5 Times April Ludgate Taught Us What Not To Do While Interning

Right now, many of us are working tirelessly at different internships across the country. We have our high days and sometimes we have our low days. But, at least we will always be a better intern than April Ludgate from “Parks and Recreation.”


April isn’t much of a people person. Being a good intern entails not only producing quality work, but also making friends along the way to ensure solid networking connections. Those people can help you out in the future, so never turn down the opportunity to make some new friends. Additionally, making new friends can help you learn more about the industry and progress your knowledge about the field.


Having a drive to want to do things is key to impressing your boss! An employer wants to hire students who are passionate about learning new skills and want to take on more work. Showing an interest in your internship will boost your confidence in the work you’re producing, which will transform you into a better professional. April sometimes has a tendency to be lazy in the office, which could hinder what Leslie thinks of her.


Maintaining an overall positive aura around the office is so important. Letting people know that you are enjoying yourself in the position can possibly lead to job opportunities after college. Also, staying positive gives the impression that you are approachable and are willing to take on different tasks from other departments. Your attitude towards tasks defines how other people perceive you.

tenor (2)

Communication among others in a professional setting is a must while in an internship. Interacting with coworkers and clients can sometimes be a struggle. Luckily, with practice doing it more and more often, you can become more comfortable talking to people. April makes it very clear that she is not a people person, but perhaps with a little more practice, she wouldn’t mind talking to them as much.


Being a good listener always helps you become a better learner. You can learn more about it in Natalie Butko’s blog post here. Listening is a two-part process consisting of hearing and interpreting. Anyone can hear the words someone else is saying, but interpreting the meaning and asking questions to clarify directions are really what help you improve yourself. Following up with well-thought-out questions signals to your boss that you really care about what they are talking about along with your willingness to do your best.

giphy (1)

At the end of the day, April is a loyal worker that would do anything for Leslie. Underneath it all, she can understand the struggles we go through on a daily basis to make sure our superior’s days are running smoothly. Sure, April may have some different approaches to problem-solving, but she always follows through to help Leslie and Ron with whatever they are dealing with. Seeing some of her unconventional methods of being an intern can inspire us to become better interns.



This blog was brought to you by Emily O’Flynn, our VP of Social Affairs. Emily is a junior majoring in strategic communication. Follow her on Twitter @OFlynn_Emily.

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