Seven Things I Learned from Aliza Licht’s Mentorship Book, Leave Your Mark

I was first drawn to this book due to its catering towards those interested in and preparing for the world of fashion communications. Aliza Licht shares her personal experiences and professional direction for anyone who is entering the job field or working their way up to that milestone. This book has given me techniques for executing great communication and ways I can build and maintain a personal brand. Licht’s book is worth the read! Here are seven things I learned from her book that I would love to share with you:


1. In college we are trying to get as much experience for our career path as possible. Licht highlights that as long as the experience you are getting is even loosely related to your dream career, that experience is worth your time! Especially, if you are passionate about your work and it brings out your creativity.

2. For cover letters, I liked the tip Licht gives on including a brief sentence in the letter that cites an accomplishment the company you’re applying to is proud of. It will show the company you are a fan of theirs and have done your research, which can make them view you as a great addition to their team.

3. Licht talks in detail about her internship experience and how to really take advantage of your time while you’re there. She intends to coach the reader so that their employer will say, “What are we going to do without you?” by the end of the internship. My favorite pieces of advice from Licht regarding internships is to be a self-starter, which means to take initiative and always ask if there’s something else you could be doing. This tip may be simple, but I can imagine how important it is! Licht encourages the intern to absorb their workplace atmosphere. You should mimic the atmosphere and work how your colleagues do until you have established yourself. (There is a tremendous amount of info in this section. Definitely try to read before your upcoming internship!)

4. Before an interview, prepare questions the interviewer may ask you. Be prepared to discuss an obstacle you overcame and an example of how you worked well with a team. Licht highlights how you can also prepare for your interview by researching the company beforehand and trying to figure out what accomplishments your interviewer has made within the company.

5. Be your own publicist. This means to look at yourself from an outsider’s POV and look at yourself as a client. A way to be your own publicist is to write a third person biography, including professional and personal attributions. Some examples to include in your bio are hobbies, education, career path and talents.

6. Ask yourself what impression you make on people after you meet them. Create the image of the role you are going for.

7. In your career, once you move up the ladder, you will become a greater leader. Make sure you are likeable and able to still be part of the team you are leading.

In all, Leave Your Mark is a resource for anyone with the passion to pursue their life goals and grab the reigns of their own professional career. With Licht’s advice, you will finish reading and feel like you can do anything you set your mind to and work hard towards.




Rachel O’Morrow is a sophomore Strategic Communications major. Follow her on Twitter @Rachel_Omorrow!

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