#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 7 Recap

The end is near, but don’t give up now! Last week we asked members to set & share three professional goals for the 2015-2016 academic year. We got some awesome responses:



We love to see that blogging is something so many members are eager to work on throughout the year, as well as building a portfolio and learning more about the industry! All of these are awesome goals to have, and don’t forget to reach out to other members for help! Your peers are a great source to use when you’re stuck on a blog topic or need help getting a portfolio started.

Remember that certification you told us you wanted to start during Week 1? Well your next, and final #ScrippsSummerChallenge is to tell us what you learned from that course! We can’t wait to hear the different things you all learned. KEEP TWEETING!

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