Senior Farewell Post: A thank you from Kerry Tuttle

From Kerry Tuttle

11174843_10204042047547623_9220614328682830561_nGraduation hasn’t hit me yet, and I’m not sure I’ll realize that I’m no longer a college student until I log onto Twitter that second Monday in September and my feed is swamped with the #ScrippsPRSSA hashtag. Only then will it register.

I remember sitting in Scripps 111 as a freshman, trying to understand Aaron Brown’s presentation and make sense of it all. I looked at the executive board and saw these wise seniors who had their lives figured out and the confidence to take on the world. I was filled with fear, self-doubt and intimidation. I would never have guessed that I would one day be in their shoes, yet here I am.

Being a member of Scripps PRSSA and ImPRessions has impacted not only my college career, but also my professional future and my personal life. I’ve dedicated countless hours to this organization and I owe a significant amount of my success and growth to it. It has taught me multiple life lessons. It has triggered headaches, anxiety and late-night mental breakdowns. It has rewarded me with little triumphs and proud moments. It has given me confidence, experience, humility and laughter. Most importantly, PRSSA has blessed me with friends for life.

10703678_10202757107664929_1733051205734701282_nThe members in this organization are what make it. For four years, I’ve looked around at the caliber of people sharing an hour together each week and I’m continually inspired. PRSSA is your competition, but also your ride-or-die support system. It’s this confusing crossroads that perfectly marries the drive and kindness that so many members possess.

Thank you to the underclassmen in this organization who have given me hope for the future of our industry and Ohio University. Your work ethic doesn’t go unnoticed. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the next few years. Also, don’t blink because you’ll be writing this farewell letter before you know it.

Thank you to both executive boards that I’ve been lucky enough to serve with. I’ve learned so much from you all. You are friendly, smart, passionate and made spending an insane amount of time together something I looked forward to. I’ll forever miss our group chats and having to explain to non-PR friends why I was laughing hysterically at my phone. I’ll miss our pits and peaks, our massage circles and I know you’ll definitely miss my Napoleon Dynamite dance solos. I know next year’s executive board will absolutely kill it.

11174800_10204030555500329_7055743770712113191_nFinally, thank you to my fellow seniors. You are my best friends, my role models, my therapists, my cheerleaders, my confidantes, my motivators, my study buddies, my rocks. Your unwavering friendships have meant more to me than you’ll ever know. We’ve explored new cities together, navigated three-hour time differences to fit in summer Facetime sessions, and Gchatted our way through internships. We’ve studied for classes together, practiced presentations together, and complained about assignments. We’ve laughed and we’ve cried. Well, you’ve all cried at least. We’ve grown from freshman acquaintances to family. I wish nothing but success and happiness for each and every one of you in whatever forms those may take



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