Oct. 23 Meeting Recap



Exciting Speaker: Join us on Nov. 6 as we welcome Brett Pulley! 

The final day of PR Bootcamp is Tuesday! Join us to learn more about higher education PR.

Both mentor/mentee sign ups are now closed and matches are being made. Stay tune to hear more!

Congratulations to our member spotlight, Alexa Gillis!



This week we welcomed Colleen O’Morrow, Marketing and Social Media Strategist at MediaSource!


Key Points:

  • Leverage the relationships you have to get extra experience– she started her own social media business in college! 
  • To find opportunities be a solution to a problem, start small, don’t be afraid, and always be learning.
  • When choosing an internship focus on experience opportunities over brand names. 
  • Use social media newsrooms, get hands-on experience, understand social advertising, and learn how to apply storytelling.
  • Brand journalism is based around finding the story within the brand.
  • Stop selling and start telling.
  • Think “what would a journalist do?”
  • She is our COPRSA Liaison Co-Chair/professional advisor! You can see her more at COPRSA sponsored events.

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