Easy Ways to Boost Your Resumes

It’s the time of year to be soaking up the summer rays, relaxing on vacation, and of course building up those ever-changing resumes! Summer is a great time to go back through and really optimize the limited space to display your skills.


Here are four tips to make sure your PR resume does its job so you can get one!

Get rid of all high school achievements


Luckily for most of us, our high school achievements don’t really come into play when it comes to getting a job in college. Especially if you’re a year or more out of high school, there are plenty of other things you can talk about. Unless you’ve accomplished something jaw-dropping or on a national level, it’s best to leave it off your resume.

Eliminate clutter


Too many words packed onto one page can be overwhelming to a future employer. Eliminate any unnecessary information and words that are taking up space on your resume. Many employers say that they can look at a resume for less than 15 seconds before deciding if they move on to the next round, or get put aside. Look at your resume from the employer’s standpoint and think about what you would want to see. Use strong concrete verbs to describe your jobs and numbers when possible.

Link your social media accounts


A PR pro can’t survive without a full understanding of all social media platforms. Show your potential employer instead of telling them. A link to your blog, personal website and social media accounts will stand out over a resume that says that you are into social media. Summer is a great time to get those blogs and websites running and up to date.

Add to your skills


Summer is a great time to boost the skills section of your resume. It’s the time to learn things that interest you and can help decide what kind of job you want in the future. You can learn to code websites (with free programs like http://www.codeacdemy.com), get INbound certified, learn different media platforms and even brush up on AP Style. Having your own blog is a great hobby to keep up with that and is useful to your professional career. It’s a great way to show employers you have stellar writing skills.


Use this time away from college to learn something that you are passionate about, it will translate on your resume! Hopefully these tips have helped you better craft your resume in order to land your dream job or internship!



Allison Arnold is a sophomore studying Strategic Communication with a minor in business administration, retail merchandising, and fashion product development. After graduation she wants to go into corporate PR. Follow her on Twitter at @allison_arnoldd!

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