Theresa Ianni to Scripps PRSSA: An Open Letter

From Theresa Ianni

Scripps PRSSA Vice President, 2013-2014

I can picture it like it was yesterday. As I unsteadily walked up the steps of Bentley hall on one of the first Monday nights of the 2010-2011 school year, I slowly approached and opened the door to scan the room and look for the blonde girl I met on orientation. She and I promised to tag team the intimidating 5-letter student organization together. I had no idea that the blonde stranger would soon become my best friend and partner in crime as we reaped all of the benefits that PRSSA could offer.

theresa ianniIn my four years as a PRSSA member, I’ve traveled to New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia, sat on the executive board, participated in the Bateman Case Study Competition, completed the infamous PR Bootcamp, planned a regional conference and career week, all while making lifetime friends and countless memories.

Scripps PRSSA is truly what you make of it. You can simply come to the weekly meetings and absorb the lessons taught by the professional guests, or you can volunteer for a committee, travel to conferences and networking trips, befriend the blonde girl from orientation and self title your class the super sophomores, jammin’ juniors and spectacular seniors.

Your Scripps PRSSA career starts with your decision to completely immerse yourself in the organization, the people and the opportunities. Without PRSSA, I wouldn’t have gotten my first agency internship, I wouldn’t have discovered my love for big cities, and I wouldn’t have the extensive network that I have today. PRSSA has opened my eyes to the PR industry, has introduced me to trends and has transformed the timid freshman from 2010 to a dynamic senior ready to take on Chicago post graduation.theresa ianni

Scripps PRSSA is not just a student organization and it is certainly not just for professional development opportunities. Scripps PRSSA is an extension of the Bobcat family. When you’re lucky enough to stumble upon Scripps 111, Alden 319, or even Bentley on a Monday night at 6 p.m., you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a lifetime of memories, endless opportunities, and an unwavering bond of friendship.

I love #ScrippsPRSSA,


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