Meet PRSSA adviser Aaron Brown

By: Jess Carnprobst

Aaron%20BrownAaron Brown is the Senior Vice President of Fahlgren Mortine, and has worked at the agency since 2008. Brown is responsible for staffing and operations for the Public Relations team, and chairs Fahlgren Mortine’s company agency team. His primary area of focus is business-to-business communications with a specialization in material handling and manufacturing industries. Brown says his favorite part of the job is his ability to work with so many talented professionals that all have unique experiences.

If Brown could have any job in the world for a day other than his job at Fahlgren Mortine, he would like to be a White House Press Secretary.

“Only for a day though, after that I’m done,” Brown said.

Brown says that if he could go back and change one thing about his college experience, he would take more business classes. He explained that Public Relations professionals have evolved from practical practitioners and added the job of business counselor. He wishes he had more education from business classes.

Brown’s regret turns into advice for aspiring professionals; to take advantage of the business and marketing courses. He explained that it is a good idea to approach Public Relations from a business perspective.

Even though he didn’t take as many business courses as he wished he did, Brown received an amazing education at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. Scripps gave him the confidence to handle the challenges of Public Relations and gave him practical experience and practical study.

The advice Brown chose to give Scripps PRSSA members is to look at the world through communications eyes. He said to put on your Public Relations lens and look at the world that way.

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