5 Ways PR Nerds Love Differently

Have you stumbled into a relationship with a PR nerd? Lucky you! As a PR nerd myself, I have recognized a few ways that most of my PR pals love differently. Follow these insights to help understand your favorite PeRson!

A card or text with proper grammar gets our hearts going.

 As public relations professionals, we agonize over little details, particularly grammar. If you text us in AP style, we will keep you forever. Do you consistently use the wrong your/you’re? Well… it’s been fun.

For bonus points: try puns!

We swoon over preplanned dates.

The only thing we love more than you is our planner. Our days are booked from the time we wake up to the time we sleep. Don’t be surprised if you see “drink water” marked in our planners for 3pm. So if you plan a date in advance, we will be eternally grateful. However, we are used to a little craziness and multitasking now and then!

 Social media skills are a bonus.

Social media is another way to keep up with trends, promote our personal brand and share our last awesome date spot! However, it’s not just about the #wcw or #mcm, it’s about the number of impressions we can analyze after your crafty post.

Coffee is an acceptable gift. Always.

We may feel invincible, but take away our fuel (aka coffee), and we are nothing. Coffee is loved, cherished, and definitely an acceptable gift. For extra points make sure to know our regular order or favorite coffee spot!

We have analyzed your personal brand.

You may not know that you have a personal brand, but you do! We understand your favorite things and core personality traits. It’s our job to understand people. Did a PR nerd get you the perfect birthday present? This is why.

While PR nerds are a diverse and wild bunch, these points will hopefully give a good starting place to understand how and why many of us love differently! For more insight into your favorite PR pal, check their resume! You’ll be surprised how much a color choice and font can reveal! Or maybe only we think about that…




Sammie Fisher is a junior Strategic Communication major. She is also the VP of Finance for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter @sammiefisher3.




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