Read about the new Junior Assistant Director of ImPRessions, Melaina Lewis!

182466_190409767647833_950242_nMelaina Lewis is a junior from Cortland, Ohio and the new Junior Assistant Director of ImPRessions. With a major in strategic communication and a specialization in marketing and global leadership, Melaina is a well-rounded student sure to be a huge asset to both ImPRessions and PRSSA.

Learn more about Melaina here:

What has been your experience with PRSSA? I joined PRSSA and ImPRessions winter quarter (the beloved quarter system, may it RIP) of my freshman year. I quickly became involved in the Social Affairs Committee, and the Public Relations Committee. I attended the networking trip to Chicago and knew I wanted to further my involvement in PRSSA. Previously, I was the VP of Public Relations for PRSSA, and enjoyed working with many members on PR Success, and the PR and SM Committee. PRSSA has taught and given me so much insight about PR from a hands-on perspective. In addition, ImPRessions has given me the opportunity to work with a firm and clients. It’s extremely rewarding to watch your ideas and work take off and play out in reality. I am excited to continue my work with ImPRessions as the Junior Assistant Director of ImPRessions

What is your advice for incoming freshmen? Don’t ever be afraid or intimated to talk to others. We all are learning and working toward the same goal. Ask questions, and enjoy the little things that happen. Bobcats are always willing to help

Hobbies? Caffeine, reading, travel, pedicures and dancing whenever I can

Favorite OU memory? President Barak Obama’s visit to campus. How many chances do you get to listen to a sitting president speak for free?!

Where you see yourself in 10 years? In ten years, I hope to be happy, traveling the world, celebrating life with the people I love and living in the city of my dreams

Biggest pet peeve? I hate when people spit when they’re walking. It’s gross

Favorite reality show? I am a reality show addict. I love the Real Housewives, and embarrassingly enough, What Would Ryan Lochte Do? (I know, I know, I’m ashamed!)

PR idol? Heather Bartman, Sienna Tomko and so many more Scripps alum. Heather and Sienna are both determined, hardworking and smart PR women that I admire. I have learned so much from the example they set in their work and the advice they offered. They are trail blazers and I’m honored to know them

An interesting fact about you? When I was 16, I won a World Cup for dance in Italy

What ice cream flavor you would be? Bailey’s Irish Cream!

Favorite animal? A peacock, it’s my power animal

To contact Melaina, tweet her @melaina_lewis!

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