To all my kiddos

While “dad” became a name I responded to naturally this year, the history of my paternal nature begins when I was a child. The growth of my unusual nickname urges me to say goodbye the only way that feel acceptable: words of wisdom from reliable “dad”.16602907_1284073341680148_8642638222319288417_n

Four years ago I joined ImPRessions as the eager freshman who actually read the emails and went to the info session. Little did I know that meant I was joining the organization. I’m pretty sure I filled out all five questions on the “application” when you only needed to answer two.

My heart wasn’t devoted from the start. It took time and energy to invest myself into the organization. I steadily moved through the ranks, but still felt little attachment.

Something hit me when I decided to open myself up to the possibilities of what this organization could actually offer me. I got involved and began to feel myself more committed and energized about the work we accomplished.

When times were shaky I found steadiness in believing in the work and people involved. Everyone deserved the best experience. That became my mission as I decided to tackle my freshman idea of being the one leading the info sessions my freshman year. I wanted to become the CEO because I wanted to construct the organization students valued more than class.

I found my love for an industry I didn’t think I would, I made friendships that go deeper than I imaged, and I hopefully helped create a legacy for future students.

With a snapshot of my story, “dad” will leave his kiddos with snippets of advice that’ll hopefully help them get the most out of their time. All “dad” ever wants is for his children to be happy and following their dreams.

Invest in what matters

We all want to be busy and do everything because that’s what Scripps students do. However, sometimes it’s time to pull back and let go of unnecessary weight. Find your passion, follow that passion, devote your energy to your passion. Once you know what you care about, don’t stop giving yourself over to that cause. You should forget that time is passing because you’re so engrossed and excited about the work you are doing. It’s okay to say no if it’s not right for you.

Open up for possibility

In my final weeks I realized how many opportunities I missed because I was afraid to open myself to other members of the organization. However, this is a shame because I grew to appreciate and wish I would have done this sooner. Don’t let your fear stop you from being who you are and shying away from the uncomfortable. Lean into the discomfort and find yourself a new world of friends you will dread leaving when the time comes. It’s okay for it to hurt, because that means the emotions were strong and real when it all happened.

Be passionate people

There is nothing more exciting than a person talking about their passions. We represent companies and organizations because we love to tell the stories of people who are passionate about what they do. Find your passion and don’t stop getting better at whatever that is. Love your work so much that it feels like a hobby. Care about your work so much that your eager to get to work. Experience your work so much that it becomes second nature. If you’re truly passionate about it, you’ll always want to invest yourself.

Be happy

It all boils down to this one idea: do what makes you happy. Don’t go through life doing things that you don’t want to. Know what you absolutely need to do, but then do what is best for you. Find the time to get USD at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday night. Go see a movie on a Sunday instead of doing homework. Read a book before going to bed to let you mind wander. Do whatever it is that makes you happy. That’s all “dad” wants for you, is to be happy.

“Dad” will forever be a phone call away, but his time here has come to a close. Thank you so much for the love, laughs and memories that produced the college experience worth having. I know you all will become the best people you all can be. Until the next family reunion.

Much Love,



Austin Ambrose is a senior journalism student in the Honors Tutorial College. He is our outgoing CEO of ImPRessions and the “dad” of our Chapter. Thank you Austin for all of the dedication you have given to our firm and we wish you the best of luck as you start your career as a teacher!


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