Study abroad PRSSA meeting re-cap

By: Briagenn Adams

Tonight’s Member Spotlight was Journalism Major Jess Carnprobst! Jess said that her dream city to practice Public Relations would be in New York City, and that she believes “PR is a way to create a positive image for a business.” Tweet @jess_carnprobst to congratulate her!

The Amanda J. Cunningham Center was also recognized as this week’s ImPRessions Spotlight. The Amanda J. Cunningham Center is a multifunctional, student-led, creative leadership center, which strives to serve as the heart of leadership activity for all of Ohio University. Way to go!

Backdrop Magazine is holding a volleyball tournament this Friday at 5 p.m. on South Beach volleyball courts. Each team is allowed six players and it costs $5 to sign up. Baker Catering will provide food and refreshments, and the event is open to all! For more information, contact Ben Clos or Allison Evans.

Reminder: Athens Beautification Day is Sunday, April 14! PRSSA is meeting at Scripps amphitheater at 11:45 a.m. Together, let’s keep Athens beautiful!

VP of Social Media, Marisa Dockum, spoke briefly about her experience at the PRSSA National Assembly in New Mexico this past weekend. She said she was very excited to represent Scripps PRSSA on a national level, and was honored to vote on a new National Committee. “Going to New Mexico made me feel very lucky to be a part of Scripps PRSSA,” she said.

Keely Davin from Ohio University’s Office of Education Abroad spoke about opportunities to study, intern and volunteer abroad. Keely said that instead of sitting in a classroom and learning about a country, going abroad allows you to experience a different culture firsthand.

“Only two percent of all college students study abroad,” Keely said. “If a study abroad program is on your resume, it makes you stand out to possible employers. It sets you apart from the rest.”

Keely said that studying abroad allows students to make global connections, and since PR is all about who you know, studying abroad opens doors to many different possibilities.

Although many students worry about the financial aspect of studying abroad, Keely said the experience could be very reasonable. She said there are creative ways to save money, and that some programs are even cheaper than a semester at Ohio University. Also, some financial aid and scholarships transfer internationally.

When talking about your study abroad program during an interview, Keely said it is important to stress how your experienced helped shape and influence your personality and character. “Don’t just put study abroad on your resume,” she said. “Make sure to highlight your experience during an interview. Tell a story about your time abroad, and gear it towards your ultimate career goals.”

Keely finished her presentation with a few statistics. On average, she said, college graduates who chose to study abroad earn $7,000 more at the same job as somebody who did not study abroad. Also, approximately 90% of people who study abroad find a job after graduation.

And if that’s not convincing enough, the Office of Education Abroad hold walk-in advising Monday – Friday from 1-4 p.m. at Walter International Education Center at 15 Park Place.




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