9 Tips for Transfer Students

When you envision going to college, it is typical to see spending four years at the same institution. However, that is quickly changing, as now one-third of students in college are transfer students according to U.S. News. Being a transfer student, myself, I have found it can be a lot harder than going to the same institution with the same people for four years. I came to Ohio University as a junior not knowing anyone and most of my soon-to-be graduating class was already moved off campus. So, it was very hard adjusting and finding people my age to become acquainted with.

Going through the whole transfer process, here are nine tips I find helpful for incoming transfer students:

Find the right fitTransferring schools can be complicated. Before you commit to a school, make sure it is the school you want so you don’t have to go through the transfer process again.

Make sure your credits will transfer. This can unfortunately be a nightmare. Transfer students can lose up to a year’s worth of credits. Make sure you are aware of what will be accepted.

Take orientation seriously. It’s not just for freshman. We know you have already been through this and think you know everything, but you will be a lot less confused in the end if you actually pay attention at orientation.

See what scholarships are available. Money seems to be tight for everyone these days, and unfortunately there are slim to no scholarships out there for transfer students. However, Ohio University gives one to transfer students automatically if they were in good academic standing, so always look because you never know!

Live on-campus, I know living in the dorms can be a pain, but it is the best way to meet new people and feel comfortable. Plus it takes the stress away of having to sign a lease for off-campus housing.

Get involved! It was the best thing I could have done as a transfer student at Ohio University. Joining organizations, such as Scripps PRSSA, has brought so many amazing opportunities and people into my life.

Focus on school work You already know how college works—COOL! Now, bring it to the classroom and excel at your new institution.

Build a strong relationship with your advisor. Your advisor will be your best friend during your first year, while trying to figure out what has transferred, how long it will take to catch up, etc. He/she can also be a great mentor during your first year that will help you get acquainted at your new institution.

Have fun! Attending a new college is exciting. So, don’t forget to enjoy yourself with a new group of people exploring your new home away from home!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.06.35 PMHayley Baldzicki is a senior studying Communication Studies specializing in Organizational Communication & Health Communication with a minor in Journalism. Post graduation she’d love to work in sports, health, or entertainment. Follow her on @hayleybaldzicki

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