Winning is #kindawesome


KIND is super serious about being… kind (sorry, I had to). KIND is a healthy living & snacking company that has grown to keep customers’ taste buds and body happy. The company has developed their own movement; to spread and celebrate acts of kindness. Their snacks are synonymous with their philosophy because they only use whole nuts, fruits and whole grains.

PRSSA and KIND teamed up last semester and created a “No Compromises” campaign where PRSSA members can create groups and essentially do free campus marketing for them. Really smart on their part, right? PRSSA gave guidelines and requirements to follow to be eligible to win this “No Compromises” campaign and battle for first, second, or third place.

Sarah Kelly, Meredith Broadwater, Mikaela Linden, and I all decided to take the challenge on. As soon as we sat down, we realized had less than a month to: research, get in the paper, Tweet #kindawesome until our fingers fell off, pass out about 1,000 KIND snacks, and bombard Ohio University with every “kind” pun possible.

80 balloons, 1,000 KIND snacks, countless hours, and a two-page PDF summary later, we did it! My team and I were notified that we had won third place and received 1,000 dollars to a charity of our choice, 250 dollars to our team, and a lot more KIND snacks. In case you were wondering, my happy dance lasted a good 20 minutes in my kitchen with my mom. I sincerely wish that I could have happy danced with my team too… we definitely celebrated via text though, lots of emojis!

In being a part of an all-female team, we thought it was super important to not only give back to Athens, but also the women of Athens. We decided to donate 1,000 dollars to My Sister’s Place in Athens. My Sister’s Place is a temporary assistance and living home for domestic abuse victims. I’m sure I speak for my whole team when I say that winning was great, but being able to give back because of our efforts was even better.

Working with a group of people I have never met before, and creating something that impacted more people that I’ll ever understand was an experience I will never forget. The whole process was packed with support and I’m forever grateful for my PRSSA family for all the help. The “No Compromises” Campaign has helped me realize my passion for public relations and the satisfaction of being kind and successful.  


Liz Raber is a Sophomore studying Strategic Communications. Follow her on Twitter @eLIZabeth_raber!


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