Internship panel; February 23rd meeting recap

By Mira Kuhar

Scripps PRSSA members braved the cold and ice to come to this week’s before-spring-break meeting.


  • Our first social of the semester will be Thursday, March 12 at 9:30 p.m! Miss Kelsey Miller will be hosting it at her house, 7 Fern St. It will be St. Patty’s Day Themed!
  • Although we are shying away from the tips and tricks forum, there will still be a tip of the week! This week’s tip: don’t take life to seriously 🙂
  • The #OHIOU Social Media Summit was a success! Please give us some feedback on the event by taking this survey here!
  • #ScrippsPRSSAtoCHI info session is today, 2/24, in Bentley 120. The executive board info session will be immediately following at 6:30! Applications are due on 3/13, and elections will be the following Monday on 3/16
  • Congrats to @garingiscaring and @mandamoline on their travels to PRSSANA next month. Give them a shout out on Twitter and tell them good luck!
  • The ImPRessions spotlight of the week: GoBus! Follow their campaign #GoSafely that will be promoting safe driving
  • This week’s member spotlight is Zach Berry! Give him a shoutout on Twitter at @zdberry77!

Welcome, internship panel!



Kerry Tuttle, LaunchSquad in San Fransisco |Briagenn Adams, LauchSquad in New York City

Allison Rumsas, BOMAH in Israel

Melania Lewis, National Fisheries Institute and Children’s National in Washington D.C

Marisa Fiore, Metropolitan-Washington Airports Authority in Washington D.C.


Can you talk about your interview process? The panel started out by talking about interviewing. They explained that it can go all types of ways. Skype interviews tend to be the norm if you are pursuing an intership in a different city, and phone interviews are a way that companies who are a far distance will try as well.

What was the deciding factor in getting your internship? Sometimes its the company, sometimes its the clients. You may interview with many different companies, but really looking into what their culture is like and where the company is located can help you and the company decide if you’ll be the right fit. The bobcat network is really strong, so putting yourself out there and being bold is one way to go about that. Biggest accomplishments/favorite experiences? Briagenn got to write a Buzzfeed article. Allison got a lot of recognition on an article she wrote that was originally just for fun. Melaina worked on a media pitch with the National Fisheries Institute that was eventually picked up by the New York Times.

How does money factor in to the internship experience? Allison got a scholarship to fund her abroad experience! Briagenn ended up spending more money than she should have, however she belives that experiences are more important and at the end of the day, she’s only going to spend time like that in NYC once. Kerry used AirBnb as a cheap and trustworthy place to live, her parents helped her out and fronted the money, however she paid them back with each paycheck. Marisa lived at home, but got her tolls reimbursed for driving.

First internship advice? Network network network! It’s also okay to NOT intern, and do a supplemental experience instead such as studying abroad. Just being abroad and looking many different places is a way to find internships.

What do you do if you get multiple offers? Don’t just take the first offer that comes to you, if its not what you want then don’t take it just because it’s there. If theres not a door theres a window to the experience that you’re supposed to have!

Whats the next step? Check out the internship database center on the PRSSA National Website! It’s a really great resource to finding internships, especially in big cities that want dues paying PRSSA members to work for them.

A huge thanks to our internship panel this week! We look forward to seeing you all in two weeks, have a safe and fun break!

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