A President’s Open Letter to Scripps PRSSA

Nicole Spears

Scripps PRSSA President 2013-14

nicoleGraduation is about two weeks out now, and I—like many other Scripps PRSSA seniors—am hearing a lot of “what am I going to do without you?” But, you see, you’ve got it all wrong. What am I going to do without you?

You; who haven’t made plans on a Monday night all year. You probably have numerous name tags and conference badges decorating your dorm or apartment walls. Approximately half of your Twitter history can be boiled down to the hashtag “#ScrippsPRSSA.” You’ve written for PR Success, you’ve sat through sweltering nights of PR Bootcamp, you’ve trusted your life to eating turkey cooked by a fellow college student at PRSSA’s Thanksgiving Dinner. Each and every member of Scripps PRSSA has made an impact on me that I’ll never forget.

You; the other half of my dynamic PR duo. We uplift, we challenge, and Lord do we GChat. A friendship that started at Ohio University’s student orientation, spanned nights in Jeff Hall and danced across Lucky’s bar stools. My Cherie Amore. You’ve taught me more than you can imagine, Theresa Ianni.

You; who taught me that mentorship truly acts as a mirror of oneself. All along I’ve been the one who was supposed to set the example and do the teaching, but you’ve been the one to raise the bar. You’ve displayed compassion and strength in ways I didn’t previously know possible, Allison Evans.

nicole laughingYou; the spice to my Monday nights. You’ve been a constant reminder that, alongside hard work, there should also be a healthy dose of fun. Your passion for the Scripps PRSSA Chapter and your aspirations for your future paths have been the sweetest reminder of my not-so-distant past. Yes, this one goes out to my spicy sophomores: Jess Carnprobst, Mira Kuhar, Marisa Fiore, Megan Newton and Kelsey Miller.

You; lastly, who have dedicated yourselves beyond anyone’s expectations. You brought Scripps PRSSA countless opportunities, laughs and nights of programming. You wore the hat of Role Model and you shared your pits and your peaks with the fellow Princes and Princesses of Scripps PRSSA. You are each and everyone a PRSSAyoncé, EBoard.

Thank you to each past president, professional advisor and speaker. Our senior class could never have made these amazing memories, or (perhaps more importantly) grown into such capable pre-professionals without your service.

Thank you to everyone who’s sat alongside me in Scripps 111, and to those who have allowed me to take the floor this year.

I’m sad to leave, but couldn’t be more proud that I’ve played my role in the Scripps PRSSA legacy.

Shine on,

Nicole Spears

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