November 16th Meeting Recap

Happy Week 13, PR stars! With all of our members back from National Conference, the meeting on November 16th was a full house.


  • Congratulations to Hayley Baldzicki, Emily Barber, Rosie Haren and Theresa Wilson for being selected to be on the 2015-16 Bateman Case Study Competition Team. We can’t wait to see the work you do with Student Veteran Affairs.
  •  Join Scripps PRSSA for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 23 at 6 p.m. The dinner will take the place of our usually scheduled meeting. Meet up at our VP of Social Affairs, Morgan Brenner’s, for dinner with some of your favorite Scripps kids.
  • Scripps PRSSA will be hosting a fundraiser at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Athens Nov. 30th following our meeting. Be sure to attend to enjoy wings and to raise money for our upcoming events.
  • Congratulations to our new VP of Social Affairs, Hayley Baldzicki, who will be filling in for Morgan Brenner next semester.
  • GoBus will be holding a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings on Nov. 18. Be sure to attend to support this ImPRessions account.
  • International Education Week is in full force. There are events happening all week. Try to attend as many as possible.
  •  SENIORS: Please send Hayley Baldzicki any suggestions you may have for a commencement speaker. She sits on a committee that assists with its selection and would love your recommendations.

Congratulations to Annie Robinson for being our Member Spotlight!


Make sure you follow her on Twitter!

This week’s speaker was Colleen O’Morrow from MediaSource and she emphasized a lot on the importance of story telling. She highlighted how MediaSource uses brand journalism to get the messages for the nation’s top hospitals and corporations to their targeted audiences.



MediaSource’s number one piece of advice to all aspiring PR professionals was to stop writing press releases and start telling stories. They excel at this by pitching stories to the media on behalf of their clients and include everything the journalist would need to tell the story. They include everything from articles, photos with captions, to entirely edited videos. They use their innovative multimedia newsroom to create all this content and track its progress.

Colleen finished the presentation by focusing on the skills that everyone going into the industry would need to be success. They included storytelling/content creation, media relations/outreach and analytics.



Big thanks to Colleen for coming to speak with us on the importance of storytelling. Follow her on Twitter @Colleen_OMorrow and keep up with all the amazing work MediaSource is creating @MediaTV. See you next week at Thanksgiving dinner!

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