Sept. 18 Meeting Recap

Sticky Situation:

“You are offered two, part-time internships in the same area. You want to take both offers, but they may be a conflict of interest. How do you determine if you can accept both offers?”

It’s Ethics Month, so let us know what you think!


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  • Get your headshots! The fundraiser will be Sept. 20, 21, and 27 
  • Live tweet with us at #ScrippsPRSSA
  • Dues are $80 and due to Sara by Oct. 20. All checks should be made out to Scripps PRSSA.
  • Resource Spotlight: By paying dues, you will get access to our external update, which includes internship listings!
  • 1804 Communication: If you would like to get involved, send them an email at!
  • Ad Club: They meet every Wednesday and are having exciting speakers coming in this week to talk about digital marketing. If you want to join the National Advertising Competition, contact Schulyer Morris.
  • Mentor/Mentee Program: Sign up today here. There will be a required meeting for anyone interested being a  mentor on Oct. 2.
  • COPRSA Match Day: Shadow a Columbus professional for a day by emailing Colleen O’Morrow.
  • Member Spotlight: Ryan Capal
  • Write for PRSSA! Sign up here and contact Brigitte for more information.


Welcome Rachael Majewski Assistant VP- Corporate Internal Communications Lead of Huntington Bank and Taylor Haag Director of Development & Public Relations at Netcare Access!

Real World Tips from Former Bobcats:

  • Know your audience – Your message will be very different depending on who you are speaking to.
  • Be prepared – Do your research ahead of time and always have a plan B ready. Prepare your people ahead of time, especially if they are publically speaking.
  • Use your talents – Learn how to use design programs and be able to take on different rolls.
  • Roll up your sleeves – You are going to have to wear a lot of hats and it won’t always be glamourous. Get it done because it will better your career.
  • Be Professional – Don’t buy personal items on the corporate credit card, only use a corporate cell phone for corporate uses, and watch your social media. Hiring managers do check your social media.


Join us next week as we welcome Cathy McPhillips, VP of Marketing for the Content Marketing Institute!  

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