November 7th Meeting Recap

Hope everyone had a great weekend! In case you weren’t able to make it to the meeting, here’s what you missed.


Scripps PRSSA and ImPRessions stickers are on sale for $3 as well as t-shirts for $15

Congratulations to all who were chosen to be a part of the Bateman competition

  • Austin Ambrose, Natalie Butko, Brigitte Meisse, Alyssa Murtagh and Sadie Newman

Be sure to stop by next week’s THANKSGIVING DINNER!

  • Bring canned food to donate, bring food to share and bring yourself!
  • The dinner will take place of the meeting @ 10 Rufus St. Unit 235 (River Gate)
  • Meet Rosie @ College Gate at 5:40 to walk over!

ImPRessions Updates

  • Tips at Casa in November go to ACHS
  • Sign up for the design workshop coming up next week

Member Spotlight

  • Rachel Treinen
  • Follow her on Twitter @Rachelleetee


Resource for Members

  • President Office Hours in Baker 318
  • Wednesday 6:30-8:00

Still want to write for our Chapter newsletter, PR Success?

This week our speaker was Aryn Sanderson, Senior Corporate Communications Specialist at Electronic Arts (EA) located in Mountain View, California. She focuses on internal communications along with writing and editing. She acquired her degree from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

A Few Highlights:

Why Employee Communications?

  • Pushing out content to employees has never been easier, but engaging employees with content has never been harder
    • “You want to say the most by using the least amount of words”

Core Responsibilities // How to get Ahead

  • Executive Support
    • Provide support to the executive staff (written communications, quarterly Global Town Hall events, etc.)
    • Useful Skills: Writing and editing, AP style, Event management, and Graphic design
  • Employee Advocacy
    • Manage the engagement and growth of our employee advocacy program. Employee social media advocacy
    • Useful Skills: Writing copy for social media, managing social communities, Facilitation trainings, Measuring social media metrics
  • Global Employee Activations and Communication
    • Partner across the organization to assist and/or manage communication relevant to all global employees
    • Employee activations and programs that support product and service campaigns
    • Useful Skills: email marketing, A/B and multivariate email testing
  • Partnership
    • Serve as a partner to organizations including HR, facilities, legal, and others to provide guidance on employee communications best practices
    • Useful Skills: consultancy, strategic planning, research

Words of Advice

  • ALWAYS respond to professional messages and offers in order to get information and possible job opportunities
  • Come up with new strategies to engage employees
  • Think of employees as brand advocates in order to promote the brand in order to turn them into brand influencers within a social media community
  • You have the ability to take more risks and create closer relationships when working in internal communications rather than external communications
  • Use metrics for EVERYTHING
  • BE SURE OF WHAT YOU KNOW AND WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW (do not pretend to be someone you’re not)
  • Be able to admit what you DO NOT know
  • Interview Tips
    • Use an example that is tangible and use it to create more focus on one topic
    • Be able to use and understand data
    • Always be professional and casual
    • Send a thank you email or letter after every interview
    • ALWAYS take notes
    • Prepare questions prior to interview to be prepared (make them personal rather than broad)

See you all next week at our Thanksgiving Dinner! Don’t forget to donate cans, and bring food to share!



This week’s meeting recap is courtesy of by Hannah Browsky! She’s a strategic communication major. Follow her on Twitter @HannahBrowsky.

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