Why You Should Intern in Another City


Internships are the foundation for your career after college. Yes, obviously your education is important, but the experiences you have during an internship will provide you with tools to discover yourself and your path. That being said, don’t do all of your internships in the law office or different shops in your hometown. Branch out to a new city, explore! Here are four reasons to why you should do an internship in a different city:

1. Explore a different city

You never know where public relations will take you, and so it’s important to get experiences in different cities while you can! Maybe you’ll end up in a city you never thought you would like, but because you did your internship there, you know that one day you’d like to move back.

2. Become an independent, killer intern

Nothing made me become more independent than my internship in Chicago. Living somewhere totally new, discovering where to shop and eat, and surviving made it such a chaotic and incredible journey. I know I can rely on myself now when I travel to new places, and it’s made me more of an adult.

3. Isolation can help you grow

My first night in Chicago, I cried. I suddenly realized that I was completely alone in a city with no one familiar, and it was scary and exciting. But being alone didn’t just make me independent, it helped me grow. It gave me a summer to think about myself and where I wanted to be. The isolation from home was like a breath of fresh air. I’ve discovered so many new things about myself I wouldn’t have if I had stayed home with the same places and people.

4. Conquer your fears

Are you afraid to leave home? Do you rely on your parents a lot? Are you scared of the future? Interning in a new city can help you learn that these fears are okay! You will survive them, you just have to live them, and a summer in unknown territory can do that.

My internship was a challenging and rewarding experience, but my favorite part was living in Chicago and exploring it and myself. If anyone asked, I would encourage them to intern away from home (if you didn’t already get that from this article). Take every opportunity, and squeeze the most out of it!

Natalie Brown is a junior strategic communication major and our VP of of Social Media. Give her a follow @nann_brown.

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