New Executive Board Spotlight: VP of Social Media Erica Stonehill

Introducing the 2015-2016…

VP of Social Media Erica Stonehill

Hometown: Lima (Beantown), Ohio
Studying: Journalism major, Strategic Communication track. Split specialization in Marketing and Music Production & the Music Industry. Certificate of Social Media.
Favorite part of OU: It is a tie between the people and the town. Anytime I’m away for more than a few days, I itch for the ability to spontaneously call a friend and grab coffee on Court St. or simply walk from one place to another. There’s something about those Athens bricks and the people who walk over them that I can’t get enough of.
Favorite word to describe yourself: Fanatic; because I’m fervent about a few things, rather than satisfied by many.
What are you most excited for in the 2015-2016 school year?: I’m most excited about furthering the work I’ve done with our online presence and to see what the new members bring to the table! I’m also stoked to spend another year in the Promise Land.
 Follow Erica on Twitter @estonehill13!

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