5 Social Media Habits to Leave in 2016

Some things should be left in 2016. These social media habits are no exception. Up your social media game in 2017 by avoiding these cringe-worthy habits.

  1. Not checking your sources.

2016 was the year of fake news. Social media users are quick to post without checking the source or facts. This causes a wide range of problems that could be avoided. Don’t embarrass yourself or cause a public panic in 2017 – check your facts before you post.


  1. #Hashtagging #every #word.

Not only is using an excessive amount of hashtags unnecessary, it can be rather annoying. It’s hard to read, doesn’t look professional and sends a signal of desperation. One or two hashtags will do the trick in connecting your content to the correct audience.


  1. Editing your photos to make yourself look thinner – we noticed.

You look fine the way you are. Seriously. Editing your photo to make yourself look thinner is a habit you need to drop. Not only is it unnecessary, but this “trick” is an easy one to spot. The morphed lines of wallpaper and window frames behind you are a clear giveaway to what you did. Be confident and don’t risk your followers catching you in the act!


  1. Being an internet troll.

With endless opinions on the internet you are bound to disagree with some. However, that doesn’t give you the excuse to be the dreaded internet troll. For example: cute dog, playing outside alone. Internet troll: “animal abuse.” Don’t be that person. There are better ways to spend your day than causing unnecessary drama.


  1. Posting content you don’t want the whole world to see.

2016 has come to a close, yet some still have not learned the concept of the internet. Once you post it, it is out there forever – whether it is good, bad or ugly. Only post what you are okay with the whole world seeing. Your account may be private, but a screenshot is forever.






Natalie Butko is a sophomore studying Strategic Communication. Follow her on Twitter @chatty__natty.

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