My Athens Withdrawls

By Kelsey Miller

School let out about a month and a half ago. It took me a whopping three hours away from my second home before the summer break blues hit hard. It’s always exhausting trying to explain to family and friends how Athens is so different from any other city; there is magic to it. Here’s a quick list of what I miss the most.



Some may disagree, but walking helps me appreciate and observe the things around me. It’s wonderful exercise, and I don’t feel quite so bad when I eat chili cheese fries with my O’Betty’s Dixie….which brings me to my next point.

Late night snacks

There’s only so many times a mediocre pizza will curb any kind of late night food need. Sometimes a girl needs a 12 piece basket of Wings Over, a Munch Box taco-in-a-box or Chicken-n-Waffles after a long day or running all over the city.


ohio_university_emeriti_park_by_jessikamariebt-d6kmhniStop and look around, Athens = Appalachian Paradise. A lot of people pay a lot of money to camp in the state parks that are just a short drive away from us. It’s important to take time out of your fast four years to visit Stroud’s, Lake Snowden, Hocking Hills and even just Bong Hill and Radar Hill.


Coming from a small rural part of Ohio, I was never exposed to much diversity. After talking to people that visit me at school, it is obvious that Athens is very different and has many different kinds of people. It helped me grow and realize how many different ways to look at life. The people. To branch from diversity, the people are unlike any other. They challenge me and push me every single day. Every day I’m in Athens, I’m growing because the people I’m with are extraordinary.

Locavore culture



The support of local business is unlike any other. Because local businesses are so big in Athens, it makes it a one of a kind. There is no such thing as competition between the businesses; they support one another by selling other businesses’ products. Owners of local businesses want the town to thrive, not necessarily their business. They love the community first and their business second.


You can’t talk Athens withdrawals without talking about the unique sense of community. It’s unlike any other. The love of Athens among residents and students is undeniable as well as contagious to others that visit. Athens claims hearts and will never let go. As Allison Evans once said, “You don’t choose OU…OU chooses you.” This rings true to everyone I talk to. The university gets people to come, but Athens gets people to stay. Only 63 more days until we reunite. Until then, just know that I love you Athens.

klmillerKelsey Miller is a senior studying Strategic Communication with a Travel and Tourism specialization, Marketing minor, and a Social Media Certificate. Follow her on Twitter @kelseymiller300!

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