New Executive Board Spotlight: VP of Visual Communications Kaylee Powers

Introducing the 2015-2016…

VP of Visual Communications Kaylee Powers

Hometown: Galion, Ohio
Studying: Journalism- Strategic Communications and Information Design: Interactive Media double major with a Global Health certificate
Favorite Part of OU: My favorite part about OU is the way it brings people together. Whether you’re an alumni from ’86 or a freshman, international student or born and raised in Athens, Fine Art or Exercise Physiology major, everyone greets each other just the same on Court Street and there’s a smiling face everywhere you go.
Favorite word to describe yourself: Passionate
What are you most excited for in the 2015-2016 school year?: I’m most looking forward to developing this new-ish position and getting the VisCom subcommittee going! We have a lot of members who have expressed interest in learning design skills, especially since they’re finding that they need them for internships, so I think there’s a lot of potential for what we can accomplish this year.
Follow Kaylee on Twitter @kaylee_powers!

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