Be The Wonder Woman of Your Office

JL_Wonder_WomanRecently, I saw the movie Wonder Woman and I couldn’t help but notice that she embodies all of the qualities of being a successful woman in the public relations industry. Following the superb example Wonder Woman (otherwise known as Diana Price) sets will surely make you the super hero of your office!

Start Out With The Right Tools

Before you can begin thriving in your work space, you must acquire a few key characteristics. Wonder Woman possesses the Lasso Of Truth, which forces her enemies to reveal only the absolute truth. Honesty is a pertinent component to any public relations job. You must be truthful in responding with crisis communication in a situation your client may endure. Wonder Woman also has a shield to protect herself and others. Your shield, as a PR professional, is protecting your brand. Inevitably, positive word of mouth leads to a successful business venture. When competitors are shooting your product down, your shield is there to lift the brand’s presence back up.

Seek Mentors

Diana was born on the island Themyscira, which is ruled by warrior women referred to as Amazons. Ever since she was a small child, Diana was raised by her mom, aunt and fellow Amazonian women. These women trained her for battle by teaching different fighting techniques and encouraged her that she is stronger than she believes. It is so important to have mentors you can reach out to in the professional world to help you grow as an individual. Learning from your own experiences and touching upon someone else’s successes and failures will help you prosper in the workplace.

 Speak Your Mind

After Diana arrives to London, she is immediately silenced by men during an Imperial War Cabinet meeting for the British Empire’s governing body. The men let Diana speak during the meeting only as they realize she is an asset to their team when she translates two different languages written in an enemy’s journal. Contributing to meeting discussions is pertinent in a collaborative setting. Everyone has a unique form of creativity and your idea could be the next great campaign for your client, so don’t be silenced.

Establish Meaningful Relationships

Wonder Woman is an incredible warrior, but she couldn’t have gotten to many of the places she did without some loyal companions. Without the help of her new friends, Steve, Sameer, Charlie and Chief, Wonder Woman would not be able to find the source of the war and could not battle her enemies. Cultivating supportive networking connections will advance you so much farther in the industry. Developing meaningful relationships with colleagues shows that you have a genuine interest in their wellbeing and they are more likely to help you in the future.



This blog was brought to you by Emily O’Flynn, our very own wonder woman and VP of Social Affairs. Emily is a strategic communication major, with a media & social change specialization and social media certificate. Follow her on Twitter @OFlynn_Emily. 

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