Entertainment PR with Luigi Picarazzi & Ashley McAtee; September 30th meeting recap

By Marisa Fiore

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Luigi Picarazzi and Ashley McAtee joined us via Google Hangout last night from DM2. DM2 is a full service agency providing social media and digital management for high-profile celebrities, films, brands, books and live events. Here is a little bit about each of them:

recappic5Luigi Picarazzi is President & CEO of Digital Media Management. Through his positions with high-profile, A-list celebrities (Nicole Kidman & Avril Lavigne) and through his positions in the Internet and digital media industry (most recently as the Senior Producer of the ABC Family cable network) he has gained tremendous insight and experience in this emerging industry. In an effort to bring together his experiences and enthusiasm for both of these rapidly growing industries, he started Digital Media Management to provide high-profile individuals support in marketing and promoting themselves through newly available social media tools and Internet strategies.

recappic6Ashley McAtee is the Director of Talent Services at Digital Media Management. Ashley specializes in helping celebrities and personal brands build and leverage their online following to help drive their business goals. Ashley is a graduate of The Ohio State University, and has a background in digital strategy, social media management, and creative writing.


It was a full house last night to hear Luigi and Ashley speak! The night began with Luigi and Ashley tell us all about their backgrounds. Luigi ended up working for Nicole Kidman and started his own firm because of the connections. I think these tweets speak for themselves:

Luigi and Ashley continued to answer any questions Scripps PRSSA sent their way and gave us the best advice they could!


And for those wanting to get into the entertainment industry after graduation, here is Luigi’s advice:


Overall it was a great meeting and everyone enjoyed hearing from Luigi and Ashley!

To keep in touch with them, follow them on twitter or send them an email!

Luigi Picarazzi: luigi@digitalmediamanagement.com, @lpicarazzi

Ashley McAtee: Ashley@digitalmediamanagement.com, @AshleyMcAtee

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