Sept. 25 Meeting Recap


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Dues are $80 by cash or check due Oct. 20 to Sara

Professional Mentor Program — Get connected with a professional mentor! Contact Sadie Newman for more information

Resource spotlight:

Mentor/Mentee Program — contact Alyssa if you want to sign up. There will be a required meeting for mentors after the meeting on Oct. 2

COPRSA Match Day: Email by Sept 27 to attend

Member Spotlight: Morgen Grossman – give her a shout out on Twitter @morgengrossman

This week we welcomed Cathy McPhillips – VP of Marketing at Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and a Jerry Sloan Visiting Professional!


Key Points:

  • Bobcats hire Bobcats!
  • After working at an agency for a few years, you could start freelancing.
  • Your general education requirements will end up being very beneficial in the future. Pay attention and soak everything in.
  • What can you do to prepare?
    • Pay your dues/get involved
    • Absorb everything
    • Grow your online presence
    • Say “yes” to people
    • Ask for help
  • Content marketing is building relationships with your consumers with original content and building relationships.
  • With the industry we are in, there are plenty of opportunities to work from home.

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