How to become a PRo at listicle blogging

By Elise Mills

As a Buzzfeed enthusiast and blogging star (self-proclaimed), there are a couple of things that anyone (even you, Mark Wahlberg) can do to become a pro at listicle blogging.

Side note: This blog is in listicle form. Hahaha.

Pick a topic that allows for more than three points

You want to write about What Sesame Street Taught You About PR? Awesome! Just make sure you have enough content to make it a full post.


After writing your explanation of the point, cut at least 30%

Stephen King says that every time you edit, you should eliminate 10% of your writing. Blogs are no exception, the readers look at about three lines or less- so keeping it short is key.


 Seriously, edit it.


 Know what you are talking about

It is difficult to accurately portray a topic you aren’t really familiar with. Maybe an upperclassman asked you to write about Seinfeld, but you’ve never seen the show! As hard as it will be to admit you can’t write the blog, it would be even harder to write it with limited knowledge.


Have fun!

The more fun you have writing the blog- the more it will show and the better it will be! Tailor your blogs to interest you; chances are many others will appreciate the blog just as much as you do.


11115727_10152779557319562_4782829824996052270_nElise is a sophomore majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Business Administration. She is hoping to purse Global Leadership Certificate as well. After graduation, she wants to do brand/image management and travel wherever her bank account can take her. Follow Elise on Twitter at @itsELISElove!

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