Motivation of an Olympian

The winter Olympics just wrapped up, but I know I spent many study breaks motivating myself by watching gold medal performances. Whether it’s ice skating or curling, seeing the emotions when an athlete wins a medal is unlike anything else.

The Olympics are not quite as distant as they may seem. Yes, we will not all be world champion skiers, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t Olympians in our own sense.

The Olympics are meant to inspire. They are that beacon of hope that reminds us every day to keep trying. Whether that be in athletics or academics, the results are the same. We become motivated. The prize doesn’t have to be a gold medal.

For us, that gold medal may be the internship with a company we’ve admired for as long as we can remember. Or it could be the job offer during our senior year of school. Or even an A on that paper we never thought we would submit on time!

olympic medalsOlympians aren’t made in a day, and neither are PR superstars. It takes practice, and then some more practice. It takes multiple internships and work experience, and maybe it won’t be until your fifth job that you begin to feel comfortable.

But more importantly, it takes heart. A lot of it. Those that win are not the laid back and passive type of people. Winners are the ones who throw their entire heart and soul into a project, who don’t let failure stand in their way. Chloe Kim didn’t win gold at 17 by procrastinating practicing her skills!

chloe kim

It’s easy to feel unmotivated. But you can’t unpack at a low point and forget to keep trying. Keep working and keep striving, and one day you’ll have your gold medal, whatever that may be.



Natalie Brown is a junior strategic communication major and our VP of Social Media. Reach her on Twitter @nann_brown. 

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