What your favorite One Direction member says about your PR style

Do you identify as a directioner? Do you still get excited when What Makes You Beautiful plays on the radio? Is there a countdown on your phone until Made in the A.M. drops? If at least one of these statements applies to you, then chances are you have a favorite boy. Not that you don’t love them all equally, but there’s one member that you secretly (or in my case, not-so-secretly) imagine marrying. So what does your favorite member say about your public relations style? (Because we can relate anything to PR)



Liam isn’t called “Daddy Direction” for nothing. Since the X-Factor days, he has been the leader of the pack, and you’re no different. You’re quick to take charge of any situation and religiously stick to deadlines. You listen to the client and quickly delegate assignments to your team. Your boss relies on you to keep the others in line, and you rarely disappoint. Your fatal flaw? You tend to get a bit over-invested in situations and you let your emotions take over; but you’re always quick to catch yourself and apologize for any inappropriate behavior.



Louis is the true bobcat of the boys. He has mastered the work hard, play hard mentality and so have you. Clients trust that you will produce some of the best work, and that you’ll entertain them while presenting it. You ride for your clients in any situation and are quick to defend them in a crisis. While this is a great strength, it is also your trouble spot. You’ve been known to speak too quickly when buttons are pushed, which can be detrimental in this field of work. You never mean any harm by it, but beware of your sharp tongue and try to think before your speak.



If you identify with Harry, you tend to be misunderstood by those outside of the workplace. You’re a roll with the punches kind of worker. You’re a primary contributor to campaigns and projects, but you don’t like to take credit as the leader. You prefer to handle things in-house and as quietly as possible. That being said, people that don’t work closely with you mistake your low-profile work style as mysterious or even shady. You may spend much of your time feeling like you need to explain yourself and your thought process; but you shouldn’t let the opinions of others influence your decisions. So long as your boss and the client are satisfied, continue working how you work best.



Niall is the heart and soul of One Direction, and if he is your favorite member of the group, you probably aren’t much different. You are your client’s biggest fan. You’re loyal to their brand, not because you work for them, but because you actually love what they stand for. You’re the comic relief during a late night at the office, and when everyone else is stressing out over a crisis, you’re there to keep things level. You’re friendly and personable, winning over clients and coworkers alike. Your weakness is one within yourself; you struggle with saying “no” and stretching yourself too thin, because you hate feeling as though you’ve disappointed others. Don’t be afraid to politely decline and give yourself a break. Chances are that you’re putting more pressure on yourself than others are.


Erica Stonehill is a Junior studying Strategic Communications with a split specialization in Marketing and Music Production & the Music Industry and a Certificate of Social Media. Follow her on Twitter @estonehill13!

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