original, Belle is shown as an inventor, rather than her father’s assistant, creating a washing machine to do her laundry while she teaches a young girl to read. By publicizing this modern princess through Disney and outside publications, Belle appeals to girls of all ages as a strong female idol.

Recurring appearance

Disney utilized their media resources to promote the film through multiple channels. During “The Bachelor’s” commercial breaks, Luke Evans and Josh Gad gave commentary on love and sneak peaks of the film while surrounded by roses. With this common theme of the rose, ABC related their hit TV show to the upcoming film for promotion. The fame of the cast promoted the film as well, such as Evans’ and Gad’s appearances, and Watson’s front-page interview with Vanity Fair. Watson touched on her adaptation of Belle while in turn promoting the film to the audience of Vanity Fair, which is much different than that of a typical Disney princess movie.


Whether or not you are a fan of “Beauty and the Beast,” their PR efforts were extremely successful. Their brand and their promotions led to $170 million in U.S. ticket sales during its opening weekend and an additional $180 million overseas. Breaking multiple Hollywood records, “Beauty and the Beast” is an enchanting tale of a modern princess that has audiences raving and ready to see it multiple times, or maybe that’s just me.



Sarah Kelly is a junior strategic communication and marketing double major. Follow her on Twitter @S_Kelly14!


March 20th Meeting Recap

This week we loved hearing from Emily Parker, the director of communications for the Cincinnati Bengals. If you missed the meeting, we missed you too! Here are some notes to catch up:


***FLASH SALE*** PRSSA/ImPRessions t-shirts are ONLY $10 for the rest of March!


Juniors and seniors: Sign up for Scripps’s mock interviews on March 27 from 9am-3pm in Schoonover. Slots go on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to reserve your session now! Dress professionally and bring a copy of your resume.

Scripps Innovation Challenge pitch day is March 27 at 3pm in Walter Rotunda.


Apply for the Student Alumni Board’s Leaving a Legacy scholarship by April 1. The application for the $700 scholarship is open to rising seniors with a 3.0 or above.

Email Jennica ( to write for PR Success. The deadline to sign up and/or inquire is this Sunday, March 26. This is a great opportunity to gain some portfolio pieces and get your name out there to alumni who can connect you to jobs and internships!

The annual PaRtners Conference for all Central Ohio PRSSA chapters is on Saturday, April 8, at Ohio Northern University. Register for the event here!

Get ready for the PRSSA/ImPRessions end of the year banquet! We’ll have it on April 9 from 1 to 3pm in Schoonover 450.

Woof & Wine tickets for Saturday, April 2 (Mom’s Weekend) are almost sold out! Get your tickets here.


Applications for 1804 Communications AE/BOD are due this Friday, March 24. Congrats to Allison Arnold on earning the position of Managing Director!


Speaker Emily Parker told us about how her wide range of skills developed during her time working at newspapers and PR agencies, combined with her love of sports, led her back to her hometown of Cincinnati to work for the Bengals. She loves that PR is an exciting industry in which you can constantly see the results of your hard work. She also made a reminder to stay open-minded to experiences because any job you take on can make you more qualified if you have the right mindset.

See you on Monday!




This week’s meeting recap is brought to you by Alex Corsi. Alex is a senior strategic communication major. Follow her on Twitter @ACorsi17!


Tips On Upgrading Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool used to grow your professional network and find potential job and internship offers. Just like your resume, your LinkedIn needs to be constantly spruced up and polished so that you can show how great of a potential employee you are. Here are a few simple tips on how to make your LinkedIn account look more professional.

1.Get Connected

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the success of your LinkedIn account isn’t linked to the number of friends or followers you have, but it does help to have connections. Connections equal opportunity, so connect with that person from your dream company. Start building a relationship and who knows where that connection will lead.



2. Recommendations

People say word of mouth is the most influential way to pass information, so why not have potential employers hear how awesome you are straight from the mouth of your previous employers? Well maybe not straight from their mouth, but you can have previous employers or supervisors leave recommendations about their experience with you on your LinkedIn. This gives people a good impression on what type of worker you are and what it’s like to work with you.


3. Professional Profile Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words and nothing says “I have my life together” like a professional profile picture. Make sure you take the time to get all dolled up, stand in front of that camera and give your best “I’m ready for the real world” smile.


4. Bullet Point Job Descriptions

It’s best to be clear and specific about what you did in your previous job positions. If potential employers are glancing through your LinkedIn, you want to make it easy for them to figure out where your experience lies. Simple bullet points of the job responsibilities you had will get your point across better than an essay on all of your daily tasks.


5. Endorsements

So you can moonwalk, speak fluent pig Latin and burp the alphabet? All great skills to have, but if someone doesn’t know you they may not believe you can do it. That’s where endorsements come in. Anyone you’re connected with can endorse you for a skill that you have listed. So hit up your fellow employees, classmates or employers who have seen your skills in action and ask them to endorse you.



Kaitlin Webb


Kaitlin Webb is a junior strategic communication major. Follow her on Twitter @KakeWebb1!

Nashville Networking Trip Recap

Scripps PRSSA traveled to Nashville, Tennessee on February 17th to see what the Music City had to offer! Who knew that a city known for its music scene could have such a wide variety of Public Relations companies? After a weekend of networking and exploring the city, here are some things we learned about the companies!


One of the most anticipated visits was to Country Music Television, or CMT. This company gave us great insight into the entertainment side of public relations, and how it works within a corporate setting. Recording studios, to live television sets, the CMT office had it all! It was very intriguing to see the social media aspect of CMT, especially when premiering new episodes and series. Though we didn’t run into any country celebrities, it was neat seeing what the day-to-day operations are like at such a well-known and highly regarded television station!

Jackalope Brewing Company

This was one of the more diverse companies that we visited on our trip to Nashville. Jackalope Brewing Company had a younger, trendier vibe to their operations and it was apparent that everyone was very passionate about what they did for the company. One of the best parts about Jackalope was the number of events they put on at their facility. For instance, Jackalope has a fitness event called Kegs & Kettlebells, how unique! Jackalope truly started from the bottom, and now they are one of the most recognized breweries in Nashville.


Belmont University

Going to another campus is always an interesting experience, but hearing about their communication department was a whole different adventure! Belmont University has a rather small staff but they are able to get a lot accomplished. The staff even gave us a case study, in which we were able to apply show off some of our PR knowledge. Higher education PR is a very intriguing facet to a university’s communications, and it would be a great route for anyone passionate about their alma mater. The amount of work that goes into university communication is extensive, but it was really impressive to see the work that they do with the resources that are available to them.


Reed Public Relations

This was the only agency that we met with on the trip and the work they do with their clients is very meaningful. Reed PR specializes in cause marketing, meaning they oftentimes have a cause or charity that they are trying to serve in addition to their client. One example, was their Hometown Hero campaign with O’Charley’s. In this campaign they recognized an important member of the community at each re-designed O’Charley’s. It’s always great to see the positive impacts that a PR campaign can have on an organization!





Christian Edgington is a sophomore Strategic Communication major. Follow him on Twitter @Christianedging

Interview Tips For Interview Season

For several months now, the discussion of internships has been unfolding in classes, school organizations and among friends. It’s a stressful time for many of us, yet it’s exciting to prepare for the next step in our career as young professionals. Part of that preparation requires practicing for an interview to nail that internship position!

Over the past several weeks, I have listened and learned from professionals and other students who have experience interviewing for internship positions. Some of my greatest takeaways are:

  • Ask questions. Again, asking questions will allow the interviewer to converse with you and you’ll get to learn more about them and the company. Questions show that you are interested in not only the interviewer, but the company you are hoping to work for as well! Some questions you can ask are:
    • “What’s your favorite project you have recently worked on?”
    • “What can I do in this position to not only benefit myself, but the company as well?”
    • “How is (company’s name)‘s culture different from others?”
    • “What’s an average day like here?”/ “What could I anticipate doing on a daily basis here?”
  • Make it a conversation. An interview with mutual question and answering will create an atmosphere that breaks down the wall between the interviewee and interviewer. This can help reduce nervousness.
  • Be personal. Don’t get caught up in being too professional. Expose your personality to the interviewer and show them who you are! This way, you and the interviewer will be able to tell if you fit in with the company.
  • Show the company you are an asset. Figure out the core message points you want the interviewer to know about you and what you will bring to the table. Brand yourself and then embody that brand.
  • In other words, know at least three distinctive things about you. These qualities need to be specific and set you apart from others that may be interviewing for the same position. Write your top three assets down and study how you want to verbally express them.
  • Study common questions you will be asked. A few examples are:
    • “What’s an ethical dilemma you have faced?”
    • “Why are you interested in working forus?”
    • “Why should we hire you?”( a great response would include the top three distinct attributes about yourself)


Be confident. This includes a strong smile, making eye contact with the interviewer and taking your time when answering questions. Companies want to hire individuals who are confident in their skills and speech. Remember it’s OK to not know everything! If you don’t understand a question, simply ask for it to be rephrased or repeated. Know that you received an interview because your resume shows you are qualified!




Rachel O’Morrow is a sophomore Strategic Communication major. Follow her on Twitter @Rachel_Omorrow!

Scripps PRSSA is For The Kids

On February 11th the Ohio University community came together and raised $74,865.97 for the children and families of the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio in Columbus. A year’s worth of hard work all manifested in one day, one dance marathon, fittingly called BobcaThon.


The tradition of hosting a dance marathon to raise money for a children’s charity began years ago and has expanded to universities across the nation ever since. This year was Ohio University’s third annual dance marathon and the money raised has quite impeccably doubled every year since its fruition.

PRSSA has been known each year as one of the most involved organizations with both the dance marathon and BobcaThon as a whole. This year there was one eboard member on BobcaThon’s leadership team, two eboard members and one general member who served as Morale Captains and many, many more PRSSA members who showed up and danced for 12 hours, day of. Not only was there incredible participation from our Chapter, but Scripps PRSSA was also the highest fundraising organization involved in the marathon with just under $3,000, not even including the money raised by the four members who were in leadership positions within BobcaThon.


This extreme involvement by our organization in such a strong community event goes to show that college students these days, both in the PR field and many others, are looking for an employer who cares about making a social impact. So many of us look almost immediately at the cause marketing strategies and community service opportunities a company offers before we even consider applying.

Less than positive things are happening everywhere and our generation feels like it’s our obligation to fix, change and create. BobcaThon is the perfect example of how we can make an impact in a world where there are so many things we don’t feel powerful enough to change.


Speaking only for myself, I’m proud of the involvement that PRSSA has had over the years in BobcaThon, as well as with other charitable organizations. I think this is a sign to employers that millenials aren’t as lazy as we seem and we’re looking to make an impact not only in our professional roles, but in the world and in our community as well.

See you next year in Baker Ballroom, BobcaThon!




Jennica Lurie is a senior Strategic Communication major. She is also the VP of PR for Scripps PRSSA and served as a Morale Captain for this year’s BobcaThon. Follow her on Twitter @JennicaLurie!




Support Your Bateman Team!

The annual Bateman Case Study Competition is now underway and the Scripps PRSSA Bateman team needs your help. Each year PRSSA National picks one client for chapters across the nation to research, plan and implement a campaign. This year’s client is the Campaign to Change Direction. The goal of the campaign is to change the culture and understanding of mental health. Scripps PRSSA’s team has been working hard since November to develop an appropriate strategy. All of the research and planning has led to A Month of Mindfulness: Understanding Mental Health.


How to get involved:

  1. Attend our events!
  • Mental Health Movie Night: Monday, February 20 from 8:00-10:30 p.m. in Schoonover 450
    • Three movie options with a central theme revolving around mental health will be presented for attendees to vote on. There will be a short discussion to follow. Free food will be provided!
  • 5 Signs Pledge Event: Thursday, February 23 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. in the Schoonover Lower Atrium
    • Come take a short pledge to understand the 5 signs of emotional suffering. After doing so, you will have full access to a free ice cream sundae bar!
  • Yoga Night: Wednesday, March 1; Time and location TBD
    • Come get your zen on and learn about one of the many techniques to improve your emotional well-being.
  • Poetry Night: Tuesday, March 14; Time and location TBD
    • Relax and enjoy a night of mental health inspired poetry.

Here is the poster of this week’s event schedule: a-month-of-mindfulness-poster

  1. Participate in our Instagram campaign!
  • Post a picture of something you do that helps to improve your emotional well-being with #MindfulMentalHealth and then tag two friends and challenge them to do the same.
  1. Connect with us on social media!
  • Follow along with all of the latest information on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Mindful_Month
  1. Check out our blog!
  • This month we will be featuring various articles about mental health, ways to improve your emotional well-being, how to get help and so much more.
  • If you are interested in blogging for us, contact Brigitte at

We would like to thank you in advance for all of your support. By coming together as a chapter, we can all #ChangeMentalHealth.



This blog is brought to you by Ohio University’s Bateman team and written by Brigitte Meisse. Brigitte is a sophomore Strategic Communications and Communications Studies double major. Follow her on Twitter @Meisse2Spicy!


February 13th Meeting Recap

We are already in week seven! Here is the meeting recap if you couldn’t make the meeting on February 20!


Buy a $15 shirt and get a free sticker with your purchase!


PR Boot Camp is coming up. The two sessions are February 22 and March 1.

Congrats to PRSSA! It was the top fundraising organization for Bobcathon with nearly $3,000!


If you want to run for E-Board the last meeting is tonight, February 20 in Alden 319.

PRSSA dues are due February 20! Contact Sammie Fisher if you have any questions!

The member spotlight this week is Cade Fleming. Follow him on social media @cade_fleming!

PRNewswire came to speak this week. We welcomed Steve Lurie and Rebekah Thomas. Here are a few things they talked about.


-PRNewswire is a content distribution service. Cision recently acquired them.

-Desire to be the one stop shop for all communication services.

-The Cision Communications Cloud increases communication workflow. In-house employees adding to their database constantly.

-If you are interested in a job or internship, contact




This week’s meeting recap is brought to you by Hayden Clark. Hayden is a junior Strategic Communication major. Follow him on Twitter @HaydenClark81!

Brand Images in The Bachelor

It’s a well-known fact that in PR there are few things more important than keeping up your personal brand image, especially when you’re in the public eye. On this season of The Bachelor, there are quite a few contestants who have made a long-lasting impression, but is this a good thing or could it be bad? Only time will tell, but for now let’s see who the most memorable contestants are.

Alexis Waters

All it takes is one quick Google search and you’ll see that this girl will never be forgotten due to the outfit she chose to wear the first time she met Nick. Alexis stepped out of the limo in a full-blown shark costume. Or was it a dolphin? Fans of the show loved her for it, and people everywhere were commenting on how relatable she is. It felt like she was in the show purely for comedic relief, and the audience didn’t get time to see how she actually felt about Nick until her time on-air ended.

Corinne Olympios

Corinne is known for her ‘child-like’ yet promiscuous behavior. It is no secret that the girls on the show don’t see her as being the right one for Nick, but the amount of attention The Bachelor is giving her shows otherwise. A Google search of Corinne will show you just what the audience is interested in. Her nanny, Raquel. It’s no secret this 24-year-old contestant still has a nanny, mostly because Corinne was not shy in sharing this secret herself. Although her behavior may not make everyone happy, it was enough to get her name out there and even some time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Raven Gates

Her brutally honest attitude and small-town charm is what is keeping her in the hearts of her fans. People love her for not holding anything back and saying exactly what’s on her mind, and Nick seems to think the same. There doesn’t seem to be much negativity surrounding this contestant. Her image is an overall positive one.

Nick Viall

The Bachelor himself. Nick is not new to the spotlight, but there are also many mixed feelings about this bachelor’s past. He’s known for wearing his heart on his sleeve and openly sharing his feelings to the girls. He may not be everyone’s favorite, but he must be doing something right seeing as this is his fourth time on the show.

The show itself may be what’s helping these ‘average’ people improve their image, or at least get their names out there. This is the 21st season and people still don’t seem sick of this reality show. Unfortunately, we won’t know how their brand images will hold up until we give it some time, but there is no doubt that their names won’t disappear from our news feeds anytime soon.



Hannah Miller is a sophomore Strategic Communication major. Follow her on Twitter @feefifohannah!

February 6th Meeting Recap


There is still time to buy your PRSSA swag! The t-shirts are $15 and stickers are $3.


It’s about that time…

  • Dues are due February 20- $80 (cash or check)

Want to blog?

  • Sign up any time with the link on our Facebook page or this calendar. Contact Jennica Lurie with any questions!


  • Get ready Bobcats! The 12-hour dance marathon is this Saturday, February 11.


No Valentine’s Day plans? We’ve got you covered.

  • Dinner with Cision and PR Newswire:
  • After dinner head to Bird Arena:
    • Ice skate with ImPRessions at 9 p.m. Make sure you bring $3.50 to rent skates.

PR Boot Camp

  • Feb 22: interviews and cover letters, media relations
  • March 1: SM analytics and crisis communication
  • Both at 6:30-8 in RTV 281

(Net)Working Your Way to the Top

  • Learn valuable networking skills with PRSSA and ImPRessions
  • Bring your laptop and dress professionally
  • February 15, 6:30-8 p.m. in Schoonover 145

Interested in running for E Board?

  • Info session:
    • February 20 at 7 p.m. in Alden 319

Member Spotlight

  • Megan Vehar
  • Follow her on Twitter @megglesv25


Diversity Panel Highlights

We were lucky to have five speakers come to the meeting the week:

  • Ibrahim Alnamlah- Represented the Muslim Students Association at Ohio University
  • Jody Ganschinietz- Represented the Association for Women in Communications at Ohio University
  • Kris Perez- President of Scripps Hispanic Network
  • Lauren Cartwright- PR Chair for the Black Student Communication Caucus
  • delfin- Director of the LGBT Center at Ohio University

Learn more about the organizations the speakers represent:

The Muslim Students Association at Ohio University

  • Look out for their meeting on February 19 that will be filled with diverse stories from Muslim students, as well as food! (Look for an email with more info)

The Association for Women in Communications at Ohio University

  • Overall they do lots with resume building skills and philanthropy work with the Athens Dog Shelter.

Scripps Hispanic Network

  • This is a relatively new organization that meets at 7:30 on Mondays (right after PRSSA!) and discusses current events in the media.

Black Student Communication Caucus

  • Next semester look out for a variety of events ranging from poetry slams to African-American journalists coming to speak.

LGBT Center at Ohio University

  • They have meetings on Tuesdays at 6 in the LGBT Center discussing sexuality.

Visit their websites for more info!

Here are some of the questions we covered:

Q– In terms of OU campus media, do you think we have a diverse representation?

A– Ganschinietz said it’s not bad, but “just because we are doing okay, doesn’t mean that we need to stop pushing”

Q– How can we (as campus media) help with creating diversity?

A– Perez said to just start a conversation. “The only way it will change is if people speak up”

Q– Any tips for people who aren’t as educated but want to be allies and show respect?

A– Cartwright said to just ask. “I’d rather you look stupid for five seconds than go through your entire life being ignorant.” Just remember to be polite and respectful with your questions!

Can’t wait to see you all at next week’s meeting!



This week’s meeting recap is brought to you by Hannah Miller! Hannah is a sophomore Strategic Communications major. Follow her on Twitter @feefifohannah!