What your favorite New Girl character says about your PR Style

By Elise Mills

With season four well in the works, it’s time to figure out why you like certain characters. Why Schmidt speaks to your soul or your head says Jess, but your heart keeps telling you Winston.


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You like to put on a good show. Your press releases are pretty and get to the point and your blogs have an air of mystery, but at the first sign of discontent on Twitter, the claws come out and you’re more than likely to be forced to say “no comment” to try and do some damage control.


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It took a while to figure out your PR style. But, like Winston with his career choice and style, once you figured it out you are at the top of your game. Every free throw and three-pointer seems to be nothing but net. You are really creative. Some might call it weird, but you prefer the term unconventional.


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Hey there Julius Pepperwood. Let’s be honest, Nick is your favorite because you live the Nick Miller lifestyle. The world is your oyster; you just chose to not pursue any of it. You probably despise social media. These kids with their twitter; you prefer the old-fashioned handwritten letter or email. When you really care about an account, you get excited when talking with the client and try to make a big show, despite the research not being there. But it’s okay because after your zombie novel comes out, you’ll be rich.


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.45.21 PM

You know your style. Like Coach, you know your strengths and weaknesses. Your nickname is the Spin-Master, because you turn any situation into a positive and you are great at motivating others. People tend to flock to you for advice. Need help with a press release? I gotchu girl. Search Engine Optimization not working? Imma make you number one on Google.


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.45.32 PM

You are known for your classy style and dependability. Your ever preparedness keeps you calm under pressure, despite things like your client getting busted for underage. You listen to your heart and it always leads you to the right answer. For example, when you said, “Why don’t they make ads personalized on social media so that you can feel included and wanted?” Don’t forget the glitter that always seems to end up on your work… whether it was on purpose or not.


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.45.43 PM

The term ‘outdated’ is not in your vocabulary. Always looking for the newest thing – ads on Facebook? That was so two years ago. Like Schmidt, you use hard work and dedication to secure your spot as the best in the business. Your one-liners make for great press releases and tweets. Unfortunately you are not as appreciated as you should be.

10685447_10152456387019562_7805334315881240863_n-2Elise is a sophomore majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Business Administration. She is hoping to purse Global Leadership Certificate as well. After graduation, she wants to do brand/image management and travel wherever her bank account can take her. Follow Elise on Twitter at @itsELISElove!

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