New executive board spotlight: VP of Social Affairs Megan Newton

Introducting Scripps PRSSA’s 2014-2015…..

VP of Social Affairs Megan Newton


Major/Minor/Specializations/Certificates: Major in Strategic Communication. Specializations in Anthropology and Visual Communication.

Hometown: Aurora, OH

Why did you decide to run for e-board? From my first meeting in August of 2012, I knew I wanted to be a leader in this organization. Scripps PRSSA means everything to me and it is so much more than just a meeting you attend once a week on Mondays at 6. It’s endless hours spent in the car road-tripping to different cities with your best friends, it’s networking and making irreplaceable connections for the future, it’s singing a ridiculous chant about your chapter in front of over 1000 people at national conference, and plain and simple, it’s being surrounded by people who are just as crazy as you are. As a freshman and sophomore, I learned so much from the previous executive boards, I made it a promise to myself that once I gained enough knowledge and felt I could serve to the best of my ability, I would run for executive board in hopes of giving the rising freshman and sophomores the same incredible experience I have enjoyed so far.

Career Goals? After graduation, I will hopefully be moving to Nashville, Tennessee to begin a career as a music publicist or I would absolutely love to work in tourism public relations for the city of Nashville because its a place I hold so close to my heart.

Favorite Spot on Campus? My favorite spot on campus has been College Green from the moment I first stepped onto the bricks during my first undergraduate tour. I believe it perfectly captures the beauty of this campus and is incomparable to any other spot. I always find myself taking the long way home just to walk along the brick-lined paths.

Favorite Singer/Band? Scotty McCreery and Dave Matthews Band. It’s a tie. 

Campus Involvement? Besides PRSSA, this year I will be the GoBus Account Executive through ImPRessions, as well as a member of Student Alumni Board’s membership committee.

Hobbies? Dancing, Writing, Crafting, Reading blogs, Roadtrip-ing, Drinking coffee, Attending concerts, Wearing red lipstick.

Favorite Athens food joint? Big Mamma’s Burritos – I love it because Athens is the only place you’ll find it. It’s definitely one of those “when in Rome…” type scenarios, and I feel like whenever I come back in the future as an alum, it’ll taste like my college experience.

How many siblings do you have? None!

 Most Embarrassing Moment?My freshman year of high school I won a meet and greet with Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers in New York City. At the time, it was literally a lifelong dream so clearly I was nervous. After we took a picture, he told me to enjoy the show. I replied “Thanks, you too!” We just kind of looked at each other. He said, “what?” I said, “what?” Then I ran sprinted, away in horror.

Favorite thing about being a Bobcat? Probably the fact that I not only get to be a Bobcat for four years, but forever! I wouldn’t want to spend my college experience anywhere else and everything about Ohio University and Athens makes my heart happy. I will always live my life by the motto: “Who cares, go Bobcats.”

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