October 31st Meeting Recap

It was a Halloween to remember! Here’s what you missed in case you came down with a serious case of the spooks and couldn’t make it to the meeting this week.


Write for PR Success, our Chapter newsletter!

  • Email Jennica at jl390412@ohio.edu if you’re interested or to find out more information.
  • Here is a link to the summer edition of PR Success

Scripps PRSSA and ImPRessions stickers are on sale for $3 each

  • See Sammie at next week’s meeting to buy your next favorite sticker!


PR Bootcamp

  • Certificates will be in before winter break for those who attended both fall sessions of PR Bootcamp.
  • Stay tuned for more details on advanced bootcamp in the spring!

Pumpkin Carving

  • We had a fabulous time at pumpkin carving on Monday! The RIP Vine pumpkin won the contest according to Stephanie Tikkanen, our guest judge. Good job to all participants!

PR $wag

  • T-shirts are on sale at the end of every Monday meeting for $15!
  • Be on the look out for a link to order Scripps College sweatshirts in the coming week

#TwoHalvesOneWhole Twitter Chat

  • Tomorrow, Thursday Nov. 3 at 9pm
  • Discussing the relationship between chapter and firms
  • Join in by using the hashtag!


Bateman Competition

  • National case study competition
  • Client: Campaign to Change Direction
  • Resume and cover letter were due yesterday so hopefully you got that in!

ImPRessions Update

  • Tip at Casa in November-all tips go to Athens County Humane Society
  • Look out for an email about a design workshop
  • Dad’s weekend activities include Dad’s and Donuts (Scripps) and the Athens Conservancy Hike

Member Spotlight

  • Congrats to Hayden Clark on being our member spotlight this week!
  • Make sure you follow him on Twitter @HaydenClark81

Resource for Members

  • Internship Database open to dues paying members on scrippsprssa.org


This week’s speaker was Dayna Dirienzo, Freelance Writer and Principal of inTandem Comm. LLC in Pittsburgh, PA. Dayna is a proud Ohio University alum and spoke about her career in writing!


Throughout her career, Dayna has worked at a variety of places both full time and as a freelancer such as Ira Thomas Associates, Youngstown State University, Western Reserve Care System, Mellon Bank, McKeesport Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, UPMC CancerCenter and Pipitone Group.

Here are a few highlights:

How did we all get here?

  • Creative people who think differently from peers
  • Express ourselves through our words or artwork
  • Interested in reading, writing and/or the arts
  • Not so interest in math
  • School newspaper, yearbook or literary magazine
  • Exposure to something that piqued or interest on TV

Collaboration Wins Awards!

  • Working together
  • Give and take
  • Best product when multiple people are working on it

Life Changes

  • Find work that is important to you
  • Get paid-but get fulfillment from your work

Main Takeaways

  • Early jobs-work hard even if the pay is low=paying your dues
  • Be a sponge-learn everything you can, learn other people’s jobs
  • Don’t stick around long at a job you hate, no matter how muh it pays
  • Never burn a bridge-leave on good terms
  • Try both the agency side and the corporate side-your skills will transfer
  • If you do decide to freelance:
    • Talk to people you’ve worked for and with in the past-word of mouth is your strongest source of new leads

Can’t wait to see you all next week in the Friends of Libraries room!

Jennica Lurie, VP of Public Relations for Scripps PRSSA

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