How to Stay Productive During Winter Break

By: Allison Zullo


After a week straight of finals, group projects and no sleep, a month-long break to relax and celebrate the holidays is definitely much needed. However, it’s also the perfect time to complete the tasks you’ve been meaning to get to all semester. Here are a few ways you can stay productive this winter break while binge-watching Christmas movies.

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

You just spent all semester writing press releases, planning events and working at your on-campus job, so take this break as an opportunity to document all that you did while it’s fresh in your mind. Revise your resume and LinkedIn profile so they’re as up to date as possible, and ready to go in case you come across any jobs or internships that interest you. Speaking of which…

Start the job or internship search.

There is no better time than winter break to begin the search for your dream job or internship for this summer. Scour the Internet, work your connections and set up informational interviews to look for any and all opportunities. You never know where the perfect job or internship could be hiding, so start looking now!

Create a personal blog or website.

One major way to brand yourself as a young, up-and-coming PR professional is to have a personal blog or website. You can house your resume, writing samples and contact information, so that any potential employers who stumble upon your page can learn more about you and how to reach you. Plus, your blog or website will give you the chance to hone your writing and design skills.

Download InDesign’s 30-day free trial.

Have you always wanted to learn how to use InDesign, or just want to brush up on your design skills while you have the time? Adobe offers a free, 30-day trial of InDesign, which you can download and use on your computer by simply by going to its website. Whether you want to create your very own logo, or simply jazz up your resume, InDesign is the perfect tool to use for all of your personal branding needs. And if you don’t know how to use it, don’t worry; tutorials are available online and will teach you everything you need to know.

Don’t forget to relax.

You just endured a crazy busy 16-week semester on little sleep, so it’s okay to sleep until noon and binge-watch Netflix during break. You deserve it! Just make sure you spend a few days being productive and checking those things you’ve been meaning to do off of your to-do list. Trust me, your Spring 2015 semester self will thank you. Oh, and don’t forget spend some time with family and friends, and most importantly, enjoy the holidays!

nouHV0BMAllison is a sophomore majoring in strategic communication and minoring in sports management and marketing. She is also completing a social media certificate. After graduation, her dream job is to work in sports PR. Follow her on Twitter at @allisonzullo!

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