4 Reasons to Attend PRSSA National Conference

Attending last year’s PRSSA National Conference is one of the best decisions I’ve made—second only to my choice to come to OU, of course. As if learning more in 5 days than I could in a semester of class, and networking with countless PR pros and PRSSA members from across the country wasn’t enough, I also grew to love my fellow Scripps members as family and had the opportunity to explore a new city.

Yes the cost may seem daunting to “broke college kids” like us, but the benefits far outweigh the price. Besides, we shouldn’t put a price on furthering our careers. In case you haven’t heard those of us who went last year talk about it enough, here are 4 reasons you should join us in Indianapolis for this year’s National Conference.

  1. The ride there is almost more fun than the conference itself.

Last year, we travelled the 14-hours to Atlanta, GA, in a 12-person van driven by none other than then-President Jess Carnprobst. Stuffed to the brim with luggage, snacks and excited girls, the van was full of laughter and Justin Bieber songs the entire time. Do you feel apprehensive because you don’t know everyone in the van? After about an hour, I promise you will be just like family. The ride gives you plenty of time to get to know one another and create hilarious lasting memories (London, KY anyone?)


  1. Just about everyone in the entire hotel is a PRSSA member, and they’re eager to meet you.

I’ve always felt the most at home on OU’s campus because there are thousands of young people just like myself milling around. At PRSSANC, that feeling is always stronger because everyone is a PR nerd just like me. The moment we walked into the hotel, we were welcomed by members from Arkansas. Throughout your time in Indianapolis you will meet many young professionals. Don’t forget to connect on LinkedIn and Twitter—you may need them someday.


  1. With plenty of diverse sessions, you’re sure to find what interests you.

Whether you come to the conference knowing exactly what you’d like to do in the future or you’re still working to find what’s right, the sessions will help you begin to figure it out. They give you opportunities to learn about the various sectors of PR from super successful professionals. The sessions cover the basics like the perfect pitch, expert media relations and they go even more into depth on crisis communications and the future of social media. Take a look at the program here (http://prssa.prsa.org/events/Conference/Program/).


  1. You will be buzzing full of creative ideas and inspiration after.

Hearing speaker after speaker offering up new insights, asking your own in-depth questions, really taking the time to consider your future and discussing these unique ideas with fellow members will leave you refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your schooling and time in PRSSA. There is much to be said about new and refreshing takes on old ideas. While classes teach us, PRSSANC and PRSSA meetings allow us to shape our future careers.

PRSSA National Conference provides you with inspiring insights from PRos, a network of PRSSA members across the country, new best friends and countless incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Do I have you convinced? Register here (http://prssa.prsa.org/events/Conference/Register/) by Friday September 16. Still not sure? Feel free to email me or any Eboard member for more details.



Taylor Dilley is a junior studying Journalism-Strategic Communication. She is also the VP of Social Media for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter @Taylor_Dilley.

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