How to prepare yourself for the return to Scripps

By Kelsey Miller


It is that time of year once again. The time when you pack up half your room when you just got done putting everything away two weeks ago. The time when you have to reassure your cat, Mimi, and dog, Zoe, that you’ll see them in a few weeks. The time when you have a mini panic attack when you think you forgot your planner at home or you forgot to buy new ballpoint pens and sticky notes. It’s time to make the return to Scripps. Some celebrate, some pace, some hyperventilate, and others do all of it at once. So how do you prepare for the return?

Incoming freshmen: Take a deep breath. Take it easy, and welcome aboard! Although this year is a year of observation and testing the waters, it is best that you prepare for the Bobcat lifestyle altogether. Do a little research here and there and be open to trying new things. Pay close attention to all the Scripps extracurricular activities at the Involvement Fair during Welcome Weekend…don’t just sign up for every group that gives you free frisbees and popsicles; your Catmail inbox will thank you. You don’t have to commit to every Scripps group, but definitely clear your schedule to attend a few meetings to see any sparks fly. Don’t feel as though you have to be 100% committed to everything, even just one or two would be enough. You’ll catch on to the Scripps way of life rather quickly.

Sophomores: Take a deep breath. This year should be dedicated to finding your PR niche. Prepare yourself to get more heavily into groups: a lot more PR and a lot less relaxation. If you didn’t go to PRSSA and your ImPRessions meetings regularly last year, I suggest making them top priorities this year. Sign up for every PRSSA subcommittee that your schedule will allow. This will help you network with upperclassmen and get the experience to hopefully pave the way to an exec position, head a subcommittee, or advance to a higher ImPRessions position. This is the year to set yourself up for greatness in college.

Juniors: Take a deep breath. You’re finally considered an upperclassman and feel that you are taken more seriously. You’ve found your niche from last year and are settling into the lifestyle of apartment/house livin’. With great power comes great responsibility. It is your job to transition into a leader this year. Prepare to volunteer to do more grunt work that seniors don’t want to do and underclassmen are too scared to do. You may have even more on your plate than you did last year, but don’t freak out too much, somehow you will always get it done…always. Don’t forget that every little accomplishment made this year can transition into an exec position next year as well as result in a potential dream internship.

Seniors: Take a deep breath. Bring extra tissues. Be prepared for waterworks. The end is near. You’ve come a long way to where you are now. Just look back on your time and realize how much you have accomplished. This is your time to lead and to live, make it count. Prepare yourself for being looked upon for answers and solutions…and for just being a cool senior. Don’t worry initially about finding a job right after the year ends, it’s only beginning! Drop a few groups this year that put extra stress on you and focus on your leadership positions and enjoy the ride from here.

Many people have their own ways of preparing themselves to go back to our Appalachian paradise. Set goals for yourself of what you want to accomplish this school year, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you exceed your own expectations. Have a great year Bobcats. I am excited to be joining you on he journey once again this year!

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