Emily Lasko & Branding; March 9th meeting recap

By Demari Muff and Mira Kuhar

It was nice to see everyone’s faces on this warm and sunny day back from spring break! Here’s a recap of our March 9th meeting:


  • We will be having a St. Patricks Day social at Kelsey Millers house (7 Fern St., behind Import House and Stephens) on Thursday at 9:00 pm! Come decked out in your best green attire.
  • #ScrippsPRSSAtoChi is coming up and there are a few extra spots if you’re interested! Scripps PRSSA will be traveling to the windy city from March 26-28th. Be sure to send an email to scripps.prssa@gmail.com to reserve a spot
  • Executive board elections will take place on 3/16 your résumé and cover letters are due by Friday 3/13
  • Athens Beautification Day is April 19th be sure to sign up to join our team
  • Congratulations to Melaina Lewis for being PRSSA’s most outstanding graduate
  • Abbey Thomas is now the director of International Week, if you have any questions feel free to talk to her
  • This week’s member spotlight is Vanessa Copetas be sure to follow her on twitter @vanessa_copz!

Welcome Emily Lasko!

2d20cc1Emily graduated from the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in 2012 with a degree in journalism and advertising management. She now works as a senior strategist at Ologie, a branding agency based in Columbus, Ohio.

Emily touched on what exactly a branding agency does, and how you can incorporate PR into branding strategy.

Branding is all about story telling. Ologie’s goal is to take a brand and make it more consistent and clear so that overtime they can be better understood and stand out from the crowd.

Emily talked about how Ologie works with a lot of high education clients. They take in clients who have problems, and they fix those problems. The collaborative work that the company does is what makes their work so great; branding is easier when done with many brains on one problem.

Emily also gave some great advice to undergrads on how to prepare for their professional career. She stressed the importance of getting involved in extra curriculars, as well as being open to the idea of a post-grad internship.

A big thank you goes out to Emily for coming in to speak at our meeting! We got a great perspective on branding and branding agencies, and how a PR degree applies to the work they do.

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